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Ch.10.2 Title: SHE'S GONE AGAIN pt2 DaeYong pov. (They are at jimin house) "Can't believe she's gone again. Why do so many people keep taking her." "Idk but we need to step up a trap"-jm "How?" *Looks at jimin**smirks* "What why me out of everybody" "Dude she's your fiance plus Sajoon your fangirl" "Fine!" Sunlee pov. I woke up in this place it looked like a hotel room but really messy. I was on the bed I got up and to leave the bed but I soon fell over. My one of my foot were cuffed to the bed legs. I looked at the cuffs and tried to take it off but soon a person pulled me back into the bed. "Where do you think you're going?" "S-Sajoon???" "Answer my damn question bitch!" "WHY THE FUCK DO I NEED TO ANSWER YOUR FUCKING QUESTION BITCH!!!" "OW you got better at cussing huh!" "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON BITCH!!!" " Oh you'll see *smirks*. Boys you may have her" "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENING" "It's okay honey well be real soft*smirks*" One of them started to kiss my neck as I screamed my lungs out. " HELP THE PEOPLE ARE RAPING ME!!!!!" Jimin pov. So me and daeyong made this plan to meet Sajoon but it didn't work. So before we made this plan we actually called the police and said that Oh Sunlee was missing and the kidnapper was by the name of Lee Sajoon. So me and daeyong are now looking for sunlee everywhere we are currently in this hotel room. My member are at work because they are working on the new album that's coming up I already did my part of the album so it there turn. Me and daeyong are currently now just enter the 4th floor with 2 police officers. "Hyung do you hear that?" "Hear what?" "Listen?" I was listening and I heard screaming. "Daeyong t-that's sunlee! LETS GO!!!" I grabbed daeyong wrist and started sprinting to the room. The police followed after. When we got to the room the we heard screaming one of the police officer kicked down the door. " FREEZE PUT YOUR HANDS UP NOW!!!" Me and daeyong were told not to go in put wait till they get the main people out of the room. Couple of minutes later the police officer let me in the room. I told daeyong to come in with me but he refused. So ask him again but he just pushed me into the room. I went into the room and found sunlee crying really hard. It hurted to see the love of my life get hurt and cry. I went up to her and hugged her really tight and ask her questions. Few minutes later I pull back and to see sunlee if she was okay. Her eyes were red and she had a sad face. I kissed her cheek and she smile a bit. Daeyong pov. I was still standing outside the door there were no police officer with us at the time. "YAH DAEYONG-AH" I ran into the room and jimin was holding sunlee. "Daeyong can you keep sunlee company while I go get her clothes that was in the car?" "Sure" Jimin left and I was now sitting in front of sunlee. "Gwenchana?" I saw that she was about to cry so I immediately hugged her and tapped her back. "Gomawo" "For what?" " For being there for me" "No problem. You maybe my ex but I always be there for you. Your like my little sister." Sunlee just smiled. I soon seen jimin come back with pairs of clothes and a pair of shoes. " Thanks daeyong" "No problem hyung! When something happens to sunlee let me know. Sunlee if anything happens to jimin let me know alright. I'll get going now." "Alright take care daeyong oppa" "Hm stay safe alright you two! Annyeong" Sunlee pov. So right after daeyong left I got dress and followed jimin to the car. "Jimin where are we going?" " We're going to my company" "Oh okay" A couple of minutes later we were finally at the company. We got out the car and enter the company with are hands together. Jimin soon pulled me into this room that had 5 other people in there. "Oh Annyeonghaseyo sunlee-ah"-jh "Oh Annyeonghaseyo" "Hey I heard what happened are you okay? Did they hurt you?" "I'm okay and they were about to hurt me but daeyong and jimin came at the right time." "Oh whos daeyong?"SG "Oh he's sunlee exboyfriend" "Oh really like Daeyong from the group  ______.(make one up)"-jin "Neh" My phone started ringing so I picked it up. "I'm sorry guys I gotta take this call" "It's okay"-jk I walked to the corner of the room. "Yebosayo!!!!" I said really loud causing a slight chuckle from bangtan. "YAH!!! YOU DIDNT HAVE TO SCREAM CHANYEOL NEXT TO ME TRYING TO BITE ME!!!!" "YAH you didn't have to scream either." "So how are you sis? I heard what happened? Are you okay? Did the people do anything to you? Do you know how they look like so me and the rest of exo can beat them up" "Yah! I'm fine. They did but stopped because daeyong oppa and jimin oppa save the day and yes I do know how they look like but are now in jail." "Oh okay,btw mom said your wedding is close so I have to go get the dress for you and stuff." "Man why you?" I said whining like a little kid. "Because I'm responsible" "Not really your the one who's acting like the stripper on stage" "Yah I have to dance like that alright." "Yeah sure. But anyways be safe I gotta go" "Okay see ya lil sis" I hung up my phone and walked backed to bangtan. "Hey what happened to Namjoon?"-jm "Oh he's sick so manger hyung over there helping his out."-v "Oh"-jm "Hey let's start dance practice"-v "Okay"-everyone . . . Hour went by and me and the boy were sweating like crazy. Soon later me and jimin decided to go home. We bid our goodbye left. Once we got home I decided to take a shower upstairs while jimin was watching TV. Once I came out the show and enter my room I seen a note that said to wear this. Next to the note was a blue dress.(this is the dress)

So I dried my self up and dried my hair. I put on the blue dress and some blue heels. I  also curled my hair put on some light make up and waited for jimin to come out the shower. Finally jimin came out the shower and got dress and came out to see me waiting for him. "WA~ Jinja yeppuda~" "kamsahamnida" I said smiling and blushing "Shall we go" "Yes sir" We soon got in the car and he drove me to this place. Me and jimin got out the car. Jimin locked the car and took my hand and started walking into this path. Soon later we reach this spot that had alot of candles lit.

Jimin told me to walk to this spot and sit on this pillow. I sat on the pillow and watched him to go to sit on the other side that also had a pillow. Daeyong soon appeared and ask jimin are you ready? //What does he mean are you ready?//

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