Too Much Chapter 2: So We Meet

Hello!! Here's chapter 2. I am attempting to use the schedule function for this card so it will hopefully pop up while I'm sleeping, wee hours of Saturday morning my time, approximately Friday afternoon for most others. The name of the manager and a couple of the other characters are completely made up, as well as the setup of BigHit because, well, it's easier. Also, because italics don't work, I use {} for character thoughts. Please forgive me for any mistakes and I hope you enjoy.

Too Much

Chapter 1

Word Count: 2445

Warning: Mild language may be present

Rose’s POV

As I made my way through traffic, I was slowly able to get myself into my professional mode. {Don’t worry, girl. You got this}. I pulled up to back of the BigHit building (I didn’t want to worry about fans and paparazzi possibly seeing me and thinking something weird) and found myself an empty parking spot. {Breathe in, breathe out}. I took a couple deep breaths. {Fighting!} I got out, straightened my suit jacket, dusted a couple of lint pieces off of me, and made my way to the reception desk.

“Welcome to BigHit. How can I help you?” The voice of the lady at the front was super sweet and it made me feel a lot more at ease.

“Hello. My name is Folsom Rose. I’m here to meet Park Jin-Ho-sshi. I’m the English tutor.” I introduced myself as confidently as I could. {Please don’t see that I’m nervous}.

“Of course Folsom-sshi. You will be going to the third floor.” She gestured in the direction of the elevators.

“Thank you.” We bowed to each other as I turned away from the desk and towards the elevator. I got in the elevator and pressed the button for the floor. {Deep breaths. You’ve got this}. The elevator stopped at the second floor to let someone in. I noticed that he was about to press a button but stopped when he saw it was already highlighted. He turned to me and smiled.

“You must be Folsom-sshi.”

“Ah, yes.” I shifted, a little confused about how he knew my name. “And you are?” I asked him politely.

“Oh, sorry. Right. I’s Park Jin-Ho. I apologize for not introducing myself. That was probably a little weird, right?” The elevator opened and we walked out. We shook hands and I laughed.

“I was confused for a moment. But I suppose there’s no one else who would know my name. And please, just call me Rose.” I laughed at myself again. He laughed with me as he ushered me to a small conference room.

“You’re a little early. The boys will be here in a couple minutes.” I froze. {Oh shit, they’re coming?} “I was just going to make sure the room was set up. Also, they were up late last night practicing so they might be a little out of it.” We both sat down.

“O-of course. I completely understand. I know that they work really hard. Too hard actually.” I laughed again.

“Ji Hyo-sshi mentioned that you are a fan, correct?”

“Yeah. I really like their music and they seem like really sweet kids. But don’t worry, I’m not a crazy fan or anything and I know how to be professional.”

“Of course. She said we didn’t have anything to worry about. You work with other companies and groups as well, right?”

“Yes. I work with a few other entertainment companies on an as-needed basis. I also work with regular big businesses and individuals.”

“That’s good. She recommended you because of your experience. She mentioned that you’re the best she has.” I waved my hand at that. “ know, you look really familiar...”

“Oh?” {Oh great, he recognized me}. Not that it was a big deal, but sometimes people get weird when they find out.

“I haven’t met you before, but I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere...” Just as I opened my mouth to respond, the door opened. In walked BTS. Manager Park and I stood up as they walked in.

“There you are. Let me introduce you before we start. You know BTS,” he directed at me. He introduced them to me one by one. “This is the leader, Rapmon or Namjoon,” –sleepy wave— “and this is Jin or Seokjin,”—“Hi”—“Suga or Yoongi, ”—head nod— “J-Hope or Hoseok,”—excited smile and wave— “V or Taehyung,”—aegyo wave—“Jimin,”—shy wave—“and the maknae, Jungkook,”—too shy to completely look up—“Guys, this is—“

“Hey, isn’t that that girl?” Hoseok asked looking at Namjoon.

“What girl?” Taehyung, Jin, and Jimin asked looking at Hoseok.

“Namjoon-ah,” Hoseok looked from me to Namjoon again. “Remember the girl you liked from that drama? Doesn’t she look like her?” The members looked at me and then back at Rapmon. {Oh my good Lord}. I face-palmed myself. {They know me}. Hoseok saw my reaction and grabbed my hands.

“It is you, isn’t it?!” He asked me, voice excited and face right in front of mine.

“How in the world? It wasn’t even popular.”

“Yes! I knew it!” Hoseok dropped my hands and grabbed Namjoon’s arms. “I knew it! It’s her!” Namjoon’s eyes widened and I knew he recognized me too. I started blushing. {This is so embarrassing}.

“Who is she?” Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung asked in a chorus. Yoongi made his way to a seat and laid his head down. {He’s bored already}, I giggled quietly.

Hoseok continued, “Remember that online drama that was on about a year and a half ago? Joonie wouldn’t stop talking about the girl that showed up halfway through. He didn’t even watch the drama until he happened to see her in a trailer on the computer.”

“Hyung.” Namjoon grabbed Hoseok and was trying to get him to stop talking.

“I remember that!” Taehyung exclaimed. “He said she was his ideal girl!” Namjoon grabbed Taehyung as well.

“Stop it...” he pleaded. I was so embarrassed.

“Oh!” One by one the other members’ faces lit up with recognition. All except Yoongi, who, I was pretty sure, was probably asleep. Let me explain what happened.


When I first came to Korea, I started working for Julie’s company. Being that I was new, I didn’t have a lot of clients. As I said before, I don’t like being bored. I was writing my stories, starting a blog, volunteering at a pet shelter, and working out at a small public stadium close to my house. I liked going to that stadium because they had some outside gym equipment for people to use. Remember, I’m not your typical girl. I liked working out. Not to get buff or anything, but I liked staying toned and in shape. Also, I hated being in cramped spaces mostly populated by men who really just want to show off, especially if there is a woman. I had tried going to one of the gyms by my house but aside from being expensive, I barely got to work out. I felt so uncomfortable there. Not only was I a female, but I was a foreigner. That meant way more stares than I was comfortable with. After about a week or so I decided that I couldn’t work out properly in that environment.

Walking home that day, I just happened to walk by the stadium. There were only a few people there: one running the stairs and two running the track. I fell in love with the place. It was perfect: small, but not too small, free, and not a lot of people used it. I immediately decided to start working out there. I preferred it when no one was there so I started going later at night, around 9. Lights on, no people. I had been using the stadium for about 6 months when some director decided to use it in a web drama. The way it was supposed to be was that one of the characters likes to go there to escape from all the drama that he is dealing with: being in love with a girl who was in love with someone else. Typical second-lead stuff. Well, it was public so I continued going there. I stayed on the track since I didn’t want to bother their filming.

After the show had aired for a couple weeks, fans started noticing that there was always the same person in the background of the stadium. They were convinced that the girl in the background had something to do with the story and that the director was trying to be nonchalant about it. The director caught wind of the rumors and apparently decided to turn it into something. One night when I was getting ready to start running, a staff member approached me and asked for me to follow him in broken English.

“Oh, I speak Korean.”

“Oh good, good,” he laughed. He introduced me to the director who stood up and shook my hand.

“I’m sorry to bother you Miss...” the director started.

“Rose. My name is Folsom Rose, but just call me Rose.” I politely bowed.


“I apologize if I’m in the way of your shooting. This is the only quiet place to work out. If you need to use the track, I can move to another part of the stadium, no problem.” The director laughed.

“No, no. Quite the contrary, actually. You know what we are doing?”

“Um...well, I know you’re filming something. Probably a drama of some sort?”

“Yes, a web drama. For the past couple weeks, we have been filming here and you have been in the background—“

“I’m so sorry. Is it creating an issue?” I started apologizing profusely. The director laughed.

“No need for apologies. It did create a stir with the fans, but it might turn out to be a good thing.” I looked at him with a confused expression. I was completely confused about how creating a problem with the fans could be a good thing. He continued “I would actually like to ask you a question.” I looked at him expectantly. “How are your acting skills?”


“Do you have experience acting?”

I thought about it for a minute. “I acted in plays in school when I was a kid…but nothing more than that.”

“Would you be okay with playing a small role? It would be a really small role and we would of course compensate you.” I stared at him slack-jawed. As if on cue, the actor walked up and introduced himself as Kim Jae In. I didn’t recognize him, but he was very good-looking. I looked from him to the director.

“What exactly would you want me to do? I really don’t have experience and I’m probably not very good.”

“Don’t worry. It’s only a handful of lines and then you’re done. You probably haven’t watched the drama right?”

“I’m sorry, I don’t watch a lot of TV—or other dramas. I watched a lot before I came here, but I haven’t watched much since coming to Korea.”

“That’s no problem. Ki Joon,” he gestured to the staff member who escorted me “can fill you in on the story and give you the lines we’ve prepared. We are not filming today, as you can see by the lack of equipment, but we wanted to come and ask you in person. I figured that you would be unlikely to go in a car with someone you didn’t know. I would like to film tomorrow if that’s ok.”

“Yeah...I can do that...” I was so nervous about it and completely unsure of myself.

Jae In patted my shoulder reassuringly and said, “Don’t worry. You’ll do great. Besides, we actually want it to seem like you’re unsure of yourself. That’s part of the character.” Ki Joon gestured me to sit down as he started grabbing papers from a bag he had. The director left, but Jae In stayed to help practice the lines with me.

The story went like this: college setting, first lead female has been in love with first lead male for about a year or so, first lead male is in love with second lead female who doesn’t give him the time of day, Jae In is the second lead male who has been in love with the first lead female for about six months. Typical K-drama stuff. The stadium is supposed to be where Jae In goes to have peace and quiet because he is pining after the girl he’ll never get, etc. My role is simple: because Jae In has been coming almost every day after classes, he has noticed that my character has been there. He’s not supposed to be interested in me, but just notices that I am there all the time. He always comes when I am already running and leaves before I finish. Then one day, he comes a little later than usual and sees me doing the same thing he always does, standing in the stadium seats area, leaning against the barrier that keeps people from falling to the ground, staring off in thought. He does what he always does, just further away. I sigh and start to walk away and he engages me in conversation. I give him advice in less-than-perfect Korean, he thanks me, and we both leave. That’s it.

That night, I go home and watch the couple episodes that are out. The story is actually really good. The episodes are 45 minutes, one episode a week, and is supposed to end at 12 episodes. The next day, I work as usual. I only had one client for that day so I had a couple hours till I had to go for hair and makeup. Everything goes smoothly, my part of the episode is filmed. Wrap-up. Done. Or so I thought. After the episode aired, viewers were really intrigued by my character. In most dramas, the second lead ends up with the short end of the stick. When the viewers saw my character, they convinced themselves that I was obviously the perfect character for the second lead to end up being with so he would not be alone. It wasn’t about me specifically so much as they knew that he would not get the girl. They didn’t want him to have no one. Also, apparently my acting was pretty good, though I wouldn’t believe that. And that’s how I ended up being the fallback girl. The way the director did it was actually quite touching. My character wasn’t a rebound, he made Jae In’s character slowly fall in love with mine. It wrapped up nicely.

*Flashback ends*

It didn’t have a big fan base, which was fine with me, but the fans it did have were dedicated. I did enjoy doing it, I just didn’t want to be a celebrity. That didn’t seem to want to work for me before, so it would be best to leave it alone. After the drama wrapped, I received offers to be represented, but I turned them down. It wasn’t my cup of tea. Life went on as normal: more clients, more well-known clients, and here I was. I never expected anyone to recognize me. Ever. Guess the joke was on me.

So, some more character background, but BTS finally made their appearance. Thank you for reading. I hope it was enjoyable. Please don't hesitate if you have any questions. I'm still not really present in the Vingle Community so I don't have people to tag yet. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in further chapters. I will continue to try to release them every other day. Also, any constructive criticism is welcome.

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