Check Out These Korean Ice Creams!

I know I've talked a lot about Korean desserts but here are a few I might not have mentioned!

Tank Boy

It's asian pear flavored and is in a plastic bottle-like container!

Corn Ice Cream

Its...corn ice cream...surrounded by a thin layer of chocolate housed in a thin waffles cone shaped like corn :D

Boong-eo-bbang Ice Cream

A similar shell as the corn ice cream, this has vanilla ice cream and red bean in it!

The Pig Bar!

Crunch chocolate surrounding vanilla ice cream with strawberry filling.


A milkshake in a bag! Comes in tons of flavors like coffee, vanilla, chocolate, and cookies and cream.

Jaws Bar

A fruity popsicle that has a harder grey outside and a soft pink inside!


Which would you want to try?!

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