If I Could Tell You..

If i could tell you It'd go like this, Your smile Is something magical. Your eyes Are so beautiful. Your laugh Is the greatest sound. If i could hold you One more time, I'd cherish every second As though it was my last breath. I wish to feel Your lips pressed against mine. I wish to feel The warmth of your body. I wish to hold you in my arms And protect you from any bad. To be the reason you smile Would be the greatest thing. To wake up to you Would be an honor. To be able to love you everyday Would be a true blessing. For you, I'd only want the best. For you to be taken care of I'd be glad to do. To hold you through the rough, And glow with you during the good Is all i wish. For better or for worse, On good days and the bad, Ride or die, I would be there. To look at you for a second Means the world to me. When i look at him, Im disappointed to not see you. As i look at others All i try to find is you, The beautiful man I could never stop laying my eyes on And falling deeply in love, Happily, completely, in love. If only i could rewind Back to the times To where your arms Were wrapped around me, The biggest smiles Upon both our faces, Giving each other Our body heat, Our fingers wrapped Though each others, Our lips Meeting each other, The feeling Of flying through heaven. Oh, the things i'd do To rewind and live though Those wonderful times again. Only if i could tell you, Baby, i love you To the moon and back, forever.

Passionate for horses, reading, writing, music, nature and art.
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