My Savior Kyungsoo (One shot)


"I think we need to break up" "Why?" "Because I just don't want to be with you anymore." "There's someone else isn't there?" "No I just am sick of you." I said a little louder trying to walk away. "Get back here." He grabbed my arm and pulled me back and slammed me up against the wall. Pain shot through my back. "Just leave me alone." I was going to be strong and not show him I was now in pain. He had both arms around Me blocking me in. "No you were so happy with me yesterday and now all of sudden your not. Somethings going on." "Nothing is going on I just hid how I felt for a long time and now I can't stand the things you do." "Stop it." He yelled and hit the wall next to me making me flinch. "Excuse me." We both looked at the voice. "What!" He snapped "I think you should let the lady go." "I think you should mind your own buisness." "Yea I can't leave a pretty lady like her with you when she doesn't want to be left." The other guy said. This caused him to move away from me towards the guy. I moved away from the wall and was trying to get away way but he grabbed my hand to stop me from moving. In an instance the other guy punched him and he let go of me and the other guy grabbed my hand and ran pulling me with him. After a little bit of running we went into a building and took a breather. "Thank you." I said finally looking at him. he was very handsome. "You're welcome. What's your name?" He asked "(y/n) whats yours?" "Kyungsoo" "Nice to meet you." I smiled and then flinched. "Are you ok?" He quickly asked "My back hurts." "This may be weird but can I look?" "That would actually help me." I turned around and he lifted the back of my shirt. His fingers brushed against my skin sending chills up my back. "Let's go get a first aid kit." He put my shirt down and grabbed my hand again and had me follow him. "How is it?" I asked "It's not horrible but your bleeding." "Ahh that's worse than I thought. " "I'll clean it up for you don't worry." Kyungsoo said. We stayed quiet while we went to a convenience store. I just thought of how stupid I was to stick with that guy for so long and when I finally have the courage to leave I needed the help of someone else. I was too weak. "(y/n)" I had to learn how I could help myself so I didn't need to worry about needing someone else to save me. "(y/n)" I snapped out of it and realized I was just staring at kyungsoo. "Sorry." "It's ok, what I was saying was let's go back to my place. It'll be easier since you'll have" He started to blush. "Oh ok. Your not going to kill me are you?" She laughed nervously. "No I promise I'm not going to kill you. If it'll make you feel safer call someone and tell them my address. If you don't call them back in an hour then they know where to go." "Ok....I guess I can trust you." to be honest I didn't want to tell anyone where I was because he might show up. So I pretend to text someone and then followed him to his place. It wasn't a big building but we had to take an elevator up to his floor. Right before the elevator opened he started to prepare me. "So...there are several guys that live here with me, they should be out but in case they aren't, they are very nice guys they just don't know how to chill some times." "Ok, are they all like you?" "What do you mean?" "Nice protective guys." I was going to add handsome but that was too embarrassing for me. "Yea." He smiled and the elevator door opened and I followed him to his door. He unlocked it and walked in. He let out a breath and flicked on a light. "So I take it Noone is here?" "Yea. let's go into my room." "Why not the bathroom?" I asked "Cuz I have a chair you can sit on so it's easier for me to get to your back than in the bathroom." When we walked into his room he pulled a chair out for me and I sat down. "Ok so there is something you are going to have to do." He said stepping in front of me. "What's that?" I looked up at him. "You need to take your shirt and bra off." his face was red now. "What!" I was shocked by this statement. "I swear I won't look you can put your shirt over your front I just need your whole back clothing free." "Why?" "The blood is kind of all over and it's hard to clean the wounds." "I...." "I promise I won't look and I won't do anything to you." "close your eyes." I said and he quickly turned around and covered his eyes. After I took everything off I covered my chest with my shirt. "Ok I'm ready." He turned around but kept his eyes covered. He tried to move behind me and hit something. "ouch" "Ok you need your eyes so you don't get hurt too. I'm fine." With that he took his hands down and then quickly moved behind me and started working on my back. It stung at times and after several minutes he was done. I was about to put my stuff back on and he stopped me. "You shouldn't wear that shirt now because it's too tight, you can wear one of my shirts." He handed me one of his shirts which were big on me. "Thank you." He covered his eyes as I put his shirt on. After I said I was done he turned back around. "Ok I'll get you a bag for your bra and shirt." He said and I followed him out of the room to the kitchen. I sat down on a chair while he looked. "This is a nice place how many people live here?" I asked "12 total." "Oh my god!" "Yea we have 4 rooms and 3 people to a room. It's hard to keep this place clean." "Ha I bet thankfully I only have 1 other person I live with." "It gets crazy here when we are all here." "Do you ever get alone time here?" "Right now is the first time I've been back and Noone is here." "wow!" "Yea, but anyways let's get you home before anyone shows up." He said and handed me a bag and I threw my stuff into it. We started heading towards the door when it beeped and opened. 3 guys walked in talking loudly. But stopped when they saw us. "Oh so Kyungsoo was here with his girlfriend." one smirked "Shut up Baekhyun." Kyungsoo snapped "Well...why is she wearing your shirt?" Another one asked "None of your buisness." "Oh come on Hyung you think because I'm the youngest I don't know what you two did." "Sehun we did nothing!" "Alright guys let's stop, obviously his girlfriend is embarrassed." I didn't realize that my face was all red. "I'm so sorry (y/n)" Kyungsoo said "It's ok." I looked down at my feet. "Hi (y/n) I'm chanyeol and this is sehun and Baekhyun. we are 3 of his roomates." chanyeol said. "Nice to meet you." I quietly said "Ok I'm taking her home so move." Kyungsoo snapped "Oh we better move he might hurt one of us." Baekhyun said and quickly got out of the way. I said a quick bye and left first. I waited at the elevator for Kyungsoo to show up. Just as the elevator got there he was next to me. "I'm sorry, I straightened them out." He said "It's ok. I bet they are great guys, this is just an awkward situation to be in." "I know I'm sorry. Hey at least we were done and you had a shirt on. Man sehun would probably have passed out if he saw your bare back." He laughed. "Why didn't you?" "Because I can handle myself....if I would have seen anything else....I probably would have ran out of the room." "Ahh you mean my chest." I laughed "Yea...." He was blushing "Seriously thank you for tonight. You don't know how much I appreciate it." We walked off the elevator and out the door. "I would do it again." "Well hopefully you won't have to come to my rescue again." "Well just in case, let's exchange numbers. You can call me whenever." He held his phone out to me. "Well I was going to need your number to give your shirt back to you anyways." I smiled. "You can keep it." "Why?" He was really sweet to me and I really enjoyed having him around. "Just because I want you to have a piece of me." I smiled and couldn't stop the butterfly that showed up in my stomach. "Oh ok." I gave his phone back to him and he sent a text to my phone. We continued talking the rest of the way to my place. "Alright call me anytime." He smiled. "Do you want to come in for a bit?" I asked hoping for a little more time with him. "No I should get back to my loud roomates, otherwise they will talk more crap." "Well if you ever need to get away from the crazy loudness over there you can come over here." "I might take you up on that offer." He smiled "Good." I smiled and scrunched my nose up. "Alright I'll talk to you later (y/n)" He said and started to turn away. "Wait kyungsoo." He turned back and I took a step forward and placed a kiss on his cheek. "I can't thank you enough, I hope to see you more." I backed up and saw the look of shock on his face. I opened my door. "Text me when you get home. bye." I quickly went into my place and shut the door. I looked out the window and saw he had a smile on his face along with his hand on his cheek where I had just kissed. Even though I just finally got out of a relationship I was hoping something amazing would happen with Kyungsoo and I.

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