BTS (Jungkook Part 1)


(Y/N)'s POV

I opened my eyes to an empty bed and I stretched when I sat up. It was weird waking up in his bed when Kookie wasn't even there next to me. I slowly started to stand and began to smell breakfast food being cooked. I walked down stairs to see Kookie trying to cook breakfast. He looked confused and lost trying to figure out the how to make pancakes as he was staring at a pancake mix box.

Finally, I came up behind him and screamed "Yaahh!! Move over!" as he did, I removed the pan of bacon off the burner that looked like it was going to burn. I saw him protest in the corner of my eye, but instead wraps his arms around my waist as I began to make the pancakes. "Thanks, (Y/N)," He whispered in my ear. I tried to keep myself from quivering from happiness at his very voice by joking around.

"The kitchen should be the one thanking me for saving it from you," he let out a chuckle. 'Oh, how I missed that laugh,' I thought to myself. I felt his breath on my neck, sending a chill through my whole body. He slowly kissed my neck as I went to go flip the first pancake. I jumped this time, sending the pancake into the air and hit something with a splat. Kookie and I looked for the pancake, but we couldn't find it on the flour anywhere. Suddenly, I had a thought to look up, and there it was, stuck to the ceiling.

Soon the kitchen was filled with a roar of laughter. We were crying, we laughed so hard. Finally, when we dried our tears and I had finish breakfast. Everyone came down stairs just before I called them down saving me some trouble. I counted everyone in order as I sat. Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook, Namjoon, and Jin. There was someone missing... I sighed knowing who it was.

I grabbed a piece of bacon of the plate and started to head towards the stairs. "Babe, where are you going?" Kookie shouted out. "To get Suga up!" I screamed with determination. All the boys laughed at my determination as I stomped upstairs to his room. I barged into the room "Yaahh!! Yoongi!!! Wake up!!!" I could hear laughing down stairs. This was starting to tick me off. I had made breakfast for all of them and I wasn't going to let his serving go to waste. I held the bacon under his nose. No response.

I straddled him and began to shake by his shoulders to wake him up "Yoongi!!" I screamed. He was so unconscious that you would think he was dead. Suddenly, I was flipped over onto my back and he was now wake, straddling me. As he slowly came out of a sleepy trance his face turned a light rosy pink color. I could feel my face become hot. "Breakfast is ready." I said trying to get my mind off how close our face was to each other's. He didn't respond, all that happened was his face got even redder as he sat on top of me.

"Can you let me up?" I asked as my heart tried to slowly recover from the frantic fluttering it was doing. I reached up to touch his face to pull him out of his trance he was in. 'If he doesn't let me up soon I might have a heart attack,' I thought to myself. A soon as I touched his face he jumped, out of his trance and jumped off of me. I stood up and took a few second breather to let my heart settle down before grabbing him by the wrist. I pulled him all the way down stairs to get his breakfast.

I half heatedly listened to the conversation the boys had during breakfast. Most of them talked about old loves, rejections, romances they look forward to be in, but probably will never happen because of their jobs. As they were discussing issues I really didn't care for, I went off into my own little world. 'That was weird,' I thought to myself remembering what happened in Yoongi's room. I felt myself blush and stole a glance at Yoongi and we met each other's gazes. I quickly looked way and tried to engage into the conversation. That's when the subject turned for the worst.

I could hear Jimin and Hoseok whispering something to each other and chuckled afterwards. Those two were never up to good when they were together. Hoseok spoke first "Jungkook?" "What?" He answered. "Have you ever had any 'Dreams' about a certain someone?" I knew what he was referring to and I was curious as well. I looked over at him waiting for his response. I saw a light pink shade go across his face. The boys laughed at his response. I giggled and placed a peck on his cheek which made him turn a darker red.

"What about you, Yoongi?" I saw him look around the room, while taking a swig of his water trying to avoid the question and eye contact with me. I wasn't very interested in his answer before, but now I was. "Yoongi? Did you hear me ask a question?" Hoseok asked sounding a little irritated. "No, what was the question?" Yoongi replied. Everyone was silent now. Even Namjoon was into the conversation when he usually avoided these types of things.

"I asked if you had any wet dreams lately?" "No," Yoongi said curtly, taking another swig, trying to get out of the conversation. "Oh, come on. Not even one?" I saw him glace over to my general direction and averted his gaze elsewhere before blushing. "Oh, who was it with? Someone we know? A dream girl, perhaps?" We could all see his face light up like a red Christmas tree light bulb. We all laughed.

"It's none of your business, God Damn it!" Yoongi exclaimed. " If you really like her that much," Hoseok started. "I can't confess to her." he said to Hoseok trying to take another swig of water out of his bottle, but it was empty. He stood up and walked over to the kitchen to get another one. "what do you mean you can't confess to her," Hoseok asked.

Yoongi's POV:

"Well, it would be rude to her boyfriend," I answered. I hated this. I never wanted to fall in love with her. I never wanted to have those nasty thoughts about her and I sure as hell didn't want to ruin one of my friend's relationships or my friendship with both of them. I'm going to tell her, but not today, not when all this has been pushed on to me. I hear Hoseok sigh. "You know you can tell us, right?" I looked over and saw her shift in her seat. "No, I can't." it would be unbearable if I confessed now. Especially since she's sitting right there and I had just confessed to have dirty thoughts about her when I slept... I sighed opening the bottle to drink some water. I was so nervous my mouth was dry and if Hoseok kept pushing I might just do it.

"Come on, we know you want to talk about it," Jimin insisted. "if I do it everything will be ruined..." I whispered putting my head against one of the cabinet. "Look Yoongi, even if the girl has a boyfriend I think you should confess to her. It's not fair to either of you. It can pull apart your insides if you don't," Namjoon advised.

(Y/N)'s POV:

Yoongi was obviously torn over the subject. Finally he lifted his head off the cabinet. "Fine," he replied to Namjoon. "I'll do it... (Y/N) ..." I froze at the sound of my name. He was looking at me with sincerity in his eyes. 'Oh, Shit,' I thought to myself. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other and cleared his throat "(Y/N) ... I really like you."


(What will (Y/N) say? What will Kookie say? Better yet what will Kookie's reaction be? Find out in Part #2.)

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