Who else just loves Noragami?๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ’™

I can't be the only one who absolutely loves this anime, right? So I started it quite a while back, like last year, & I just now finished it. I kinda took a long ass break from it for no reason. But I picked it back up again recently & finally finished it. I'm in love with it, & I just simply adore this anime. So anyway, I thought I'd share some pictures I found on Google with you all. Here you are! :)

Here's a few more that I wanted to share. I'm like in love with Yato, and Yukine too! I also really like Kofuku, Daikoku, Kazuma, Hiyori, and Ebisu. I kinda like Bishamon, not a favorite though. So yeah, enjoy le pictures! :) ~TheFairyLoreley~

Hello! My name is Sierra, but you can call me Sindria, or Sin. It's my nickname apparently, that my bestfriend gave me. I'm a 19 year old girl, and I'm an anime fanatic! I mean, anime & manga are my favorite things ever, it's like a huge part of my life. I adore it, & love it so much. So if you're an Otaku like me, I bet you we'll get along greatly! & even if you're not, I'd still like to be friends. Anyway, I wish you lovelies well. Goodbye!
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