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Authors note: please help me. Only need 200 more reads to get my story to 3000 veiws. "Kirito it's time to go, waky waky sleepy head." Mewsie smiled poking his cheek as his eyes slowly fluttered open and he saw his younger sister crouched on his bed like she was going to pounce on him, but her eyes just watched him as her blonde almost silver hair ears stood directly up and and her long blonde/silver tail swayed left and right."We're going to be late Kirito." The little cat girls said as she was only 10 while her older brother with black hair and purple highlights around his hair. It was sort of long and shaggy reaching his ears. Kirito was at the age of 12, and was only a slight bit taller than his little sister. He yawned his mouth opening wide as a tear drop formed in his eye and he rubbed it away. " Get out." He said getting up without letting her move making her fall on the floor. "How many times do I have to tell you to stop coming into my room." He hissed showing her out the room so that he can change. Kirito walked over to his closet and put on his tan kakis and his black belt. He blushed a little thinking about how close his sister was to him." What if I slept naked then what would she do." He growled at her never listening to him. He looked down at his feet. He never really wore shoes or a shirt for that matter. To him this was all he need in public. It's not like the clothes were the reason people stared at him so strangely for anyways. Mewsie was shooed out the room by her brother's tail. Even though he was angry with her she just giggled at the thought of him being a little playful with her. So she ran to her room to get ready. Unlike Kirito she actually wanted to wear clothes. She enjoyed it. She quickly put on her black and white dress that went down to her knees as she tied a little bow to her tail. She smiled studying herself as she brushed her hair in the mirror 100 times before heading downstairs to see her family. Her mother, a beautiful blonde haired neko women with all the kindness in the world, she held mewsie's little sister Shimoko. Shimoko had a beautiful blonde hair and white ears and tail. She giggled grabbing her mother's face as she was cooking breakfast. Their father, a neko with purple and black spiky hair, ears, and tail. He was a very humorous man that never took anything serious. Kirito arrived downstairs as he saw everyone there. Mewsie's sat with her father. She studied their mother cooking, memorizing everything she was doing. Mewsie loved helping their mother with the cooking. There were times when she was aloud to, but other times she couldn't.when she couldn't she would just sit there watching her as if she were a fly waiting for the perfect moment to pounce. The young kitten leaned in closer the cheek in the palm of her hand as her elbow leaned against the table. Kirito's came down stairs , and quickly sat down. The smell of food frustrating him so he started banging his head against the table as he dramatically sighed."Mother! I'm so Hungry!" He whined as he finally stopped hitting his head on the table. Mewsie was staring at her mother repeating everything she did in her head so she wouldn't forget. She felt the table rumbling under her elbows making her look to see her brother laying his head on the table. "Kirito, what's the matter." She ask moving closer to his face and raising an eyebrow. "Kirito..." She called again softly, poking his cheek. "I think he actually died of starvation." Their father spoke looking up from his newspaper comics glancing over at his kittens. Mewsie's covered her mouth giggling as the sweet sound echoed through the air. Their mother had been making a special neko breakfast that took a little time to prepare every morning. It was more of a soup cook with fish and steamed milk in the same bowl. She smiled holding her newly born kitten in her arms. Using a punch bowl spoon she scooped the morning chow into a bowl and set it on the table next to Kirito. "I believe this, is what you were waiting for." Kirito made a sniffing noise as his head quickly turned to the soup and his tail swayed back and forth making him let out a small purr. "Finally! I thought Mewsie was going to have to become the new man of the house." He puffed out his chest like superman, and then began to chowdon on his food while their mother gave everyone a bowl except Shimoko who was to young for that sort of food. Their home was warm and alluring as the smell of breakfast and the sound of laughter filled the air as their father would joke about their mothers cooking. Their mother would stare at him with an intense glare causing him to quiver away quickly and apologize for his wrong doing. Their family was like any normal everyday family. The only difference was.....they were nekos. Cat creatures that appeared to have the form of humans. It only made them stronger, giving them a great balance, and each one having a special gift. A special ability they were born with. Kirito quickly gulped down his food as the juices swished and slurred through his mouth. On the other side of the table Mewsie stared at him in complete audicy. She was used to him eating that way as he did it every morning, but she still wondered why he ate like he would never eat again. She usually took slow little bites savoring each and every drop of her food. The neko girl watched her brother as he shoveled the food in his mouth as he quickly devoured it, but when he got down to the final drop of his food he slowed dropping the tiny piece of cooked fish in his mouth. His tongue rolled around it trying to remember the texture hitting all the curves and dents. Kirito finally sunk his fangs in chewing the piece and then sliding it down his throat as his tongue hugged his food goodbye. Their house resembled a small cottage as it was made of wood with a more modern look on the inside. Sage, their father, had built it with his own two hands. Sage was an amazing builder that could build anything out of anything. He clowned around a lot always wanting to put smile on someone's face. The neko man dark green eyes glanced to the coocoo clock hanging on the wall. It ticked back and forth reaching the 7'0 clock mark. The little red bird waddled out of the clock and tweeted an alarming sound. "Looks like it's time to go to know that place us grown ups down have to go to." He teased rubbing Kirito's head and sticking his tongue out at him. Kirito huffed up at his dad and glared."Well one day I'll be grown up and I won't have to go!!!" Sage laughed swinging his 5' son over his shoulders,"Let's go then big man." Laughing more as he headed out the door carrying Kirito over his shoulder. Mewsie had been listening to her brother and father giggling at their comebacks. She quickly followed not wanting to be late. When she went outside sage and Kirito were gone! She was about to panick but then she remembered this happening before as she held out her fingers. "5.....4....3...2..." Just then a car zoomed a round in front of the house." SCREEEEECH!" The car cried. Sage had rolled the window down smiling his same old goofy smile."Sorry i forgot you sweety, but don't tell your mother ok." He laughed as Mewsie ran and got in the car before he could take of again. "From the noise you made she probably already knows." She smiled as a sweat mark appeared on his face."good point." The school wasn't very far from the house but it was far enough to make their mother worry about them walking alone. Powers or not she didn't want everyone to think her kids were monsters. Sage never just liked riding silently in the car. He always had the music on, or he would try to talk to his children. His wife usually got all the boring talk out of the way like what's going to happen at school today? And blah blah blah. Did you do your homework and blah blah blah. So now they could talk about the fun stuff like what's going to happen after school. "So what kind damage are we doing after this boring school stuff." Sage asked turning the wheel effortlessly. "Well I finished all my homework from yesterday." Mewsie said putting a finger on her cheek thinking of anything else she'd have to do. "Homework? Did you have homework too Kirito?" Sage asked noticing he'd never saw him studying at all. "Umm.... Well, the thing is....yes." He finally let out rubbing the back of his head. "Ah well be sure to get it done and be a good student and blah blah blah. At least that's what your mother would say. Besides, life is to short so get it done. Just later." He smiled making Kirito stop rubbing his head out of being nervouse and nodded."yeah." He said softly. They had finally made it to the school. Sage again, made a large screech as he parallel parked between to SUVs. "Now that's how it's done." He laughed turning of the car and turning around. "Now of to your jail sentence, be back later." He smiled as Kirito frowned getting out the car and Mewsie following him. Author's note: sooooo....good? Bad? Let me know what you think. Who's your favorite character? What's your favorite moment? Let me know ^_^ Link:

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