[LIVE Recap] Big Ep 1

 Cast: Gong Yoo as Seo Yoon Jae Lee Min Jung as Kil Da Ran Shin Won Ho as Kang Kyung Joon Suzy (Miss A) as Jang Ma Ri Jang Hee Jin as Lee Se Young The first episode started with Da Ran running with a bouquet for a wedding party. She is supposed to take care of the bouquet delivery, but the bride turned out to be her friend, who apparently didn't invite her TT. She was also there to get the bouquet, but she didn't get it. Instead, she met Yoon Jae, and that's how they met. Time passed and Da Ran is taking a bus. A young guy (Kyung Joon) keep looking at her in the bus and follow her when she get off. She thought that Kyung Joon was trying to stalk and follow her, but it turned out that the umbrella that Da Ran is using is his umbrella. They all separated in front of the school where she teaches. Kyung Joon turned out to be a new transferred student from the States, and I guess he will become her student! Da Ran was really embarrased because of the umbrella incident earlier! Da Ran didn't like that Kyung Joon keep using casual form of Korean (since she is a teacher and he is a student). She took him to the library, and there she got a call from Yoon Jae. Yoon Jae who is a doctor was busy, and he let her go to the hospital. Meanwhile in school, there is always a group of bullies. They meet Kyung Joon and try to bully him. Kyung Joon said that they are stupid, so it makes the gang upset. They tried to punch Kyung Joon, but suddenly Da Ran came and stop the fight. Kyung Joon asked the other students whether it is OK for a teacher to beat a student, but they said it's a special case, because that student (Chung Sik) is Da Ran's little bro. Afterwards, Da Ran went to hospital to visit Yoon Jae. She went to his office and imagined how happy she is and how deep she fell in love with Yoon Jae. But later she saw that their wedding invitation letter was not sent out by Yoon Jae. She didn't get to meet Yoon Jae and went home. Yoon Jae only saw some cake box left by her. Meanwhile, Kyung Joon is back at his home. I don't know what happen but I think his mom already passed away and left him with a super big house and a motorcycle. He lay down in his bed and thought about his mom and he looks so sad. Kyung Joon went to furniture shop to buy new bed. He accidentally met Da Ran who plans to buy a new bed for her newly wed house with Yoon Jae. They wanted the same bed, but Da Ran was trying to persuade Kyung Joon not to buy that bed, but finally she broke it and she had to pay for it. She bought Kyung Joon dinner and asked him to buy her broken bed, but he said, "I was not going to buy that bed, I was only looking at it." Da Ran suddenly got a call from Yoon Jae, telling her that he couldn't make it to the furniture shop. (I hate him!! he seems to be really busy TT). The next day, Da Ran went to school and a motorcycle passed her which turn out to be Kyung Joon. Da Ran told him kindly that students are not allowed to ride motorcycle, and she also give him a school uniform to wear. In the hospital, Yoon Jae was looking at their wedding invitation letter and he looks hesitant. Da Ran went to the class to teach as usual, but the students were teasing her about the letter that she sent to the radio (and the story about how she hurt herself,met Yoon Jae, and getting married). After the school finish, she was waiting a call from Yoon Jae, because they plan to see their newly wed house. But the call came again and Yoon Jae said that he can't make it to their appointment. Yoon Jae asked her whether she is OK, but Da Ran said (while crying) that she is not OK. She said, if he doesn't really love her, he shouldn't ask her to marry him. While she was crying, Kyung Joon saw her, and he took Da Ran away with his motorcycle and went to some lake to comfort her. Da Ran even asked him to do *puing puing* pose. She suddenly get a call from Yoon Jae again, she asked him again whether he love her. Yoon Jae said he will meet her. Kyung Joon left with his motorcycle and Yoon Jae was driving her car. I think the next scene is predictable. An accident happened between the motorcycle and the car!!! Both car and motorcycle fell down into the lake. OH NO!!! Yoon Jae saw Kyung Joon's body in the water and he went to reach and save him. Both of them are in the hospital and the medics are trying to save her. OH NO it seems that one of them is dead!!! Who?? It seems the dead one is Yoon Jae, because Da Ran came to the hospital and she was really shocked and weak after hearing what the nurse said. She was really crying!! In the room, Yoon Jae suddenly wake up!!! From his death!! He was naked, looking at himself like he couldn't believe it. (I was amazed at his body too..OMG!!! I'm drooling!!) He went out from the room, walking, and Da Ran saw him, thought that Yoon Jae is still alive. She hugged him, but suddenly he said, "I'm Kang Kyung Joon! Who are you??" So it's official now. Kyung Joon is trapped in Yoon Jae's body. Da Ran keep telling him that something happen because the accident, and ask him whether he remember anything. He said, he remember Da Ran asked him to do *puing puing*. LOL this is hillarious!! So what happen with Yoon Jae's soul then? He's trapped in Kyung Joon's body, still unconscious. Kyung Joon felt horrible and it remind him of how his mom died. Now Da Ran went to the hospital room and saw Yoon Jae (in Kyung Joon's body) lying there unconscious. She is now really confused. She tried to find Kyung Joon, and she found him in his house... lying on his own bed..and she finally now find out that their souls are swapped! 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