I'm sorry nakama I've been through sum stuff this past week but no worries ol sunny ming is back yahohohohoho and I've finally finished this journey that is wagnaria!! and it's an awesome journey mainly laughs but they're sum moments that'll get ya and my nakama check to let yall know I'm still running around yahohohohoho @hikaymm@AutmnWinds@SymoneBelcher@Bestfluteever@SimplyAwkward@nekoneko@kagetsuki040910@willowsoto@SimoneSanders and to anyone I miss I'm sorry yahohohohoho send me ya names so I can remember them all cause my memory is almost gone yahohohohoho

have a nice day my name is Domingo Ramos Jr I'm a big fan of anime all kinds but mainly romance,drama, comedy and action here and there, and I'll throw out recommendations every now and again or whenever I finish an anime
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