MV that make me cry


There are alot of great emotional kpop songs and MV but only a few can get me teary eyed (because I have no soul ... just kidding) Here is a list of emotional MV that make me cry (or almost cry) In no particular order:

Hello and I Can Only Say I Want to Die by Huh Gak His voice is just so emotional and to top it off the MV is sad so this will always be on my list.

It's my fault and It's Over by Speed This is a very underrated group and these are probably my favorite songs from them. They have drama versions to both songs but they are really long so I just put the dance versions.

The Light by The Ark This MV is so emotional but the song sounds so uplifting. To top it off the Ark disbanded and it makes it even sadder, but they still support each other which is nice. (EunaKim is on Unpretty Rapstar 3)

I remember by Bang Yongguk ft. Yoseob (Beast)

And the newest to the list is Already Winter by Janghyun (Vromance) and Huh Gak Janghyun has the perfect voice that blends well with Huh Gak's.


What did you think of this list? Is there any other songs that make you cry?


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