I Call It Love Pt.3 (Jimin fic)


Genre: Fluff, Angst (it might change in the next chapters), Gang AU

Jimin x Reader

Words: 2.363

Summary: You had just came to Seoul for university. But things didn’t turn out the way you had hoped and so you end up staying with your childhood bestfriend Jungkook. Something’s off though, Jungkook is keeping things from you.

No need to be concerned she had said. You kept repeating it in your head. To be honest, you didn’t even know why you were so nervous, but there was just something off about all the secrets they and Jungkook had kept.

Namjoon and Jin were sitting on a sofa that was at the other side of the room. Overall the room was a little bigger than Jungkook’s, but not significantly.

Jin was smiling at you and motioned you to sit down as well. Without hesitation you did. Namjoon let out a chuckle before he started.

“I’m sure you have a lot of questions right now” you nodded “Of course, it would have been better if Jungkook was here to explain everything, but to be honest with you, he was against this. Against telling you. But things happened that make it very unfair for you not to know what’s going on.” He spoke calmy and it automatically made you calm down as well. “So I won’t talk around of it a lot now. When Jungkook came here, to Seoul, there were some complications, so he decided to join BTS. Bts is the name of our gang.”

Your eyes widened “A… gang? Jungkook joined a gang?” you couldn’t stop the concern from showing in your voice. Jin nodded and you could feel Hani putting an arm around you.

Namjoon continued ”He didn’t want anyone from Busan to find out, so he told us to hide it from you. It’s also the reason we tried to get you out of the house sometimes. At the moment there’s a lot of stuff going on in the underground, you know.” It made sense, but not completely yet.

“Who did Jimin see in the supermarket?” you asked when he had finished.

This time Jin answered “His name is Wonho. He is from a rival gang called Monsta X. At the moment there are some… complications between his gang and ours.”

Slowly you nodded. Strangely the more you found out, the calmer you got. Right now only one more question came to your mind.

“Why did Jungkook say Jimin fucked up? I mean yeah it’s not great seeing someone like that but is it… that bad?”

This time it was Hani that answered “Normally, you would be right. Seeing someone like him in a supermarket is not a disaster. But Jimin said, from the moment that Wonho saw, it may look like there is something going on between you and him.” You looked at her without an expression and waited for her to continue. “Well, right now monsta x is trying to find ways to defeat bts. Weak points that let them win.”

“…And now I’m the weak point” you concluded.

Everyone nodded without looking at you. “But… there’s nothing going on between Jimin and I”

Namjoon laughed sharply “And you think Wonho would belief us, if we told him?” You didn’t answer and after a short pause Namjoon simply added matter-of-factly “We now have to worry that they might attack or kidnap you, if they have the chance. But don’t worry we’re going to try our best to make your life as secure as possible.”

You rub your temple slightly laughing, this couldn’t be true. How could you have such bad luck? After you had collected yourself again you turned to Hani “You have the same problem as me then, right? Because you and Hoseok are a couple.”

She hesitated “Actually, I’m in a gang as well. Monsta x won’t want to start trouble with them as well at the moment. So I’m pretty much safe because of that.”

“Then what about Jin’s girlfriend?”

“Nayoung? Her brother is basically the boss of Seoul” Hani laughed slightly and Jin shot her a look.

Of course, you should be glad the two girls did not have to have the same worries as you, but it definitely did not make you feel more at ease. Hani felt you being tense and gave you a hug from the side “Don’t worry. Everything’s gonna go well and in the end you will just have an interesting story to tell at party's” You gave her a small smile.

When you went back to the living room, Jimin came running towards you. “I’m so sorry y/n. I didn’t want to bring you into this. I’m really so sorry.”

You smiled up at him. “It’s fine. It wasn’t your fault”

He ran a hand through his hair. “No, it was. And I’ll make sure nothing happens” You had never him so serious and while you felt really small under his gaze, you also felt safe in a way.

“We’ll all make sure that you’re safe” Namjoon assured you with a smile.

Everyone was going back to doing whatever but Jimin kept starring at you. Uncomfortably you shifted from one side to the other, his gaze made you nervous. A small smile washed over Jimin’s face “You seriously need to stop looking so cute, when you’re nervous…” Blush crept onto your cheeks. Jimin let out a chuckle and motioned for you to follow him “Let’s get Jungkook back here”

Jimin led you to a room you hadn’t been in yet, but since it also had a bed in it you just assumed it was Jimin’s room. Since there wasn’t really a chair to sit on you just kept standing in the middle of the room. After Jimin had shortly looked at something on his laptop he let himself fall on his bed.

“We should call him now. He would never admit it, but he always comes back earlier when we call him.” Different to before his voice sounded as careless as always. Quickly he dialed a number on his phone and you could hear the ringing. Jimin noticed that you were still just awkwardly standing in his room.

“Just sit down here” he motioned next to him on the bed and added with a wink ”Don’t worry I don’t bite”

The moment you sat down Jungkook answered the phone and Jimin directly held it into your face.

“Hyung, I really don’t want to talk right now!” Jungkook’s voice came out like a growl and your eyes widened. You couldn’t remember a time his voice had been like this before.

“Kookie?” you asked into the phone.

“Y/n?” His voice had gone back to normal at your name. “Why are you calling? Did something happen to you after I left?”

You laughed lightly at how worried he sounded “No, nothing happened. Well, they told me you are in a gang. But nothing happened to me”

“They told you? Please don’t tell my mom…or anyone. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you, but” he was talking really fast and it was kinda hard to follow him “Wait, I’lll just come back now. I owe you a explanation” With that he hung up on you.

Happy that he was going to come back soon you took down Jimin’s phone. Jimin was smiling at you “I knew this would work on our little ‘Kookie’” as he said your nickname for him he burst out into a laughter.

You hit him lightly “Stop laughing, it’s just a name” Jimin looked up at you and tried to put on a more serious face. It didn’t really work and this time you both started laughing.

When Jimin’s phone started ringing again, both of you stopped laughing and Jimin sighed as he looked at the caller ID. Without you noticing it you two had ended up sitting extremly close, so when Jimin slowly scooted to the side now, it got obvious that he would rather not have you listen to the call.

He still answered the phone next to you. His voice was suddenly deeper and he let his satoori show a little “What’s up?” you couldn’t hear what the person on the other side was saying, but you recognized a man’s voice.

“Tonight?” He looked at you for a second and let a hand run through his hair “Yeah, I’ll be there…How much do you need?… I’ll bring Taehyung then, too…See you then” Jimin hung up and shortly looked at a notification on his phone.

Awkwardly you stood up “I’ll go look if Jungkook’s here yet” You were sure he wasn’t since he would just come to Jimin’s room. But you felt like Jimin had something to do and you didn’t want to be a burden. While you were walking out of the room, you saw him typing stuff into his laptop.

There was no one in the living room and so you waited alone for like ten minutes till Jungkook came through the door. When Jungkook’s eyes met yours you smiled at him. It made him visibly relax a litlle and he smiled back at you.

He sat down next to you on the sofa and nervously started “So… um… what exactly did they tell you?”

“Just that you’re in a gang…And the situation with monsta x”

“Yeah.. um… can you…can you maybe not tell my parents? I don’t want to dis-”

“Jungkook relax. I won’t tell anyone. Just try not to get into something you can’t get out of if it gets too dangerous. I care about you a lot and I don’t want to see you unhappy or hurt” Your words were supposed to make Jungkook smile but after half of them his smile had frozen.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing” he tried to convince you. You smiled back and nodded agreeingly. After that there was a minute of silence.

“Can I ask you for one more thing?” You nodded directly.

“Don’t fall in love with Jimin. Don’t fall in love with any of them. Just be…acquintances with them” To your surprise he looked completely serious.

You laugh awkwardly “What?”

“I just don’t want you to get too deep into this whole gang scene. Just promise me, please”

“Um.. sure. if it means so much to you, I’ll promise to keep a certain distance from them.”

Jungkook nodded, obviously satisfied with your answer. After a moment he changed the topic “Only Jimin and Tae will be here tonight, because there’s some business today.”

“Actually, after we called you Jimin got a call. He and Taehyung will be out tonight.”

“Well then you’ll be alone. But you don’t have to be worried, we have a great security system for this house.”

You laughed slightly “I wasn’t worried… By the way in which bed can I sleep tonight?”

Jungkook looked at you for a second and then answered laughing “I haven’t thought about that yet”

“Thought about what?” you suddenly heared Taehyung shouting from behind you.

“Do you know if we have a bed y/n can sleep in?” Jungkook turned towards the older one.

“Maybe you should ask Jimin” Taehyung laughed but Jungkook just shot him a look. “Calm down, it was just a joke. But seriously didn’t he and Yoongi go camping last year? Maybe he still has a mattress from that”

“Jimin!” Jungkook shouted and walked towards Jimin’s room, entering it without knocking. You felt like a dog as you followed Jungkook.

Jimin was sitting at his laptop smiling up at Jungkook. “Hyung, do you still have the spare mattress from your camping trip?”

“Sure… but you’re not gonna make her sleep on that, right?” When Jungkook didn’t answer he rolled his eyes “I’ll put it in your room and sleep on it myself. Y/n can sleep in my room.”

You could see in Jungkook’s face that he didn’t want you to sleep in Jimin’s room. However he did not protest since even he knew it was the best solution.

Around 7 o’clock Jungkook left with Yoongi and Hoseok. Apparently, Jin and Namjoon had left some time earlier without you noticing. Two hours later Jimin and Taehyung also left. You searched for some apartments again and found a student from your university that didn’t need their flat any longer. You send a message to the student and closed the laptop.

Your phone started ringing and when you answered you recognized your cousin’s voice.

“Y/n-aaahhh! I’m missing you so much~” You laugh at her.

“I miss you too. What’s going on over in Busan?”

“Nothing much. Just the usual… Ok I’m really sorry, but I have to ask you for a favor.” Why did you guess this was going to happen?

“Sure, what is it?”

“They are selling masks signed by kim soohyun at every etude house in seoul. And you know how much I love him~”

You bit your lip. “I’ll go buy it tomorrow, ok?”

“But it will be sold out by then… Please buy it now. I’ve already looked up that Etude House stays opened until 10 pm today. Please~”

You sighed. You had seen an Etude House when you drove to the supermarket with Jimin. It was approxamately a 10 to 15 minute walk and this house was not supposed to be a prison anyway, right? “Fine, I’ll go right now”

“Thank you so so much” she sounded incredibly happy. While you got ready you talked to her a little more and then hung up.

It was already darker than you had expected and so you walked a little faster than you normally would have. Even though you told yourself it was gonna be fine, you couldn’t help but see people in every shadow. The walk was longer than you had thought and it took you 20 minutes until you finally saw the store.

You went in and took the last four signed masks that were there. The shop asisstant looked at you, less friendly than if you had came at a normal time.

As you made your way back it had gotten even darker. Suddenly you were sure there were footsteps following you. You gulped hopefully your brain was just making this up. Slowly you started jogging and you heared the footsteps jogging as well until they were right behind you.

Shocked you turned around and saw a fist flying towards you. You tried to ward it off but only half succeeded as it crashed against your lips. The blood directly started rolling down your chin.

WHAT MONSTA X????????????????

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