Just go Chapter 12

I am so sorry for making you wait so long!!!! I have been crazy busy with no time to work on this story! I will try to have another chapter up soon!

Y/n Pov

It's been a week since Bobby came home so needless to say he hasn't left my since since he got here. With much convincing on my half I finally talked Bobby in to leaving the house for a little with with his brother giving me time to myself. So what better way to waste time than to call Jinhwan I thought as I already had my phone in my hand. It didn't take long for him to answer, but then again he always answered my calls quickly. “ Hey I was just calling you what's up?” He smiled into the camera before looking around for Bobby. “ Where is you little lover boy?” He smirked as his eyes finally landed back onto mine. “ I kicked him out of the house for the day so he can spend time with his brother.” I laughed as it only just hit me. “ But where is June he is usually glued to your hip.” I said still laughing while he shrugged his shoulders. “ I kicked him out of the house as well he is helping Hanbin baby sit.” He said proudly like he achieved something amazing. “ This is why we get along so great Oppa.” I smiled while throwing myself onto my bed with a loud thump. “ Speaking of Oppa you keep saying that to make bobby jealous don't you?” He beamed already guessing what I was playing at. “ Well when you put it that way it doesn't seem as fun.” I said as a smirk slowly formed onto my face. “ A little jealousy never hurt anyone.” I pursed my lips causing him to erupt with laughter as we rambled on about random topics. “ Say Oppa have you and June.. Well. You know?” I awkwardly gestured unable to make eye contact any longer as his face turned a deep scarlet. “ Well umm not really we decided to wait, but where is this coming from.” He squeaked raising an eyebrow puzzled until it clicked. “ Wait are you thinking about what I think you are?!” He all but yelled through the phone as his eyes bugged out of their sockets from the shock. “ Maybe, I don't know. I think I might be ready, and I want it to be with Bobby.” I admitted all while smothering myself with a pillow unable to face Jinhwan. “ What did Bobby say about this?” He quickly asked already guessing what his friend said, but still wanting to hear it. “ He said he didn't want to rush things, and how he wanted to do this right.” I smiled as my stomach did flips remembering the way his eyes glistened as he looked lovingly down towards me. “ Something is telling me you don't want to wait though.” He smirked as if he knew all the answers to everything in the world. “ Yes. No. I don't know. Who knows when I will see him again, or how much will have changed by then. I want him to be my first Jinhwan.” I sighed trying not to show how worried I was about the future, but obviously failing to do so. “ Then you should tell him this Y/n. Knowing that idiot he feels the same way you just need to explain how you feel.” He warmly beamed just as the door opened to his room. “ Jinnie have you seen my favourite shirt Hanbin sister spilled milk all over me.” June complained without even looking towards his boyfriend while he towel dried his hair. “ Koo Junhwe are you half naked!?” I couldn't help but yelling trying to suppress a laugh at his reaction. “ Noona!” He yelled excitedly before remembering he wasn't wearing a shirt quickly covering up as his boyfriend chuckled up towards him lovingly. Just then my door flung open making me squeal from the shock as Bobby stood there looking smug. “ Did you miss me babe?.. Who are you talking to?” He smiled laying on top of my back pulling me closer while laying his chin on my shoulder. “ Jinhwan-hyung!” Bobby beamed before noticing a shirtless June as his gaze soured. “ Why is your boyfriend shirtless while video chatting my girlfriend.” He said dripping with venom as Jinhwan and I erupted with laughter. “ Oppa, June I will talk you guys later bye!” I fumbled until I hit the end call button just as Bobby tensed at my words. “ You still want to call him oppa do you?” He growled softly biting the nape of my neck sending shock waves though out my whole body. Fight as I tried as small moan escaped my slightly parted lips. “ That isn't exactly an answer Y/n.” He purred slowly kissing his way towards my ear. “ What if I do?” I smirked refusing to give into his jealousy as he quickly turned me around pressing me further into the bed. “ Oh really now?” He smirked just as he crashed his lips into mine while his hands tangled deep in my hair. We quickly lost track of time as the kiss deepened as we both refused to give into the others whims. Not that I was complaining about the outcome though I mean who wouldn't want to lay around kissing Bobby. All too soon his lips left mine leaving nothing, but longing for their touch again. “ So are you still going to call him Oppa?” He smiled Cheek-fully as his gaze melted every coherent thought I could muster. While I was quickly fumbling for words he took it as his win as that confident look washed over his face all too quickly. “ 1 point Bobby 0 for Y/n”He chuckled to himself as a smirk formed slowly on my face. “ But oppa..” I began perfectly mastering the pouty look no man could possibly resist as his eyes grew three times their size unable to look away. “ It is different when I talk to Jinhwan-ssi. Oppa it doesn't mean anything unless it's about you.” I whined bringing my hands up towards my face pretending to sob knowing I had him exactly where I wanted him. “ Baby don't cry I know it is different with Jinhwan I promise I won't get upset anymore. So don't cry baby.” He rushed quickly fumbling to pull my hands away from my face finally overpowering me. “ 0 points for Jiwon 1 point me” I smiled playfully towards him as he couldn't believe what just happened. “ Out smarted and defeated the shame.” He said dramatically falling onto me once again as he continued to over react. “ Hey Oppa...” I started earning his attention as he tilted his head to look towards me. “ I have been thinking, and well I umm...” I paused unsure how to say how I really felt as my face began to flush once he sat up to look towards me fully. “ What up baby?” He worriedly asked looking into my eyes searching for the answers. “ Iwantyoutobemyfirst.” I mumbled unable to look towards him any longer as my face was burning with like fire. “ What was that I didn't hear you baby?” He sighed looking towards me worried once again forcing me to sigh with annoyance. “ I want you to be my first Bobby.” I said a little slower this time as he looked confused as he went to open his mouth, but quickly closed it once he finally caught on to what I meant. “ I know you said you didn't want to rush things, but I thought about this a lot Oppa I'm just saying this.” I said seriously looking towards him finally as he thought deeply for a while. “ Are you really sure about this?” He said after what felt like an eternity as I was only able to nod terrified of his answer. Next thing I knew his arms quickly snaked around my waist pulling me closer. “ You aren't doing this because you think this is what I want are you?” He softly whispered near my ear while I buried my face into his shoulder. “ No I am saying this because this is what I want Oppa.” I sighed unable to look towards him any longer as my face flushed. “ Baby why don't you go ahead and wash up first we can talk about this more later okay?” He smiled softly kissing my head before heading out of the room leaving me starring after him like a lost puppy. After about 10 minutes without moving I finally made my way towards the bath room trying to piece together what just happened. What did his words mean? Why did he quickly leave like that? Was I too forward?

Bobby's Pov

After safely making it into my brothers room I finally let myself repeat what she said. “ I want you to be my first.” I repeated out loud expecting the room to be empty. “ That is gross Bobby I am your brother!” He yelled throwing a pillow towards my head as I looked towards him shocked. “ Forget this is my room or something?” He asked with a smirk as he found this entire thing amusing. “ No idiot I was just.. Umm.. Shut up!” I said finally unable to form any words as I turned to leave the room in a hurry, but quickly stop at the words spoken. “ She asked you to be her first, and you don't know what to do right?” He smiled sitting up now patting a spot on the bed for me to sit down. “ How. How did you know?” I stuttered as I slowly made my way towards the bed taking my seat. “ Well because I was the same way after my girlfriend said the same words to me.” He smiled recalling the memory as he gazed past him. “ But it took a lot for her come to you first don't take it lightly. Trust me if you didn't give her an answer she is over thinking everything worried you don't want her.” He said while turning to grab something out of his night stand only to hold out his hand towards me. “ Here just in case you two decided to I won't stop you, but I want you to be safe.” He chuckled most likely at my expression full of confusion and shock. “ Idiot hurry up and go shower you really stink!” He yelled throwing me out the door with a laugh leaving me no other choice. I quickly headed for my parents bathroom to shower while Y/n was using the other one. It usually only took about ten minutes to fully shower, but today was different as I stood there unmoving replaying the events of today. Is this even real? Did she really say those words? Have I gone crazy?

Y/n Pov

10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes went by as I laid in my bed unsure what to come as I went through every scenario I could possibly think of. Just then the door opened as Bobby slowly made his way into the room looking extremely nervous. Neither of us were really sure what to say as we awkwardly avoided each others eyes. “ Umm Hi.” He laughed nervously which was oddly cute I had to admit as I let out a small chuckle. “ You must of really stank if you showered that long.” I joked trying to lighted then air which hung around us light a thick fog. “ She has jokes everyone.” He laughed making his way towards the bed. “ Well one of us has to be funny it might as well be me.” I boasted with a smug grin spreading across my face just as he finally reached the bed. “ Oh so that's how it's going to be then.” He chuckled quickly jumping onto the bed pinning me down. “ We will see who is laughing in the end my love.” He whispered kissing my neck before pulling away to look towards me. “ God you are so beautiful.” He smiled tucking a stay strand on hair behind my ear gazing affectionately into my eyes. Unable to say anything as if frozen in time I started falling deeper into his gaze as if they held all the answers. “ Bobby..” I finally started but words quickly were pushed out of reach as his mouth quickly found it's way towards mine. “ Y/n I love you, if you really don't want to do this let me know now.” He smiled pulling back slightly to make sure this was something I wanted. “ Bobby I have never wanted anything more than to be completely yours.” I smiled pulling his lips back to mine as we both made up our minds in the instant to become one with each other. “ Promise you will tell me if it hurts too much okay?” He repeated for the millionth time as he looked down worried causing me to laugh as I quickly kissed him. “ I promise.” I smiled reassuringly up towards him as I gently caressed his face as he nodded with a smile. “ I love you Y/n.” “ I love you Bobby.” We said with so much passion in our voices it could shake the world.

Wake up in his arms always made a smile form quickly appear on my face as I slowly opened my eyes. “ Good morning beautiful.” He smiled down towards me quickly kissing my forehead. “ Good morning Oppa.” I chuckled closing my eyes embracing his kiss. “ How do you feel?” He asked worried quickly pulling me closer. “ A lil sore, but that is is all love I will be okay.” I smiled flexing my muscle earning a small laugh. “ Idiot.” He laughed kissing my lips softly before we both slowly got ready for the day.


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