The Day Dream

A lazy rainy day as it was had you not wanting to do much of anything. Classy as you usually were this day left you lounging on the living room couch admiring the hum of the house in just a sports bra and sweats. Your first intentions of the day were to go to the gym but once you got a whiff of the summer rain start the living room couch is where you path stopped. The bedroom door could be heard opening as your Jin-Young walked through the room you lounged in heading towards the kitchen. He stopped to take a double take at you. You peeked up curious as you heard his steps cease. Was he gonna make a smart comment judging you and you inability to stick to a gym routine on rainy days? Or say something about how lazy and moody you've been the last week or so? He loved to point out the obvious or tease you about you little quirks, which annoyed you but was apart of his character. Teasing was a way he showed affection. You prepared yourself for what you deemed to inevitable. "Noona," the teasing always started with him calling you your least favorite title. Yes, you were older than him and you allowed him to call you that when you first met, because he was a stickler for tradition and manners and rules, but you had always told him and the rest of the members of GOT7 you had a distaste for it. A reminder you were older than them when most times you didn't act like it. "Your breast," he continues still eyeing you. "What about them," you ask confused that he hadn't teased you. Sitting up now you take a glance at where he's staring down at, then give him your undivided attention. He sucked at his teeth debating on how to phrase his words, "well they look bigger." "Ha," you automatically let escape, this was his joke. He wanted to tease about your boobs which caught you off guard because he seemed serious. Then again that's how he would joke occasionally, acting serious about a situation just to prank you. "Yeah right Jin-Young, bigger, whatever," you waved him and his little joke off to lean back on the couch. "No Jagiya, I'm serious," he said coming to sit next to you and examine closer, laying the joke on thick you thought. He already knew you were a bit sensitive about the topic. Coming to Korea as a shapely foreigner most clothes that were your style hardly ever fit you, your boost being one of the reasons. You didn't want to keep this joke going, you were lazy so you rolled your eyes and ignored him. "Y/N, I'm serious, this isn't a new bra, they look swollen," he said now poking at em. "Ya," you fold your arms over your chest to get him to stop. "Are you okay," there was concern in his voice. This joke was lasting too long and slightly getting on your nerves. "Cut it out and I will be," you snapped. "Gosh, Jin-Young I'm not in the mood for your jokes right now, so chill." "I'm not joking, you don't feel different? Heavier? You didn't even look." "They're mine, I don't have to look, you grumbled scooting away from him. He followed not allowing you space. "Look, just once, for me please Y/N." You peeked up at his pleading face, roll your eyes again, sit up, and do as he ask of you. At first glance they look normal, just like earlier when you looked. Looking a little longer, "it's just the sports bra," you think out loud readjusting yourself. Yet still you seemed to look plumper than usual. "Maybe it's my monthly apart to start," you try to rationalize. "No Jagiya, that was last week," the ever detailed young man leaning on you informed. "Last week? I didn't have my period last week." Jr., the ever punctual kept up with schedules like it was second nature and learned your monthly cycle pretty easy since it was so regular. Or at least it usually was. You pulled your phone from the sports band that it was still in on your arm and checked the calendar. Everytime 'Aunt Flow' paid a visit you would mark it. Yet 7 days worth of crimson red notes didn't shine anywhere in the month. You knew where Jr was getting at by pointing at your boobs and making you acknowledge your skip in your cycle, but you didn't want to believe it. Scrolling through the application and counting the days since your last tide you had missed.

Such a beautiful human being, or rather savage. Such a beautiful savage. The last one was my screen saver until last week. This was literally a day dream I've been having for months now. Not as detailed as I wrote it because in my mind JinYoung and I have a really established relationship. I just wanted to write it out before it get even more muddled in my brain than it already is. just know if Jr and I ever meet this little snippet will be removed from social until it actually happens or there's no chance of it ever being reality. (A girl can dream) Also since this is a snippet of a thought if you'd like to expand on it or use it for inspiration please do and tag me. I love a good read and if it involves my bias the better. Anyway he's my bias in my Ultimate Bias Group so he pretty much is always on my mind.

thanks for reading. your favorite K-Pop, Kworld fandom trainee, just a trainee, Elisha aka ENF2. Today is another day to do better, I'll do better, you do better. 사랑해 ❤

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