Anchor chapter two day one

I woke up and got ready to leave knowing I have to be there at 6:00 am on the dot and it's 4:50 right now and it's an hour there so might as well get dressed in one of my nurse uniforms on 

(after washing up)and left after I put on my favorite necklace from my great great great great great grandmother it was past down to me  but I walk to my car getting a few wolf whistles but I just flipped them off and keep going since it's  already  5:10 So I don't have the long to get there I jog to my car and sped to work making it with 20 minutes to spare I guess I can go and find out what patient I'm assigned to . After I went to my go clock in I went to my boss's office and he was there "Hello I'm here to get my patient I'm assigned to" "Ah you're Mrs.s/n(E1)right" "Yes I am" "Ah I see well from what I re-read on your resume your a badass right so I assigned you 7 patients you think you got that?" "I don't meant to be rude but I don't think I got this-" "Ok well-" "I know I got this, so what rooms are they I will take seven days to get to know them starting today give me each patient by their reason of being here and I'll get to know them that way is that ok?" "Yes that is fine with me I also like your method straight to the point and you know what you want done I think you'll do wonderful here" "Thank you sir" "Call me appa bang ok I see you as a daughter to me but here are the rooms and name "gave me a folder and I walked out and went to my small little office and  read them they also had photo's and these guys look slightly dangerous but I looked at the first one that I'll talk to today

Name:jeon jungkook Age:19 Reason being:suicidal, deep dpression About patient:has really fast mood swings can be nice loves iron man like a the colors black red  And white After reading it I shrugged what he did off and looked at his room Room:901 Floor:3 I get up and go to the elevator and I pushed the 3  And went to his room and I knocked three times "H-hello, c-come in" I walked in and he was in the Connor sitting on the floor looking up at me "Hello I'm s/n/y/n(E2) I'm the new nurse here your jungkook right" "Y-yes what do you want with me why are you even here are you going to beat me cause I'll get you first " he said with a smirk and  stand up and walking to me I seen his little bunny teeth "First off take the smirk of your face second SIT YOUR HAPPY ASS DOWN!" As soon as I said it he sat straight down

"third your going to take this medicine and honey let's just say you may be crazy to them but I'm the reason they created the words mentally insane and crazy so before you get me or try I'll be on your ass like donkey Kong got me" he nodded fast "Now open your mouth and take these pills" I gave him his medicine he drank his little drank and now is where I get close with him "Now we need to get to know each other ok" he nodded "Well I'll tell you some things about me ok" he nodded once more "I love iron man and I love the colors dark pink black red white green orange and baby blue I'm 20 years old and I love little animals and I love really big ones to I like scary rides I also love g-drgon  I like to dAnce and sleep i have sweg I used to sing and rap when I was younger but stopped I was also a drag racer to well I was a junior drag racer  And  but I quiet now tell me about you" "Can we be best friends because then we can both go crazy about gd and iron man " "Sure I'm here to make you feel safe and like you have a family or friend here ok" (Time skip) "Ok also you sound like yoongi hyung and hoseok hyung" I look at my watch and it's almost time to leave wow I've been talking for so long with him now all I have to do is going home and wait for tomorrow morning so I can met my next patient "Oh look at the time it time for me to go home" "Did I do something I'm sorry don't leave Noona your like a sister I don't have " he begged  And looked as if he was going to cry "Awww kookie it's ok I'll be back tomorrow morning when I'm done meeting my next patient" "Are you replacing me" "Nope I would never" "Ok I trust you  Well good night Noona I love you your the best person I've ever met since I've been here besides my hyungs " I felt a tug at my heart when he said that because I've never had a sibling so this is new to me and I like it "Aw I love ya too namdongsaeng(E3) and good night to sleep tight "he gets in bed which I think is horrid I'll buy him some new things but once he is under the covers I kissed his forehead he smiled and rolled up in his covers like a burrito and went to sleep . He is adorable now my soft side came out but I'm still badass I walked out with a smile and went to go clock out when I ran into appa bang "Ah hello so how was jungkook I know he is a handful the other nurses don't like him  but you walk out of that room with a smile what happened" "Well one he is a really good kid I don't see why he is really here he even said I was like a sister to him and said he loves me the kid is great he is like a little brother I never had two we have tons in common" "Wow really he's never been like this I guess your just the first nurse to understand him" "I was wondering can I make a small class for the seven of these boys so they can develop together and get better and like take them on gilded trips and stuff you know so they can be more I don't know used to how things are I won't go alone please" "Ugh know sure I think they would like that they may recover from this their is just one you have to be careful about though" "I know and I see you tomorrow Mr I mean appa bang" he bowed and pat my shoulder and left I clocked out and left to I never knew I would have fun here but I did I just cant wait  for my other patients

E1(s/n)=surname E2 (s/n/y/n)= surname your name E3 namdongsaeng = is a Korean term for little brother used by male or female tag list@MariaMontoya1

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