Kookie Monster! Part 25

part 24

“So right off the bat why don’t we take a few calls and see how surprised people were” Jenni started. “Not as surprised as me” sarah said. “Ruby didn’t tell me at all until I saw them in the hallway” Sarah stated. “I was getting you back for before” Jenni laughed. “That why you screamed when you saw us?”Jackson questioned. “I was excited” Sarah said. “So what did you get back at her for doing?” Mark asked turning to face Jenni. “She didn’t tell me about going to the concert until an hour before we went” Jenni told him. The boys laughed at that. “Alright alright. So let’s take our first caller” Sarah said. “Your on with Diamond, Ruby and Got7. So were you surprised by our guests?” Sarah answered the phone. “No, I totally saw this coming after you two kept talking about the Got7 concert” The caller answered. “You saw it before I did” Sarah laughed. “So do you have anything to say to them” Jenni asked. “Oh, I just wanted to say you did amazing at your concert. You are one of my favorite groups” The caller said. “Thank you” Bambam said. “Your welcome oppa!” The girl said than quickly hung up. “She called you oppa dude” Jackson laughed. “I think that’s adorable. Way to go caller!” Jenni cheered. “Alright so let's take one more caller before we play a song by Got7” Sarah said hitting a button. “You're on with Diamond, Ruby, -” “You let them play with squeaky toys and not me” The voice was familiar and cut sarah off. “They deserve toys!” Sarah said. “But I bought them” he whined. “You big baby, you can play with some other time” Sarah said. “Um, why don’t you introduce yourself so people know who you are” Jenni cut in. “You don’t recognize me Ruby. I’m hurt” Tae whined. “Okay fine I will than. So apparently we have a special caller on the line. Tae from BTS has called in” Jenni said. Each member of got7 said a hello to him and ended with a thanks for the squeakers. They were all confused. “So is there another reason why you called in?” Sarah asked. “Yea, I do have another reason” he started. “Just know that even though you get to play with the toys I bought for Diamond, you better share and by that I mean next time we hang out we have to have a squeaker war!” Tae said making everyone laugh. “Deal! It’s on!” Jackson said. “Okay okay, we are hanging up after that. Bye Tae tae” Jenni said. “So that happened” Sarah said after he was off line. “Let's play one of my favorite songs by Got7 and than come back” Jenni said flipping a switch and turning on ‘Tic Toc’ by Got7. “I can’t believe he called in” Sarah laughed. “I can, he knew we would be playing with these” Jenni said holding up her plush toy with a squeaker inside. “It would have been better if he got a panda” Jenni sighed. “At some point you are going to have to give up on panda’s” Sarah said. “Never. I will build my army of panda lovers!” Jenni stated. All of a sudden Jackson burst out laughing. It brought her attention to the guys in the room. “Sorry got distracted, Hi” Jenni said acting purposefully perky and giving a little wave. “You two act this way even off air?” Junior questioned. “Duh. When we are on air we are a little worse and we try to get less distracted by other topics but it normally never happens.” Sarah explained. “We aren’t scaring you are we?” Jenni asked. They all stared at the pair. “You're scaring me now. Diamond they are staring too much” Jenni said in a whine. A blinker was flashing that got her attention. “Oh we’re back in thirty sec’s.” jenni got distracted again and started getting serious for a moment. “D, here are a list of five questions for you and I got the other five. We’ll split it up and go back and forth. Cool?” Jenni told her trying to organize in under a minute. “Eye eye captain” Sarah mocked. “That was a 180” Jackson said staring at Jenni. “We’re back everyone! So people like my fav song! It just makes you want to get up and dance!” Jenni squealed. “If we had more room in here I would be dancing sadly were all squished up in here” Sarah commented. “Speaking of favorite songs, do you guys have any artists that you are really into lately? It can be any artist” Jenni asked questioning them. “ I have been listening to Michael Jackson” JB answered first. “ Chris brown” Jr. just said an artist. Yugyeom who was sitting next to him punched his elbow. “That’s who I was listening to on the way over here” Yugyeom said. “I was listening to our own music this morning” Mark said making Jenni laugh. “On the way here I listened to G-Dragon, old school” Bambam answered. “ Jason Mraz. I’ve been listening to the song I won’t give up” Youngjae said. “That is such a good song” Sarah gushed. “I been stuck on 50 cent” Jackson answered last. “That is a collection of music you guys got going there” Sarah said looking from one boy to another. “And here I see were on a run of the mill, Diamond stuck on BTS and me on New Empire because that song a little braver has been stuck in my head” Jenni laughed. “That is a good song” youngjae comments. “Isn’t it.” jenni mused as she finally stopped fiddling with the toy in her hands and set it on the table bumping into mark’s hand. She looked down saying sorry and saw a scar on the back of his hand. “You have a scar on your hand?” Jenni questioned leaning down to look. Mark moved his hand to look at it himself. “Oh yea that was a couple years ago” He said. There was just a little mark on his left hand. “What happened?” She asked. “I slid on an icy road and hurt my hand” he told her. “Ah, I’ve done that multiple times. I don’t have any scars thank gosh. I just bruise like crazy” Jenni said. “Mark is not normally a klutz but every once in awhile, outside of practice, he gets hurt” Jr said. “Ah, well that’s good. I’m a klutz-” “Klutzy panda!” Sarah injected. “Yea, and as you can see I'm known for it” Jenni said. Mark was staring at her as she was talking. She looked over at him and smiled, tried to make him comfortable and not weirded out like she would hurt herself just sitting there. “Don’t worry, I don’t drag other people down the hole with me” she told him patting his hand that was on the table again. “So next question, Diamond what you got for us?” Jenni asked changing it to something else. “Who is the mother hen in the group?” Sarah asked. All eyes went onto Jr and Jr stared at JB. “Jr is. He takes care of us like we’re his children” Bambam said. “Jr is the mother hen and I’m the father” JB said making the girls burst out laughing. “Please oh please don’t say that” Jenni tried to say between laughing. “It sounds like you're a married couple” she finally made out the rest of her sentence. “If Jr. is not there to take care of me than JB is” Bambam said looking all adorable. It was sarah’s turn to laugh. “You are the baby of the group. It is so adorable you know your role” Sarah finally made out. “You all have different roles in the group in your personal lives don’t you? Like who is the peacemaker, who is the troublemaker, the mama hen and so on?” Sarah asked. “Jackson is the troublemaker” Jr stated which got a look from Jackson. “I am not a troublemaker.” he said deviantly. “I play by my own rules” he amended. “Oh I see. I see where that comes up” Jenni said looking at him as he had an excited face on next to her. “Well Mark is the peacemaker, he can end a fight with just saying two words or by calling their names” Jb said. “That’s pretty handy to have that power” Jenni said looking at him. “I’m the cutest” Bambam chipped him which got sarah to ruffle his hair since she sat next to him. “Most of you seem to have a title it seems” Jenni said. “What are you two like?” Youngjae questioned. “Hmm, Diamond what are we like?” Jenni asked looking at her friend. “Hmm I don’t know, we could be trouble makers, oh you're good at being strict, but see than we act like five year olds” Sarah was having a hard time coming up with what we would be categorized as. “You're the annoying little sister” Bambam said. “Hey” Sarah said taking offense to that. “And I was nice to you” She whined. Jenni hadn’t realized she was leaning against mark while she laughed at that. “Oh no Diamond I don’t think were the annoying little sister. I think you got it right were two five year olds. Oh hey I guess that would be a little sister” she said. “No no se you're the klutz, you would be dubbed that no matter what” Sarah said. “Okay okay I’ll get serious for a second. Sarah you are like a momma bird. And by that I mean you will take care of those around you but when you need to you’ll kick them in the behind and be like fly my pretty fly” Jenni said straightening herself, she didn’t dare look at Mark knowing what she just did. “That is so mean” Jackson said. “Why would you kick someone?” he questioned. Jenni stared at him now. “You do realize that it’s a metaphor. She wouldn’t really kick a person and tell them to fly” Jenni said. “Don’t be a smart alec” Jackson told her getting very close to her face. No, no I probably would do that” Sarah said sounding as if she was contemplating that. “That’s what I have to do to some of these guys” Jr said leaning into Sarah to tell her that.

“Okay fine why don’t we go back to questions. Oh here’s a good one” Sarah said flustered “ What is your ideal type of girl?” she asked. Her eyes widened at the question she asked not realizing that was the next question. “A girl who has a wacky personality” Yugyeom started. “Someone who can look at me in the eyes and who can be really cute” JB said next. “A girl with a sense of humor and likes to laugh a lot which would cause me to laugh” Youngjae answered. “Oh I’m taking that, I like when a girl laughs and looks innocent and cute like she needs me” Bambam said. “I want someone who can take care of me” Jackson said next. “I like someone who is focused on her work and can smile and have a good time when the need comes for it” Jr. said, his eyes were focused on sarah. “Mark your last, come on man answer the girls” Jackson said hitting his head from behind. “I like a girl who can make me want to be with her, who makes a room brighter when she’s in it” he finally answered. “Oh my god. I can see there’s some similar qualities going around” Jenni said with a laugh. “You guys must rub off and each other.” she added. “Hey we got some phone calls, why don’t we take a few to see what others want to say” Sarah said. “Sure, after a phone call let’s play a game” jenni said looking at sarah with a wicked look. “Ruby” Sarah said than said it again excitedly. “Ruby!” she knew what game she wanted to play. “Let’s take our caller” Jenni repeated as she pressed the button. “Alright doll, you're on with Ruby, Diamond and the members of Got7.” Jenni said. “Hi Hi! I love your show, it makes me smile and laugh along with you guys and you have one of my top favorite groups on your show” The girl said. “Well thanks, love to hear you laugh along with us, you better call us more often so that we can converse on some of our crazy topics” Sarah said. “Thanks Diamond, that’s awesome to ear” she said. “So caller do you have a name or should we all be calling you doll?” Jenni asked. “You can call me Tess, that would be great and I have a question for the guys.” tess said. “Nice Tess, What would you like to ask them?” Sarah asked. “Who comes closer to your ideal type? Diamond or Ruby?” Tess asked. Sarah turned red just as Jenni did. “After just having them answer what their ideal types, that’s a great question to follow up on” Jenni said with a devious grin on her face. She looked at each guy. “I'm am curious now too” she added. Some of them looked away from her. “Can I say both?” Yugyeom answered with a grin. “We’ll accept that” Sarah grinned and Jenni nodded. “Ruby makes me laugh so far” Youngjae answered next. “Ruby seems to need someone to take care of her” Bambam said. “I don’t know if I should take offense at that or not” Jenni pouted. “I can take care of myself” She stated. “Well most of the time” she added looking up as if she was in thought. “You're unsure about that?” Jackson questioned looking at her. “I’m going with Diamond than” he pointed to sarah. “That hurts” Jenni said looking at him and covered her heart. “But I feel very happy. That was a compliment meant for me right?” Sarah questioned batting her eyelashes at him. Jackson winked at her and smiled. “I see how it is” jenni said okay fine. “Jr who would you choose?” Jenni asked him. He looked between the two of them. “I’m going to say Diamond” Jr said at last. “Yes” Sarah said pumping her fist in the air. “I’m rocking it.” “Alright who do we have left?” Jenni questioned than turned to mark. “Who would you choose?” She asked him. “Ruby” he said at last looking at her. “Awe thank you” She said bumping her shoulder with his. “Okay JB your last up. Who would you choose?” Sarah asked batting her lashes at him and looking him in the eyes. “Diamond” he said right away. “I can’t believe you two got it split, four to four” Tess said over the line. “ Thanks for keeping track that’s pretty cool we split” Sarah said. “Can I ask a follow up question?” Tess questioned. “Sure go for it” Jenni said. “Who would Ruby and Diamond pick out of the group?” Tess asked. “Oh gosh” Sarah said. “There’s so many choices” “Damn you're going to make me think for a moment and these guys completely just wrecked my brain with their answers” Jenni said. “Okay okay I got it. I choose you Junior!” Sarah said poking his shoulder. He laughed at her as he grabbed her hand and held onto it. “Nice” Jenni nodded her approval. “What about you Ruby?” Tess asked. “Well I wanted to go with Jackson” jenni looked at him and he grinned at her. “But he didn’t choose me” she pouted making him still grin. “So I choose mark” Jenni said fastly turning to him to smile than she looked at BamBam. “And bambam your sweet but no, just no you are too young for me darling” she shook her head. Tess laughed over the phone. “Thanks for answering my questions.” She said. Every guy said goodbye noona to her before she got off the phone. “One more call?” Jenni asked holding up a finger. “Okay fine. Gives me more time to think of those other questions” Sarah agreed. She pulled up a caller this time. “You're on with Diamond, Ruby and Got7 members! What's your name caller?” Sarah asked right away. “Hi I’m Saeda!” The caller answered. “That’s unique. Love the name” Jenni said. “Thanks! I listen to your show all the time. Just about every conversation makes me question, it also makes me question your sanity” she said. “I question my own sanity all the time” Jenni said. “As long as that comment just applies to Ruby I am with you both. I question her sanity hourly” Sarah said. “Gee thanks” Jenni said sarcastically shooting sarah with a finger gun. “So I was wondering if any of the members of Got7 have ever listened to your station before?” Saeda questioned. All the boys looked at each other and finally Jb answered. “We have heard of it through the web of people we know but until this last week we had not listened to it. They had us intrigued enough to come on and see what it would be like.” he answered. “Not to mention our manager thought it would be a good way to get to our fan’s” Junior said quietly, mostly to sarah like it was just for her to hear. “Do you like being on the show?” Saeda asked. “Its very entertaining” Junior said. “Well the show isn’t even halfway over and we have a game coming up in just a moment” Sarah said. “Oh I’m excited for the game. What game is it going to be?” Saeda asked. “Oh you’ll find out very soon” Sarah teased. “Okay we’ll I’ll keep tuning in.” She said. Once she said that all of the guy’s took a turn saying goodbye Noona to her before she hung up.

“So now are we going to start the game?” Jackson questioned rubbing his hands together. “We are playing would you rather! We’ll do five questions speed round” Jenni said. “Oh this’ll be good” Jackson said. “I’ll say one part and Diamond will say the second” Jenni said. “Sounds good!” Sarah said. “First up. WOuld you rather? Be able to dance really well?” Jenni asked. “Or be able to solve any math problem in seconds?” Sarah asked the second part. Simultaneously everyone said “Dance really well” “That was easy” Sarah said. “Okay second! Would you rather be the richest person on the planet?” “Or be immortal?” Jenni asked the second part. “Be immortal” Youngjae, mark, Jr and Jb answered. “Richest person” Jackson, Bambam and Yugyeom answered. “That was kind of split up. Nice were getting some variety in there” Jenni nodded. “Okay third question! Would you rather get embarrassed on national television?” she asked. “Or eat a live spider?” sarah asked. They all choose to eat a live spider. Both sarah and jenni squealed and said they would rather be embarrassed. Okay fourth question! Would you rather be able to go back in time?” Sarah asked. “Or be able to pause time” Jenni asked going with the concept. “I would rather pause time” They all said one by one. “Five!” Jenni said holding up her hand with all five fingers up. “ And this is the last so were gonna be good. WOuld you rather be a pig?” “Or a cow?” Sarah said. “Yes I would rather be a cow, I don’t want to eat myself” “Hold on, what?” Jackson questioned. “I wouldn’t want to eat myself. I like cows they are pretty and I like that they have their own unique spots” she said. “Granted I don’t get close to cows afraid I’ll get kicked by them or maybe the owner would shoot me for being on their property or touching the cow. “ “What does that have to do with you eating yourself?” he was confused. “I don’t, pigs are tasty” she stated. “Would you as a cow eat a pig?” Jenni questioned. “Cow’s don’t eat meat Ruby” Jackson stated. “Yea so I can’t eat either a cow or a pig whichever I choose to be. But I can look at the cute little piggy” Sarah said. “I would give now” Jenni said to Jackson. “There’s no understanding is there?” He asked. “Nope just go with it. “ she nodded. “Okay” he shrugged. “Well I’m going to be a cow” he said. Bambam and Yugyeom stated they would be pigs and everyone else decided a cow would be better, in case sarah decided to eat all the pigs. “I'm okay with being eaten” Yugyeom stated. Jenni covered her face trying to conceal the red of her face. “I know i know you mean it but I totally heard that wrong” Jenni cried out. “Ruby get your mind of of the gutter they are too young and innocent to think that way” Sarah scolded her. “I’m not young or innocent” Yugyeom. “I'm dubbing you Yogi bear! You will forever be young in my heart” Jenni confessed. “As long as I’m not innocent” he smirked at her. “Don’t kill me here Yogi bear!” jenni said laughing. “Okay okay we have to go on break and hope that Ruby here doesn’t die” Sarah said. “We have a collection of songs that were recommended” Sarah said before she turned mics off and went to music. “I can’t believe you people are going to kill me with laughter and those looks” Jenni complained. The guys laughed. “Okay I have to run out for a minute I’ll be right back” jenni said getting up and was about to leave. “You're leaving me in here with all of them?” Sarah questioned. Jenni stopped and looked at them. “Just for a minute” She said than ran out.

She had messaged someone earlier to come for a moment and bring her something. Jenni made it to the lobby before tripping on something and falling. “I’m down” she said as she heard laughter. She moved to sit indian style on the ground and than extended her hands to the man. “Gimmee” Jenni said. “I brought you panda’s” he said handing it to her. “Thank you” She said pressing a kiss to his cheek after he held Jenni up off the ground. “I’ll see you later?” she questioned. “Be careful” he said. “I’ll try. Stay tuned and you’ll see what I’m doing with my little family of panda’s” she called out. “Oh and Tae? Don’t say a word to sarah about this” she said turning to look at him. On her way back to the studio she stopped by boss man to pick up the panda he had in there, he just shook his head at her and handed it over. than she went to Julia who had four little panda’s. The family was complete with 8 panda’s. When she walked back into the room her arms were full and she went to the table and dropped her panda family on the table. “My army of pandas have arrived” Jenni grinned.

Okay Okay there's no more! Lol So did you spot your questions.There was some parts that I consulted sarah thus the crazy go bumped up just a bit (Like the whole cow or pig scene )So Sarah will be bringing up the second half of the show and answering more questions!Funny thing, I did all this research (and yes their ideal types is actually right they like alot of laughter I noticed,) and half of it I haven't even used, hopefully sarah will.Now sarah the crazy panda war is all yours, Oh and the guys from Got7!

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