so I heard that our little Suga bear is gunna be releasing his Mixtape this August... is it true?! God I hope it is! I just know that it's gunna be so lit!

I know he definitely work extremely hard on it knowing him

please enjoy these wallpapers!

and these pictures I haven't had time to look for content for the BTS TEXT SERIES and I'm sorry for that I've been driving up and down California bring and taking car parts with my mom for her husband. I'll probably be able to post tomorrow. I'll also try and up date the BTS/KPOP memes series too, but please enjoy these for now again I'm sorry for not posting often. I feel bad when I can't ;-; I SERIOUSLY CAN'T WAIT FOR HIS MIXTAPE THO IT'LL BE SO DOPE I JUST KNOW IT!! Tagged:@mrsjeon@VKookie47@RandomName@midnightskieslo@TesneemElAlami@SugaOnTop@JeniseRamos@SusiBosshammer@AnnaArai@Ercurrent@kpopbunny9@Destiny98@viviano6@KarenGuerra93@amandamuska@jazgaara33@CrystalBlunt@EdithEGonzalezG@Dalicity@MadAndrea@KPopQuxxnMarie@unnieARMkeY@DanaMichelle@megancurrent9@takenbykpop@Vixxstarlight1

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