My Last Chance part7


Wind slowly moved about grazing Tae Chan's skin as she stood next to the river. She had her eyes closed and a smile on her face as she relaxed. This was nice. It wasn't a lake but the sun still beamed a bit. At least she was able to feel a bit more content now. "Are you gonna be quiet all day?" Tae Chan opened an eye and settled it on a annoyed Dongwoon. "Just wait. I'm gathering my thoughts before we fight again," she hummed then turned to face him. Both eyes opened now and she was looking up at this unmovable pillar with great hair. He rolled his chocolate hues and had his arms crossed before looking at his watch. "I promised Dujun that I would join Him and Gikwang at the court," he grumbled. Tae Chan didn't let his busy schedule faze her. She simply found a fallen over tree stump and sat down. "The more you rush me the less I can focus," she smiled and gestured for him to sit next to her. When he finally did she was able to look at him face to face. "Alright so I think we can both agree that the last few weeks of school were very bad," she breathed. He said nothing so Tae Chan continued. " our break up was more confusing then what I lead you to believe," she glanced down feeling her palms getting sweaty. "Oh so this is what you wanted to talk about?" He lifted a brow and stayed Quiet letting her speak. At least this time he wasn't arguing....or her. Tae Chan took another deep breath. "Alright, so I don't know if you heard about my dads side of the family in Japan but my dad has family that he doesn't like to speak of. Some of them do things that are very illegal and that last month of school I had a visit from one of them. Hyunseung met my idiot cousin Hatori," she took a moment. Dongwoon was processing this now. His brow was furrowed and he spoke. "Does your cousin own a massage parlor here?" "No...why?" She lifted a brow then remembered how Gikwang had ran into her leaving one. She snapped. "Wa..wait. did you see me that night?" She got a knod from him which made Her wrinkle her nose. "I met him there actually......I didn't want to but it seemed that Hatori did research on me and found out about you and Hyunseung.....OK to keep this short and simple my dumb cousin threatened to make trouble for you guys if I didn't help him do a few stupid things.....also I couldn't tell my parents," she stopped talking for a moment and looked up at the sky. "I was young and dumb back then. I didn't know how to deal with it so I cooperated and he used me....I'm sorry for the stupid way I shut you out and I did the same to Hyunseung. Every plan as kids that we had I ignored during a time that I thought my cousin would hurt those around me," Tae Chan was now feeling a lump in her throut as she spoke. Memories of the look on Dongwoons face and Hyunseung's in pain filled her head. Took a deep breath and searched his face. OK time to wrap it up. "That is all I wanted to say. You have every right to call me dumb or even ignore me," she stood up realizing that he was still quiet. Who knows what he was thinking. "I have to meet DuJun," he got up and left without giving her a second glance. it was almost as if he didn't care and that she wasted his time. As he walked away Tae Chan felt a bit of pressure release from her shoulders. She did it finally and now all that was left was Hyunseung. Maybe he would talk and possibly yell at her.....yup thats what she expected. She stretched her body a bit and went for another jog. After lunch everyone helped clean up. Classes got divided and it was time for the main events. Each class chose their best athletes, artists, dancers and even cheffs just before leaving the lunchroom. Now was the opportunity to see who still had it after all these years. Dujun, Hyunseung and Gikwang stood with the athletes. Tae Chan, junhyung and Yoseob with the dancers and Dongwoon didn't participate. Instead he stood with Mina and the others who got to watch. Once everyone got together they started with the art competition. After cheffs and artists had their fun battling for their classes it ended with 5 points for Tae's class for the cook off. Hyunseung always loved food and it seemed that in the end he chose that career. Honestly he was the only one that finished his schooling and ran his own kitchen out of the contenders. JunHyung said he was pretty good at cooking so it was no surprise to him. After an hour and a half people got to Relax and do what they wanted before dinner. Tae Chan was already wanting a nap by then but instead Hina and her decided to get ready together for the last night. Saturday night was expected to be crowded more since not everyone had the time to attend all 3 days. Sunday was expected to be more packing after 2pm. People had to leave. "So are going to ever move back or are you a permanent US citizen still?" Hina questioned as her ironed out a salmon colored dress. The radio was on and Tae Chan sat on the floor on a towel while steadily trying to slab on a coat of glow in the dark nailpolish on her toes. "Well we still own the old house here But I don't like dealing with visa's and junk. Ill come visit more if I can though," Tae steadily ran the brush over the side of her toe nail. "Why don't you just marry Junhyung or something?" "That crap is complicated and why him? I need a guy to argue with not one that is more like a brother who looks out for me," "Fine marry Hyunseung or Do.." " who are you going to marry? You've had bad luck with guys right? Marry hyunseung. He can cook and that's more then I can say for allot of guys who order pizza and sit in their boxers with a beer on Thursday nights," Tae Chan switched things Around. Did she have to marry her off? "I want a new face that can be fun and daring. Guys from here don't really cut it. I like adventure and romance not some guy who pry works at a big corporation and has no time for fun or anything," Tae Chan finished the first foot. "Well did you know Dongwoon lives in Japan and he has free time....well he works for a commercial company but he gets to travel a bit and I hear he enjoys himself there," "Junhyung told me he did. Im pretty sure he has his like ten girlfriends though. He always reminded me of the sun," "Nope, still a bit self conscious so he rarely dates. He told me when he likes A girl he has problems asking her out and then once he finally does things go kind of badly....but he does aim to please," Hina smiled brightly. "Are you going to tell me all the things he planned for dates and crap?" "No he didn't give me much details but he is not boring. He just lacks confidence at times like the rest of us," Tae Chan stood up with her towel and nail Polish in hand. "Eh I won't hold my breath on him. I did tell him I was a dumb girlfriends 10 years later," she set her stuff down and stretched yawning a bit. " I wanted to wear this tonight and my friend said it was good enough but I brought others," Tae Chan reached into the closet and pulled out her dress showing Hina and hoping for approval if possible. Mina stopped ironing and looked at the dress for a moment. "Its cute and looks easy to move in. You won't show clevage and it leaves enough room for imagination. I like it and the color," she agreed giving a thumbs up. Tae Chan relaxed feeling better then grabbed her shoes. She jumped in the shower and got ready in a hurry. Tonight she would feel better and actually dance with Hyunseung...if he was OK with it. After slipping on her shoes and a cute bracelet Tae Chan was more bouncy and ready to tackle the night. She waited for Hina who was adding lip gloss in the mirror Before they left.

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