Japanese Spiderman Is The Marvel Hero We've Needed.

Just when I thought I knew of every single Marvel show and movie out there, I stumbled across footage from 'Supaidaman', a live-action Spiderman series that aired in Japan in the 1970s.

Need a superhero that will rid your town of one of many of Japan's notorious monsters?


Need a superhero that moves like a ninja and shoots hella fake-looking webs at your enemies?


Need a superhero who suits up in a way that more-than-noticeably defies the laws of basic physics?


Supaidaman's got it all - including a knack for slapstick comedy!

As for his theme song? This is probably the best soundtrack song I've ever listened to. (No, seriously. Listen to this.)

So what do you guys think about Supaidaman?

Have I convinced you of his epicness?

(Also, if you're curious, you can probably find subbed episodes online. Stan Lee actually had a lot of control over the creative direction, so I heard it's actually a great watch!)

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