Guess My Bias EXO Edition

So,@VeronicaArtino did this little thing where she gave hints about her bias in GOT7. So I thougt, "Hey, let's try this, but with EXO,"

So I'm going to give you guys hints about who my EXO bias is, and I'll post the results tomorrow.

Part 1: Post a selca of you in a way your bias is known for posting

(please excuse the black spot on the picture. I don't know what's wrong with my camera. I tried my best and he looks way better than I do with this pose so sorry it's not the best)


Part 2: Pick 5 characteristics or personality traits you and your bias share

1. We both are very bright and happy and we both don't get angry that easily

2. not personality, but we both have one cat

3. We both love Eminem

4. We both like the color black

5. We both have a love for music and will talk for hours about music

Part 3: Share 3 songs that feature your bias or 3 songs that you think would be on your biases playlist, or a combo of the two.

Not Afraid - Eminem

Don't Go - EXO

Thinking About You - Loco feat. Jay Park

Bonus: My Last - Jay Park feat. Loco and Gary


Do you have a guess yet? Was this easy for you, or were you stumped (probably not but still XD)

Anyway, I'll post the result tomorrow and also the reasons why I chose the songs for the playlist.



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