BodyGuard: Bein' Real

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~(Simon POV)~




I promise Lavi I wouldn't say a word but I gotta get this part off my chest

Your girlfriend is a fucking two face evil ass bitch. Check yourself before you get any farther with her. If don't believe me, then check Lavi's face for make up

Until then, I don't think I can stand to be in the same room as Simon hyung, I'll be in the studio

I'll go talk to him, maybe he'll tell me. Or possible I could get it out of G2

Dude, the woman a freaking evil beast in a beautiful body

She was reaching over the woman in the middle to get that girl LavYou need to talk to Lavi man

Duck hyung, wipe make up away from Lavi's cheek when she they were talking, and this nice blue and purple bruise was on her lower jaw.

The woman that was with them, gave away that Simon hyung's girlfriend was the one that did it. She made Duck hyung promise not to tell any of you. She wanted to tell you herself, but I made no such promise so I see no harm in telling the CEO of AOMG

See, told you to talk to her...but I mean you talk, don't let her get a word in, because she will lie to protect you in a heart beat. Though, I do know she confess her feelings for you

I looked over at Chacha, as he got up. So Lavi did had feelings for me, but wasn't holding back on them. I honestly didn't see it coming, but it made my heart race. I remember all the little things she did for me.

She would even come into my apartment, to wake my ass up. Then I remember the first nice we drank together. I mentally slap myself, as I just now noticed, she was showing she the obvious signs that she was falling for me.

She watched me the whole time we drank and ate chicken. She even snuggled up to me when we drank. I had even brought her to my house. I gave her my bed and slept on the couch, but she started crying out my name.

I ran to her the moment it registered into my mind, and saw she was still drunk while looking around scared. Lavi was definitely not used to being drunk and in a foreign location to her mind set.

She was scared something bad was happening to her, but calm down when she saw me. She reach out for me, while crying out my government name. The moment I held her in my embrace, she stop crying and snuggled right up to me and confessed she didn't want me to leave her. I actually though it was cute to see her like this, since it was so different.

When she was sober, I didn't have the heart to tell her she was alone in my bed, and crying out to me. Her excuse was truly adorable, calling herself a snake, cause she wanted warmth.

She still got shy around me, and it was showing, even though I was mistaking it for her being sick. It must of been when she realized herself she herself liked me. Chacha was right, I needed to talk to Lavi.


~(Lavi POV)~




I had gone to the make up an stylist of Royal Corp's talent, to recover the bruise that was on my face. The took their time to make sure it was blended in perfectly. When they finish, I thanked them warm-heartedly, before heading to Simon's first schedule of the day.

Chief called me in advance and told me I should be expecting you soon.

Take care of my baby, its hard to come by a 2003 ninja motorcycle these days that run that amazingHey Simon-ssi

He can over to me fast, took my face into his hands and crush his lips against mine. I had winced at first to the pain that came when his hands pressed against my cheek. But I didn't stop him at all, because I didn't care he had a girlfriend.

She was bitch and I would of done a way better job loving him than any woman, except his mother. He broke the kiss and gently rubbed his thumb against my face. He stopped when I noticed he was staring at my colorful marking.

Damn it Simon, I just covered it againThe moment she said you lay your hands on her. I was questioning her, but just confirmed my answer I have already come up with

He kissed my lips once more, before going back into the room he was in before. I just stood there for a moment confused as heck. I soon snapped out of it and went into the producers room.

Simon's schedule was a radio station, and not any show, but Tablo's. I smiled as I watched the two of them talking and bonding. Their friendship was one of those I admired so very much.

So Simon, you've been spotted being extra friendly with that model from Royal. Don't tell me you got a girlfriend again

Nah, She just a friend I made when I went to visit Demon, the HipHop artist they have.I do have my eye on someone though I will admit that.

Who who...oh my gosh... Who's your knew ideal type man

One if the Heiress of Royal... Her name's Lavi. I know I know, she younger than me, but she acts very mature for her age, plus who doesn't like a woman that would knock someone's lights out to protect you.

Simon confessed on the radio that he liked me, and even hinted about my event I had over in the States. Tablo looked right over at me, and pointed at me, before looking over at Simon. He simply nodded his head, while grinning like an idiot.

I felt my legs get weak and difficult to breath.

My vision blurred, as I felt something wet rolling down my face.

Simon actually liked me....

he liked ....









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