Cross Over

Part 2

"You huh?" The man questioned. He looked from where I was standing, back to my lifeless body on the ground. "I see..." He said, "so you can't move on and cross over either?" His eyes narrowed back at me. "You have a name?" He asked turning his body to face my direction. "Y/N. What about you? What's your name?" I asked back at him. He shuffled back and forth on his feet suddenly avoiding my gaze. "JB... but don't worry about me, I was just sent here to help you move on." He said. I couldn't help but stare, something about him had me hypnotized. He cleared his throat taking me out of my trance. "Any idea of how you ended up like this?" He asked referring back at my lifeless body. "I don't remember everything, I just remember having an argument with my boyfriend, and then going for a walk to calm down... then this happened." I said. "So someone killed you here... did you see who it was?" "... no." I said as i looked down at the ground. "That could be why you can't move on from this world yet... have you moved around? Tried to find any clues?" I scoffed at his comment, "Listen, this is my first time being dead. I didn't know I could leave this area. So no, I haven't looked around!" I looked up, my eyes shot daggers at him. JB had a challenging look on his face as his eyes met mine. "Listen here punk, I don't need your attitude. I was sent here to help you. If you don't want my help, fine! I'll leave... goodluck trying to figure all this out on your own." And with that JB had disappeared. I kicked the ground where he had been standing. "Stupid jerk." I said under my breath. A few minutes later I had heard someone shuffle around in the ally. They were being cautious not to make noise, but they still had triggered my "fight or flight" mindset. I knew they couldnt see me, but I was terrified. Something about this hooded figure seemed very familiar, and when that person checked to see if my body was still well hidden, it clicked. This person was responsible for my death somehow, and in some way. I looked at my poor lifeless body one last time as I followed the person out of the ally and towards the east side of town. I was pretty familiar with this side of town, it being where my boyfriend lived and all. Or at least that is what I thought. Ten minutes into following the person I had completely lost them, and what made matters worse was that some weird guy was following me. Which only meant one thing... he was dead too.




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