The birth of a flower pt.2

Sorry that it's soo late but I hope you enjoy it. Also please leave a comment about your opinion on this story since it is my first one. Uh honestly, this is more like background than related to hanahaki, but I hope you guys enjoy it. This is part 1:

I love you but you love her. In all retrospect I'm not surprised that you fell for her and not me. My best friend is in one word perfect. While my best friend isn't the smartest in the world she holds a kind or worldly knowledge that festers deep under the surface of consciousness. While my best friend isn't the girl with all the perfect features... She's beautiful and always has been. She has the kind of wavy brown hair that looks like she just came back from the beach except her hair isn't dry and rough but soft and silky. She has the type of beautiful brown eyes that sparkle with life and passion. Her face is one of kindness that reflects her gentle personality. She holds a wonderful personality that never seems to get angry... She is perfect and it seems like I can never pull myself together to stand even a third of her perfection. ~ Like the calm before the storm I felt it before I saw it coming. I fell for your gentle ways and your loving smile. Falling in love with you was easy like slipping into a warm bath after a long day of work, you were loving when I couldn't bear to be, but you were always out of reach. No matter how far I tried to reach out for you it seemed like I'd always fall short. And soon your kind and loving ways became knifes and needles that would stab at my heart, those sweet words you spoke became a poison that weaken my heart and my being breaking me down fiber by fiber till all that was left was an empty shell.

Uh thanks for reading through that, please give me some feedback. Here's a picture of tae to make up for the stuff you just read.

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