BodyGuard: My Chick's Bad

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~(Simon POV)~




Bad enough I had to hear it on the radio, but there was a snap of you two kissing. Seriously

You have nerve, how you think I feel about finding out, you're the one that initiated all of this. I swear after all the shit you've done, I would of swore you were using my to get connections

Using you? Me? And what about that bitch! She using you, not me, and you're blinded by it

Jaebum, and I know first hand, she is deadly, and could actually kill you if she was push towards it.So the fact that she allow you to hit her says she holding way back. Even secretly talking all the hits for us, to protect us from disgraces like you

Nari took my words to heart, and whine back her hand to slap me. I was glad that this time I was witnessing how truly ugly this woman could be. I would be glad to take this hit so I wouldn't see Lavi wince again from a hit she took for me.

Even if he did wrong by you, doesn't mean you can hit him



No one here was named Angela, at least that I knew. I looked at the girls fighting, and noticed a shift that sent chills down my spine. Lavi was serious now, and you knew it when she pick up Nari like a pillow and throw her into the other couch.

I never though I would have to witness this side of Lavi, but I had to admit. It was kind of a turn on, to see her handle Nari like a boss. I looked her from head to toe, and licked my lips. She got me thinking of all the nasty things we could be doing possibly.

I am completely sick and tired of your bitch ass behavior! And thanks to your mother I am allow to grant your punishment

She had snapped me out of my lustful hunger for her, and actually made me fear her a bit. Lavi was like the worlds meanest mother bear. Mess with her cubs she will kill you, kind of deal. If Lavi could cook, I swear I would make this woman my future wife.

Next time, think before you use that code word. I still held back because you are here and you're her mother.

I got up and walked over to Lavi, and saw the dark tone in her eyes, brighten and sparkle. She really was falling for me, and she show it in her entire being. I wiped away the make-up she had on her cheek, and noticed she wince.

You let her hit you before though, why couldn't she land one on you this time?

Cause she caught me off guard, when I was walking up the stairs. Really didn't like that you lied to her about me going to confess to you

My girl is so bad ass, even when she gets hit.

I'm so happy that didn't scare you off from me.

Do you not remember the day I accused you of assault

Does that mean you're not scared of me tooNope, though I am afraid to see your bad side

Is it a bad thing I recorded that for my amusement?

Wow, appa is right, I have changed. I used to be less restraint than that. Nari should feel bless, cause three years ago, I would of broke her arm

Loco-ah, your innocent Lala, not so innocent to begin with.

Hyuk Woo Oppa!You're all corrupting my Lala-ie. Bad fam, bad.

Saranghae Hyuk Woo oppa, you take such good care of me.Think you're gonna have to teach him a thing or two.

My girl is so ad, I don't know how to punish you.


~(Lavi POV)~




I gulped before turning around to see my mother in the doorway. She had her arms crosses against her chest, and looked furious. I felt like I needed to run to cheer, and ask the minster to dump a bucket of holy water on me.

Pendeja, no puedo creer que hayas hecho esto de nuevo!What did she just say

You bitch, I cannot believe you did this again.I think I'm gonna be disappointed if you're not my daughter's boyfriend

Mama, I didn't want to hurt your talent, but appointed me to this company. She was going to harm one of them, and I wasn't going to allow a spoil brat to do that

I did show restraint, and only dodge and block. I only attack when her mother said the code word

You're Papa told me that she hit you. Even show me the video. Just a bit stun a talent dare to do that to you.

Oh Mama, this is AOMG, Jay, Simon, Gray, Loco, Duckie, Elo, Hoody, and you already met Chacha, but his real name is ChaseNow who's the one that you fraught with my talent about

LaviThat would be me, ma'am.

Isn't he the oldest on in the company? Like my oldest son's ageMama, before you say anything, remember he's one of the CEO's of the company. Conflict between you two of you can possibly create a problem.

You think that makes me feel better about all of this? I don't approve of any of this at all. You have my respect as the CEO of Royal Corp, but I don't like you dating my daughter. She too young for you

I looked over at Jay, and noticed he was in disbelief this was happening too. I swear I was going to need so super power to get my mother and Simon to get along. I know their is a seven year difference, but at least he was my brother's age. Not my fathers age, so I saw no problem with this at all. Ah man what am I gonna do.









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