Kookie Monster Part 22


Jenni froze. She had walked in on Sarah and Kookie in bed together. “What did the boss say?” Sarah said smiling at Jenni. “Screw that why is Kookie in your bed?” “Oh he was outside when I got home and so I invited him in, and I told him I was planning on going to sleep and well yea we were both going to rest.” “That’s what you two would do in bed together.” Jenni laughed since she knew both of them were really innocent despite Sarah having a dirty mind. “Hey he is innocent!” Sarah’s face was going red. “Does she have a dirty mind?” Kookie asked “Yes a very dirty mind.” Sarah answered and Kookie got up. “I guess I should go then since it looks like you two need to talk and you aren’t going to get any rest.” He smiled “Wait Kookie we need to talk before you go.” Sarah said really quick “About what?” “Last night.” “Don’t worry about it.” He smiled “Oh you mean the fact that you slept on Suga and Kookie got teased about it.” Kookie and Sarah both looked at Jenni. “How do you know that?” Sarah asked “Well a little monster told me.” “Namjoon is so dead.” Kookie said and started to head out the bedroom door. “Wait Kookie! Don’t hurt him!” Sarah said chasing after him and grabbing his hand. “No, I got teased and then he told his girlfriend about it after he said he wasn’t going to say anything to anyone” He was flustered “Wait they aren’t officially a couple.” “They might as well be.” “Kookie calm down, it’s seriously not a big deal. Plus she sort of already hit me with where I slept last night so she can’t really make it worse right? “Kookie if it will make you feel better I promise not to say anything on the radio.” Jenni said walking out of the room. “Yea I think that would be smart. Thanks Jenni.” Sarah said and at this moment she realized she was still holding Kookie’s hand and she let it go. “I’m going to go home, maybe I’ll see you later tonight?” he looked at her with those beautiful eyes that she kept melting for. “Yea maybe.” She winked and walked him out of the house. Once Sarah said goodbye to him she went to Jenni to talk about what happened after she left. “Look what I got!” Jenni said holding up a paper. Sarah read it and started laughing. “My god it’s like you guys are actually official. Has he asked you out yet?” “No we are just very comfortable with each other, and we know we like each other.” “Come on make a move already!” “Yea what about you and Kookie?” “That’s different, he’s the maknae and he should take his time, especially since I’m older than him. Namjoon isn’t that much younger than you and you both are very very forward about how you feel for each other.” “So are you and Kookie.” “Hey mine is known as a crush. We don’t even know if Kookie really likes me like Namjoon likes you.” Sarah had to think realistically. “I think we do, he got jealous over you falling asleep on Suga.” “Hey I honestly didn’t think that would happen, But I will admit Yoongi was freaking comfortable. If I didn’t like Kookie so much I would so go for him.” “So what happens if Suga starts to like you?” Jenni asked “I hope that doesn’t happen.” “But what if it did?” “I would turn him down.” “That would be fun to see.” “Geez Jenni you like to watch people suffer huh?” “No it’s just….you turning a guy down? And a hot one at that.” “Oh shut up…. Ok we got waaaaay off topic. What happened with boss man?” “Oh yeah that! Well he said that if we have another big group come to the studio we are not allowed to be like we were with BTS.” “What why not!” “I don’t know he thinks that it was bad.” “Pooh so if Got7 came I wouldn’t be able to feed them?” “Well we didn’t feed BTS in the studio.” “True.” “But basically the 2 rules he gave me was no fan girling in front of the group and no inappropriate topics.” “Oh man is it because I talked about sex the other day?” “Probably” Jenni laughed. “Gosh Sarah it’s all your fault.” “Man…. I can still touch the group right?” “You are lucky I got him to allow that he at first said we weren’t allowed to touch anymore idols.” She giggled with Sarah’s reaction. “I want to touch all the idols I can…..I want to catch them all!” “Oh and one more thing. I wanted to tell you before I asked them but, what would you think of having BTS on the show again?” “Oh my gosh I would love that!!!! When in a month or so?” “Sooner than that.” “Really! Why?” “Boss man said that we got a great response when they came on.” “Oh I am so ok with that. “ “I figure you would be.” Jenni smiled and then decided she was hungry and that they were going to go out to eat. They didn’t make it that far before Sarah got a text. “Jenni I’ll meet you there, I have to go meet up with someone real quick.” “Ok, ill order you something.” “Thanks!” Sarah took off running, leaving Jenni wondering what was going on. Sarah made great time to the park. She looked around and saw him sitting on the swing. “Hey what’s up?” she said stopping in front of him. “We need to talk about last night.” “You know?” “I may be a heavy sleeper but yea I know.” “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you.” “I’m not mad; I just wanted to clear the air.” “Ok?” “I like you….but only as a friend, maybe a sister even.” “Oh thank god, you freaked me out.” Sarah started laughing “What you thought I was confessing to you?” “To be honest yes, I was just talking to Jenni about this, its creepy you have to be able to read people’s minds.” “Oh maybe I do.” He smiled “Anyways I would have turned you down.” “Ouch!” “Sorry but at least you like me as a friend or sister. That’s great!” “Yea…well since that’s cleared up if you ever need a sleeping buddy you can hit me up.” He stood up and patted her head. “You know I’m still your Noona right?” “Yea but I’m going to pretend I’m older than you since you are shorter than me.” “Hey!” “See you later Sarah.” He said and walked off. That guy had too much swag she thought and went back to where Jenni was. Jenni just stared at Sarah until she started talking. “So you know how we thought ‘what if Suga confessed’ a bit ago?” “Don’t tell me he was the one who text you?” When Sarah didn’t deny it Jenni bust up laughing. “Did you shoot him down?” “Yes and No, He said I’m like a sister or a friend to him.” “Oh that’s good.” “Yup he just didn’t want things to get weird between us.” Sarah took a sip of her Carmel macchiato. “Alright so let’s get off the subject of BTS for a second here, I have a question for you.” “What’s that?” “What are we going to do till we hit the afternoon show?” “You know what we haven’t done yet?” “A lot.” Jenni was right to the point. “Well yea but, that museum where you get to be a part of it…. What was it called like a 3d museum?” “Oh my gosh yes let’s go! “ Jenni was out of her seat heading for the door so fast that Sarah had to run to catch up to her.

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