{MCM} Nagisa Shiota

I fell for him cuz he's just so darn cute!!! He's so cute yet so dangerous cuz of that bloodlust ÓДÒ... And Watch out It's A TRAP... Nagisa is indeed male NOT FEMALE {Awesome Peeps}@BlackoutZJ@SimoneSanders@InVinsybll@SAMURXAI@tylor619@hikaymm@littlemaryk@DestinyAgnew@PASCUASIO@AshChrimson@AimeBolanos

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Hello and welcome to my page.I'm am a really awesome friend once you get to know me.(I support LGBT btw) I'm a very loyal and caring friend I love making people laugh I love having friends I love anime I love ALL my followers Want to join a kik group? Pm me for the details!
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