4 Creative Convention Backpack Ideas

Have a cosplay event coming up and not sure what to bring around the convention?? I hate just using a bag that doesn't match with my cosplay, so I thought of some ideas for bags you can use instead of a bland bag :P

1. Choose a "prop" that matches with you cosplay!

Cosplaying a book nerd? Use a book shaped back pack! Cosplaying Madoka? Use a Kyubey shaped bag! Cosplaying Misty? Get a pokemon shaped backpack!!! Find a prop that would make sense for your character in backpack or bag form, and use that. It's a great solution!

2. Choose a cosplay with a bag, or that a bag can be worked into!

This ones cheating, but if you realllllly care about having a bag at cons then it makes sense to prioritize cosplays that incorporate a bag into the look!! Or, do something like the Bulbasaur in this list where you can mix the bag in :P

3. Make an ita bag!

This isn't going to "match" perfectly, but it'll fit in with the general con culture. Make an ita bag covered in items of your favorite anime characeter, or of the character you're cosplaying! I'm working on one of Nozomi from Love Live right now :3

4. Choose a bag themed to match your anime

Sometimes, the above options just won't work. In that case, just chose a bag who's theme matches your cosplay, like these ones above if you're cosplaying Attack on Titan! Just go on google, search "(Anime name) bags," find one you like & then try to buy it!

What do you use for a bag while cosplaying?

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