How Jung Yong Hwa Balances Acting And Singing

For Jung Yong Hwa being both a musician and an actor is something of a balancing act, but that doesn't mean it's a difficult one. Recently, while on the Blue Moon concert tour with his band CNBlue in Hong Kong, he discussed how his pursuit of both careers has been good for him-and for his band. "There are people who like CNBlue because of the music and there are others who noticed us after they became fans of the dramas," said Jung. So far, Jung has appeared in three dramas, as Kang Shin Woo in "You're Beautiful," as Lee Shin in "Heartstrings," and then making a cameo appearance as himself in "A Gentleman's Dignity." While he was the first CNBlue member to try acting, he is not the only one. Bassist Lee Jung Shin, recently signed on for a part in an upcoming drama "Sword and Flower," and appeared in "My Husband Got A Family." Kang Min Hyuk appeared in "Heartstring and "My Husband Got A Family." Lee Jong Hyun had a role in "A Gentleman's Dignity." "There may be people who see us in the dramas and then come to listen to the band play," said Jung. "Some of those are people who go to a concert for the first time. I am grateful that people become fans of our music through the dramas and I will also try to do my best as an actor." But his focus will probably always be the music. He recently signed on and then turned down a role in an upcoming drama, "The Heirs" with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. One of the reasons that he changed his mind about appearing in "The Heirs" was the band's touring schedule. "I still make music a priority and believe that people will love us if we work hard," said Jung, who is CNBlue's leader, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. Jung is also a composer, having contributed music and lyrics to all of CNBlue's albums released in Korea and Japan. He first performed with the band in 2010 and the band's first album, "Bluetory," which contained the single "I'm a loner," became an instant hit. It still holds the record in Korea for reaching the top spots on all the major music charts in the shortest time. His first solo single also topped the charts. While he will focus on music for now, he does not rule out acting, should he be offered the right role at the right time. "I feel that performing as an actor definitely improves my on-stage performance," said Jung. "Acting also feeds the emotions I express in music. I also think about going overseas with acting, not just as a musician." Overseas fans of both his dramas and music will be pleased to hear it. cr:

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