Lay Me Down (BTS Angst Oneshot)

A/N: Okay so here is part two of the BTS Angst oneshot series that I am creating!! Comment below who you guys want next! This one is a little longer than the last one but I hope you guys enjoy it!!


I walked into the bedroom and jumped on the lump on the bed. "Hobi! Wake up! Breakfast is ready!" He groaned and opened one eye and closed it again with his lips puckered for a kiss. I rolled my eyes then kissed him but he still wouldn't budge so I continuously kissed him, still on top of him, until he sat up put his arm around my waist and ran his hands down my back. I smiled at him,"Good morning sleepy head." He smiled,"A good morning it is." I got off him and I smiled,"Well breakfast is ready." He nods and I head back out to the kitchen.

After breakfast I helped Hoseok get ready. He was a member of a mafia, I always worry for his safety but Jin and the boys promised me they'd keep him safe. I feel bad asking them to keep him safe when they also have their own families but Hoseok is all I have left. And for a bunch of gangsters they were all wonderful boys with great personalities."Remember to stay safe always okay?" Hoseok then gently placed his hands on my cheeks and placed a gentle kiss on my forehead,"I will you stay safe too okay?" I nodded as he took his hands off my cheeks and he headed off to "work". I sighed heavily locking the door behind him. I can say I accept his job but it doesn't mean I don't feel anxious as the time passes by.

I too then started headed for work. I was a vet in an Animal Hospital. I have always loved animals and Hoseok so I was as happy as anyone can be. "Hey Mrs.Jung always smiling." I looked at Namjoon smiling,"Well what is there not to be happy about." He rolled his eyes,"I don't think I even remember seeing you not smiling Y/N, how's Hoseok and the boys?" I nodded,"They are great still alive. Thankfully." Namjoon was a rare case of a gangster that was granted freedom. I accepted him into my practice since he had gotten his license. There was no reason not to . He had kept Hoseok safe for years it's the least I can do,"How's your wife?" He had a big smile on his face," She's great stressed because of the baby but she's handling it." I laughed. Namjoon's wife was the reason why he quit his old lifestyle after finding out she was pregnant with their first child they both decided they wanted out. I wanted Hoseok to do the same but doing what he did made him happy and I can't take that from him.

"Thanks for coming remember to not give Coco a shower for a while okay?" The owner nodded and I waved goodbye to the cute mini poodle as they left."Y/N..." I turned around at Namjoon, the look on his face gave me a bad feeling,"What is it Namjoon?" He took a deep breath,"Don't freak out okay?" I nodded as I felt the tingling from the strange feeling spread throughout my body,"Goddammit Namjoon just spit it out!" I snapped,"I'm sorr--" He interrupted me with words that took me a while to process,"While you were in there performing the surgery on the dog Jin called and told me that they are at the hospital...Hoseok got shot and is in critical condition." My knees went weak but before I hit the ground Namjoon caught me."H-How long ago was this?" He held me up as he took the keys to his car, "An hour, let's go." I nodded.

The whole ride to the hospital I couldn't help but cry. He can't leave me. Hoseok you promised to always be my side. You said that we'll grow old together and always be there for one another. That you'll never leave me to grow old alone. Please I will do anything you want me to just make sure he's okay. Please he's all I have. I ran out of the car the minute we arrived and when I walked in I saw Jungkook."Y/N he's here." With heavy foot steps I followed Jungkook into the room. I ran to Hoseok's side,"You idiot I told you to be careful." Hoseok gave me a weak smile,"I'm sorry Y/N I don't think I'll be able to keep my promise this time around." No. No. No. What is he saying?,"Wh-What do you mean?" A small trickle of tears fell down my cheeks as the pain in my chest grew. He wiped the tears off my cheeks and gently placed his hands on my cheek just like this morning. Just this time I held his hand not wanting to let go. The tears kept coming,"Don't cry Y/N I want to be able to see your smiling face one last time at least. Please?" I wiped the tears and gave him the best smile I can,"One last time? What are you talking about?" He smiled as his hands went limp and his eyes closed and the machine started a beeping noise ringing in my ear,"HOSEOK! NO PLEASE!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as Jin and Yoongi ripped me away from Hoseok as the doctors and nurses came in and tried to resuscitate him.

Everything happened so fast before I knew it the doctors covered Hoseok's face,"Time of death 8 pm, July 20." My whole body went numb and I ran to Hoseok's lifeless body ripping away from Jin and Yoongi,"No what are you doing? You can still save him you can still..." I took the blanket off his face and I looked at his greying face,"No Hobi. You're not dead promised me. You said we'll have a family together, that we will raise our children, and then when they all leave us we would live like those grandmas and grandpas we pass by in the streets. You said we'll be happy and together forever. You said forever. Please open your eyes,"The tears were not just a trickling anymore it was flooding out. Hoseok was all I had and he left me alone. Like he promised he wouldn't. I cried so hard I couldn't breathe any longer and before I knew it I felt dizzy and everything blacked out.


I glanced at the sky covering my eyes from the sun and I looked down at the grave that read "Jung Hoseok Feb 18, 1994-July 20, 2021" I smiled as someone tugged on my dress,"Mama, Uncle Jin says it's time to eat." I held the 10 year old boy's hand,"Haneul why don't you say hi to papa first." Haneul then bowed to the grave,"Thank you Papa for protecting mama and I after all these years." I smiled as a rush of wind passed us giving me a warm feeling inside,"Let's eat Haneul." Hoseok kept his promise after all. He didn't leave me to grow up alone.

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