False Innocence Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Who: BTS x Reader

Genre: School Life, Romance

Warning: Mild Language

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Disclaimer: The way the different characters are portrayed is not the way I see them in real life. This is a story for enjoyment and entertainment.

Taehyung POV

Soccer practice ended at about dusk and Taehyung was worn out. Because the team has a scrimmage the coming weekend the team was working extra hard. Taehyung changed and gathered his belongings from the locker room. Waving goodbye to the team as he headed out of the school. Taehyung walked over to his bicycle and saw Jimin standing there waiting for him with his own bike. Jimin waved at Taehyung and sat back on his bicycle seat. “Yo man, didn’t realize you would wait for me,” Taehyung said getting himself situated on his bike. “Well we live together, what’s the point in going home by ourselves,” Jimin asked.

“Oh yeah, that’s right. It’s weird that you live with us now.”

“How is that weird? We’re cousins.”

“I don’t know, I’m used to being an only child and such. Anyway, let’s go home. I’m so tired. Hopefully mom cooked meat for dinner.”

“I don’t know if aunty did nor not. But we need to stop by the convenience store before we go home.”

Taehyung groaned at the thought of having to make a detour home. “Oh stop your whining,” Jimin said, “Aunty needs milk or something. She sent us a text requesting something.” “Okay okay,” Taehyung responded, “Let’s get going.”

Taehyung and Jimin headed toward the convenience store that was near their home. After about a seven minute bike ride they arrived and Jimin ran in to get what they needed. Taehyung was too tired to go inside with him so he sat on his bike outside the building. He sat there staring out as the sun set before him. ‘I wonder if [Y/N] has eaten dinner yet. What did she eat for dinner I wonder,’ Taehyung sighed as he let his mind wander about [Y/N]. “Why are you sighing like you are heart sick,” Jimin asked poking fun at Taehyung. “Dude, I met a girl today and I don’t know what to do,” Taehyung said slumping slightly over his bike handles. “Whoa really? That’s not like you,” said Jimin.

“What do you mean it’s not like me. I’ve been in plenty of relationships. Even just had plenty of girls around.”

“Well yeah, but you haven’t been like this over a girl. You’re all... “

“What? How am I like?”

“Weird. What girl made you stress about her?”

Taehyung groaned and ruffled his slightly sweaty hair crazily gaining laughter from Jimin. “Well whoever she is,” Jimin said, “she must be pretty great if she can take you down to a complete mess. Come on we need to go home. Aunty will start to worry.” Both of the boys headed home, Jimin taking the lead since Taehyung had his head in the clouds.

Once they arrived home Jimin went to help in the kitchen while Taehyung went to take a bath. Taehyung had a hard time relaxing while sitting in the tub. Thoughts of [Y/N] kept going through his mind. He splashed water on his face trying to remove her face from behind his eyelids. “Ahh!” he screamed as he ruffled his wet hair with his hands. “Tae, Is everything okay in there,” his mother asked from the kitchen.

“Yeah, everything's fine mom.”

Taehyung slid in the tub until all of him was engulfed by the water. Holding his breath he laid there until his lungs couldn't handle the pressure anymore. Bursting out of the water he said to himself, “This is stupid! What the hell is wrong with me?” He leaned back and released a heavy sigh. Putting his hand to his chest feeling his heart race. “She’s not even near me and I'm like this,” he said. “And I've only just met her. What the hell is wrong with me. Get it together Taehyung.” His stomach growled loudly bringing him back from his thoughts and to reality. He stood up from the tub, grabbed a nearby towel and wrapped it around his waist. Without even bothering to dry off he left and walked a his bedroom. “Tae dry off properly or you'll catch a cold,” his mother said from the end off the hall, “Hurry up. Dinner is ready.” Taehyung nodded and closed the door to his bedroom.

After dinner Taehyung went to his room and laid on his bed staring at the ceiling. ‘This is stupid. I’ve known her for less than 24 hours and she already has me this messed up,’ a heavy sigh following his thoughts. ‘Taehyung, you need to get your shit together. It’s just a girl. You’re better than this.’ A small knock rang from his door. “What,” he said. Jimin entered and stared at Taehyung confused. “Dude, I didn’t say you could come in,” Taehyung said. “Don’t care,” Jimin responded, “I came to get my game charger from you.” Jimin walked across the room, grabbed a cord and went to head out of the room. Before Jimin left he told Taehyung to get some sleep and closed the door behind him. Taehyung didn’t argue and rolled over on his side hugging one of his pillows, closed his eyes and quickly drifted to sleep.


Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep...

You slammed your hand down onto your alarm clock stopping the wretched sound. Looking at the time you saw it was 5:30 am. You groaned and pulled the blankets over your head trying to hide. ‘No,’ you thought, ‘I need to get up. I promised Nana that I would make her breakfast.’ You rolled out of bed and stretched, waking up your bones, a few popping. You walked to the kitchen and started cooking. Deciding on an omelette, you grabbed all the necessary ingredients to make them, one for you and one for Nana. After you made the omelettes you started on your lunch for the day. You gather some left overs from last nights dinner and also made some other side dishes. As you were packing your lunch you realized you were packing to much. There was no way you were going to eat all of the food you packed. ‘I’ll send a text to Nana telling her I made her lunch as well,’ you thought. You looked over at the wall clock and saw you were running out of time.

You ran to your room and put your school uniform on. You brushed your hair and did a french braid with your hair. You looked at yourself in the mirror and felt like something was missing. Usually you wouldn’t care about how you left the house but today for some reason you did. You dug through a drawer in your vanity and pulled out a light pink lip gloss and applied it to your lips. “There we go,” you said while smiling at yourself. “It’s amazing what a little bit of lip color can do.” You grabbed your book bag and headed toward the kitchen. “What’s all this food for? Are you packing for a picnic,” You mom asked as you got into the kitchen. Grabbing a separate bag from a cabinet you started to load all of the food you packed for breakfast and lunch. “No, just decided to make breakfast and lunch for me and Nana,” you said to your mom.

“Wait a second [Y/N]. Turn and look at me.”

You turned to look at your mom confused. “Are you wearing lip gloss,” your mom asked. You started to blush and wiped your lips in embarrassment. “Oh sweetie don’t do that! It looked so cute. Sorry, I never see you wearing makeup and I thought you looked extra beautiful today,” your mom said gently touching your cheek. “Hold on just a sec, I’m going to go grab something for you [Y/N]. I’ll be quick.” Your mom ran off into another room and you called after her, “Mom, I’m going to be late. I need to meet Nana.” Your mom was back quickly as promised and had more makeup in her hands. You looked at her wide eyed and was about to protest until your mom spoke, “It’ll be quick. Just a bit of powder, mascara and a different lip color.”

Your mom quickly put the makeup on you and showed you yourself with the powder mirror when finished. When you looked at yourself you thought it was a different person looking back at you. “Whoa,” you said in shock. Your mom giggled and closed the mirror. “You look beautiful with or without makeup, but sometimes it can be a girl’s best friend. Grab your stuff and meet Nana, she is probably waiting on you,” Your mom said while smiling at you. She gave you a kiss on the forehead and pushed you toward your bags. You grabbed your bags, slipped your shoes on and ran out the door.

When you arrived you saw Nana standing at the usual corner you two met up at. “Nana!” You called to her jogging toward her. “Why do you have two bags,” she asked as you approached. You put both bags on the ground and leaned on your knees trying to catch your breath. “F-food,” you said through heavy breaths. Nana’s eyes widened in shock. “Food,” she asked, “Why the heck do you have so much food?”

“I texted you. Didn’t you get my message?”

Nana looked at her phone and realized she hadn’t opened the message. She read it really quickly and laughed. “Oh you made lunch for ME huh,” she said. “Somehow I don’t feel like the food is actually for me but for somebody else. Maybe Kim T-” “Don’t say it,” you cut her off. “I just packed too much. And Also your breakfast is in that bag,” you said pointing at it. “Made you an omelette.” Nana’s face lit up and she started opening containers until she found her omelette and a pair of chopsticks. “Oh [Y/N], thank you for breakfast! I’m so excited,” Nana said taking her first bite, “Aaah, it’s cold.” “Oh yeah, sorry,” you apologized, “I made it a little too early this morning but it still taste good right.”

“True, it tastes amazing. Your cooking is always my favorite. Better than my mom’s.”

“Thank you, but I doubt that. Your mom is an amazing cook. Anyway, we need to get to school. Let’s eat and walk.”

You grabbed your own omelette out of the bag and put both bags on your shoulder. You and Nana started walking to school while eating your food. “Oh, [Y/N],” Nana said, “Are you wearing makeup?” You started choking at the sudden question. “You okay [Y/N]? Chew your food, geez,” Nana said while rubbing your back. You stopped choking and said, “Thanks. Mom wanted me to wear it this morning. Not sure why.”

“Sounds like your mom. She did your make up for you?”

You nodded in response to avoid choking again.

“You look really pretty [Y/N]. I bet Kim Taehyung will love it too.”

You started choking again and slapped Nana’s arm. She started laughing and teased you the rest of the way to school.

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