I've slowed down a lot over the past week, and I apologize for that. Basically, I'm 15 years old and goimg to start college this Fall. I have a ton of stuff to do to prepare, so I probably won't be able to Vingle everyday. In order to help keep myself focused, I'm going to delete Vingle off of my phone and begin vingling from my laptop. Right next to YouTube, Vingle is one of my biggest distractions and time consumers. I will be uploading several cards every few days around the evening, so prepare for that change. I hope you all understand my situation and that I hope I don't have drop Vingle for a while due to the increased work load. It shouldn't come to that, but if push comes to shove so be it. Enjoy these cards for now. I'm going to go do my summer readings now.

Really, I don't bite.
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