Stupendous Saturday!

Alright its Saturday again so were starting off with Yano

Lets go~~

Alright so you all know how Yano is a badass rapper right. Well here is a small clip from when he and the boys were at ASC and did a small rap battle with Jenissi. All I can say is that these two are just amazing

His mix tape is just amazing!! I think BEAST is one of my favorites in here, its just so good XD

I hope you enjoyed~~

Let me know If you want to be tagged or untagged

Topp Klass:






Anime and KPop ruined my life, in a good way 😏 But being multi fandom is hard. You got a comeback here and a comback there and a concert there that your poor heart needs a break😔, a break to get more money to spend 😏
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