Making A New Tag list!

Hello Everyone! So as you all read in the title, I am making a new tag list. I don't want to tag people that would not want to be tagged, so I will be making a new one. I post different things on vingle as they follow. Please let me know which one you would like to be tagged!

Main Tag List!

The name says it all!

Imagines/ Short Stories!

I write everything. From happy to angst. Recently I'm also trying smut, but because I'm not very fond of that, it'll come out every blue moon.

In A Relationship Series

Currently, I'm working with BTS and it's going to be with all the members. If you would like to be tagged in a specific member or with all of them, please let me know! I will work on a different group after I am done with at least two members of this story. I have chosen a group, but it will not yet be released. c;


My Diary

In this topic, I write personal feelings and I post others as well (with their consent). It may contain trigger warnings so please be aware when reading it.


These groups I will post about (not limited to); ~ UP10TION ~ EXO ~ BTOB ~ MONSTA X ~ BTS ~ GIRL GROUPS And many more.

UP10TION Community Official Tag list! I will be making the tag list with the help of@Kdragons137 if you would like to be tagged please let me know!

Sorry if I tagged you twice! MELODY MOD SQUAD:@JiyongLeo@LemonLassie@AimeeH@StephanieDuong@IsoldaPazo @MichelleIbarra@Helixx 《HONEY10 MOD SQUAD》@JinsPrincess86@Kdragons137@MichelleIbarra @Emealia@AimeeH@qwalker1996@insfired@KristinaCaron @MarrickeJ33@katyng52 @Kpossible4250@narutobandgeek@ParkHwaYoung@ninjamidori@CreeTheOtaku @Jiyongixoxo@clstap1 @Kpopfangirl15@Tamaki1618 @PrettieeEmm@TiffanyBibian @ReynadeKpop@KaeliShearer @CreeTheOtaku@Kpopfangirl15 @merryjayne13@MadAndrea@Mightmuffin@Princess2328@Gaarita100@Msrayray95@saraortiz2002@VKookie47@Roxy1903@PatriciaS@jessicaacosta90@PrincessUnicorn @DekaraMiller@SugalessJams @Ercurrent@terenailyn @HuonTreeRoo@MsLoyalHeart @sarahdarwish@Moose1998 @MeghanJorgina@Allyson3333 @SarahVanDorn@DOislifeExoL@TesneemElAlami@DanaMichelle@AnnahiZaragoza@Stefany17@MadAndrea@punkpandabear@JadeOwens@KellyOConnor@VeronicaArtino @Mikim000@CallMeMsDragon @tiffany1922@KpopQueenaBee @bbyitskatie@dchapple45@twistedPuppy@swarrie16 @KristinaCaron @MarrickeJ33 @katyng52 @Kpossible4250 @narutobandgeek @ParkHwaYoung@ninjamidori@SimplyAwkward @Jiyongixoxo @clstap1 @Kpopfangirl15 @Tamaki1618 @PrettieeEmm @TiffanyBibian @ReynadeKpop @KaeliShearer @Kpopfangirl15 @merryjayne13 @MadAndrea @swarrier16 @Mightmuffin @Princess2328 @Gaarita100 @Msrayray95 @saraortiz2002 @VKookie47 @Roxy1903@PatriciaS @jessicaacosta90@PrincessUnicorn@DekaraMiller @SugalessJams@Ercurrent @terenailyn@HuonTreeRoo @MsLoyalHeart@sarahdarwish@TaehyungV@Moose1998@MeghanJorgina @Allyson3333@SarahVanDorn @DOislifeExoL@TesneemElAlami@DanaMichelle@LeslieJeon@MonAnnahiX@Stefany17@punkpandabear@JadeOwens@KellyOConnor@VeronicaArtino @Mikim000 @CallMeMsDragon @tiffany1922 @KpopQueenaBee@bbyitskatie@Mandubum@luna1171@tinafalcon22@KaeliShearer@MrsJungHoseok@chisom756@kimnam94@lmoee@aliendestina@EXOAsf@kanatm@KendraReeve@russelroche47@JaxomB@ChandraTorres@reyestiny93@jimin21abs@sugakookies95@AyameTenchu@Tabili@lovelikematoi@micahirene

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