Which places should I visit in Korea?

So after my week in Seattle in April for the AOMG concert, I realized I was way overdue for a vacation. Seattle was so much fun and I loved Seattle! I'll definitely go back but this time around I decided I had to go to Korea. I've been saying it for a few months but finally booked the trip. No going back now!

I could really use anyone's help on deciding what places to visit. I'll be in Korea for 2 weeks(first 2 weeks in October). 1 week in Seoul and 1 week in Busan. Places I have in mind are Busan aquarium a palace (I have a few in mind) N Seoul tower Busan Tower YG building (I HAVE to take a pic here) Myeongdong Lotte world/aquarium anyone know of any clubs? lol

I'd like to visit tourist attractions as well as some traditional/cultural places. I've done my research online but I'm still hoping for some suggestions from you all. Thank you I appreciate it. @kpopandkimchi@PassTheSuga@PrettieeEmm@amobigbang@KwonOfAKind@LocoForJiyong@lovetop@BBxGD@Miichi@pandaqueenbee@catchyacrayon@xoxorittie

I got into kpop thanks to 2ne1. I'm a YG stan. I love Big Bang! Also like Block B especially Zico, Crush, Zion T, Dean, Babylon. AOMG is life especially Jay Park and Simon D. Oh and Mamamoo!
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