Another random spam!

I did a few of these a while ago and alas, I'm out of storage space again so enjoy! there's random idols scattered in here

I was just a tad obsessed with D.o at this point in time (ub for EXO)

markson or never

part two is coming soon! tagging the usuals:@PrincessUnicorn@kpopandkimchi@CreeTheOtaku@SugaOnTop@LenaBlackRose@nenegrint14@AimeeH@KellyOConnor@sherrysahar@nnatalieg@Emealia@VeronicaArtino@Shannonl5@DesireeChucklez@sarahdarwish @bulletproofv@vkookie47@amobigbang@Michellelbarra@qwalker1996@bbyitskatie@Lelulgc

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