False Innocence Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Who: BTS x Reader

Genre: School Life, Romance

Warning: Mild Language

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Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.


Once you reached the garden you headed toward the spot you had lunch with Nana. As you got closer you noticed she was talking to a boy and seeing this caused you to slow your walk. Nana noticed you and waved you over, “Hey [Y/N]! Come on let’s go looking at the different clubs!” You ran over to her and looked at the person standing near your friend. He was of average height but was incredibly handsome. “Oh right,” Nana said, “This is Park Jimin. He is from my class. He just moved here and when he heard we were going to go look at the clubs he wanted to join.” You looked at her suspiciously wondering if this was going to be her new boy toy. Nana seemed to get the hint from your gaze and whispered into your ear, “Don’t worry. He’s gay.” You jumped back and looked at her in shock and then tried to hide your shock before Jimin noticed but too late. Jimin sighed and said, “Well obviously she told you I’m gay even though I told her not to.” He shot a look over at Nana which she responded by shrugging her shoulders and saying, “She’s my best friend, what do you expect from me? I tell her everything.”

The boy laughed at her and smiled the sweetest smile you had ever seen. His eyes smiled so brightly along with his actual smile. “Well now that you know my dirty little secret, do you mind just keeping it between us? I don’t want a lot of people knowing,” Jimin asked pressing his index finger to his smiling lips. You returned his smile and nodded confirming you would keep it a secret. “Great!” Jimin said putting his hands on his hips. “Now ladies, should we get started and get to looking at all of these clubs?” “Yeah!” Nana cheered while throwing her fist in the air with excitement. You laughed at the two of them and all three of you started walking back toward the school.

A lot of clubs had booths set up outside of their designated classroom and were handing out flyers promoting their club. Jimin stopped at the cooking club’s booth and picked up a flyer. The girls sitting at the table started to whisper and blush as they saw him. Jimin winked at the girls and walked away with the flyer while the girls squealed a little.

“You’re evil,” you said as you nudged him. He laughed at you and said, “What, they asked for it.” “Hey [Y/N] they have a photography club! You love photography,” Nana said pulling you in the direction of the photography club table.

“Hi are you interested in photography?” the girl at the table asked looking at both you and Nana. “Well she is, I’m not good at it.” Nana pushed you closer to the table and you shyly tried to take a step back. “Well our club is really active and we enter into a lot of competitions nationwide. We take pride in our work. Even if you are a beginner you can learn how to properly take pictures in many different styles. It would be great if you would join our club!” The girl at the table held out a flyer which you took. She smiled at you and then pointed her attention to another person standing near the table. “You should really join the club [Y/N],” Nana said smiling gently at you. “You’re pictures are so beautiful. You should do it.”

“I don’t know,” you said looking down at the ground. “I’m not confident enough to join.”

“Well what if I joined with you?” You looked up at Nana in surprise.

“But you don’t do photography Nana.”

“So! You heard them. They take beginners too. You could teach me how to use a camera and before you know it I’ll better than you!”

“But didn’t you want to join a different club?”

“Nah, nothing seems to be catching my eye. All I care about it spending time with my boo.” Nana grabbed and pinched your cheeks causing you to smile.

“You girls plan on joining the photography club?” Jimin asked taking the flyer from your hand and looking at it. “Yup sure are! What club are you looking at?” Nana asked.

“Well I was thinking about checking out the cooking club or the music club but maybe I’ll have to check out the photography club too. I like taking pictures.”

“You do photography too!?” You asked Jimin a little too excitedly. He started laughing and hunched over putting his hand on his knees for support. Nana started laughing at you as well.

“What’s so funny?” you asked the two of them. “You just got so excited about me liking photography. You must get excited easily [Y/N]. It was so adorable,” Jimin said as he stood up and tried to catch his breath from laughing. Your cheeks turned red and you looked down at the floor again. “Hey, don’t get embarrassed,” Jimin said. He lightly grabbed your shoulder causing you to look up at him. “You should be proud of your hobbies and not be so shy. Stop looking at the floor and look up. Lots of guys would find you adorable.” You smiled at him and he returned the smile. “If I didn’t know Park Jimin was gay, I’d say you two were a couple. You two need to stop being so cute. I’m gonna barf,” Nana said holding her stomach. Both you and Jimin laughed at her and made a few more jokes about you and Jimin being a couple.

After a while you and Nana split from Jimin and head home. On the way home both you and Nana talked about how excited you both were for the new year. Nana talked about all of the guys in her class and how good looking they were, you just laughed at her the whole time. “You know, Kim Taehyung seems to have a crush on you,” Nana said. You stopped walking and stared at her. “Oh come on [Y/N] you can’t be that dense can you? He spent his lunch allowance on you and was going to go without eating. He totally has a thing for you.” Your face turned so hot you thought it was on fire. You started fanning your face trying to cool it off, but it wasn’t working. “No way! Have you seen how attractive he is? There is no way he would like someone as plain as me,” You said trying to calm yourself.

“Hey, I’m just saying that all signs point to yes he likes you. What did he even do to you anyway that made him feel like he needed to buy you something sweet?”

“He made fun of me in front of the whole class. There was a series of events that happened and the class started making jokes about how I had a crush on Kim Namjoon or something like that. It was really childish. But he made sure to make a comment loud enough to cause a riot of laughter at me.”

“Awe adorable.”

“Wait how is that adorable?”

“He’s like a grade schooler picking on the girl he likes. He totally has a thing for you.”

“Well I don’t want a high school grade schooler crushing on me. It’s creepy. And he doesn’t have a crush on me.”

“At least he tried to apologize and buy you something sweet. Maybe he is like those sour candies. You know the ones that are sour and then sweet. Oh, what are those called?”

“Sour Patch Kids?”

“Yeah! That’s the one! He’s totally a Sour Patch Kid! A Sour Patch Kid who has a crush on my little [Y/N].”

“That is possibly the stupidest thing I have ever heard you say.” You started laughing at her and started walking away from her.

“Okay true, that was pretty terrible but it is true. Kim Taehyung totally has a crush on you!”

You turned around to look at her and stomped your foot. “Nana stop talking nonsense. Kim Taehyung doesn’t have a crush on me and you need to go home and start your homework. We aren’t in the same class anymore so I can’t do it for you anymore. You’re on your own.” Nana pouted at you then said, “Ugh fine. Play dumb. But you could still do my homework for me, we have the same classes we are just in different rooms.”

“No. Do your own homework Nana.” You laughed and pointed in the direction she need to head in inorder to get home. “Now go home. I’ll meet here at the corner like always in the morning okay?”

“Don’t be late again. I don’t want to leave you behind like I did this morning.”

“I promise I won’t be late. I’ll be extra early and even have breakfast for you.”

“Breakfast!? Okay I’m holding you to it! I love you [Y/N]. Have sweet dreams about your future boyfriend Kim Taehyung.” Nana turned and started walking down a side street. “Not happening!” You yelled in her direction, “Love you Nana!”

Once you made it home you belly flopped yourself onto your bed. Letting out a heavy sigh thinking about everything Nana said about Taehyung. “She’s totally crazy.” you said to yourself. You pulled out your phone and started texting Nana.

To: Nana

Message: Hey, did you make it home? I forgot to tell you Mr. Woo is one of my class’s teachers. You’re right he is cute, but not the best looking in the world.

Your phone buzzed almost right after sending the message. You looked to see who it was and it was a response text from Nana.

To: [Y/N]

Message: You are crazy, he totally is. And yes I made it home. Now quit distracting me, I need to get my homework done へ[ •́ ‸ •̀ ]ʋ love you (๑♡3♡๑)

You smiled to yourself and heard your mom yelling at you from the kitchen. You got up and went to help your mom with the cooking like you always do.

Shorter chapter guys! Sorry!

I might post another chapter later tonight but depends on how much I get written tonight :)

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