Mr. Secret

Ch. 16

The next day in the hospital.

Shin opens his eyes to see Takuya sitting next to him, he felt Takuya holding his hand resting his cheek on the top of Shin’s hand.

I smile, I pray I’m not dreaming, because if I’m dreaming I don’t want to wake up and lose this sight. “Takuya.” I said with a raspier voice than normal. Takuya’s eyes open and I squeeze his hand.

“Shin your awake!” Takuya said as he gets up closer to Shin and places a kiss on Shins forehead.

“Yeah.” I said, Takuya sits back down.

“I’m so sorry Shin. I didn’t know he would come after you.” Takuya said. I shake my head.

“It’s not your fault, it’s your father right?” I ask him. Takuya nodded his head. At that moment Casper and the rest of the boys come into the room.

“Guys he’s awake!” Takuya said. The guys quickly walk over to Shin. Each of them hugging him and asking him if there was anything he needed.

“Yeah don’t put pressure on my chest it hurts.” Casper jumps off Shin quickly.

“Sorry, I’m just so happy to see you.” Casper admitted. Shin smiles.

“I know I’m glad to see you too. Really guys, I’m going to be fine.” I smile to comfort my friends.

The rest of the visit is full of laughter and a light mood. We didn’t talk about what happened, we didn’t want it to affect our time. Takuya’s phone rings. He looks at it, smiles at me and leaves the room.

Takuya’s POV

I check my phone to see who’s calling me, it’s my mother. I smile at Shin and leave the room, after shutting the door I move to the side.

“Hey mom, what’s up?” I ask.

“When were you going to tell me that your father is in Seoul?” she asks me with a worried voice.

“I was going to tell you today. I just found out a couple days ago.” I reply.

“Have you talked to him?” She asks.

“Yeah, he said he wanted you to come back to Japan with him. But I won’t let that happen.” I assured her.

“Did he hurt you?” she asked.

“No, he didn’t hurt me. I’m fine.” I reply.

“Then why are you at the hospital?” she asks. I look around and see her standing at the end of the hall. She drops her arm to her side. I put my phone in my back pocket and start walking towards her. When I reach her I hug her tightly, she wraps her arms around me and hugs me just as tight if not tighter and I feel her tears on my neck and shoulder.

“It’s okay mom, I’m fine, Shin is fine.” I said. She pulled away immediately.

“Shin? He hurt Shin?” she asked in surprise. I nod my head. I meant not to tell her, it just slipped out.

“How do we escape him?” She asks me.

“I’ll take care of it mom. Don’t worry okay.” I tell her with a smile. She looks at me, then nods her head giving me a smile in return.

“I’ll take you home.” I wrap my arm around my mother’s shoulders and hail a taxi to take us home.

After the taxi left and we started walking towards the door, I came to a stop when I saw my father standing at the door. My mother looks at me to see why I stopped then she looked at our door.

“Hello, so glad your home, I thought you ran away again.” My father said.

“Look could you please leave us alone.” I asked nicely as I pushed my mother behind me, she had a hold of my arm like she was clinging to it for her life. I knew how scared of him she is and I was not going to let him take her.

“Now why would I want to leave my wife alone? After all she’s mine.” My father said.

“She’s not going with you, she divorced you, your no longer married.” I yell at him. My father just chuckles. I feel my mother press her head in my back, I hear her crying. She lets go of my arm and steps to my side, while holding onto my hand squeezing it tightly.

“I’m not going with you. Please leave us alone I’m calling the cops now.” My mother pulls out her phone and dials the police.

“Hey wait don’t do that.” My father yells at us. “I’ll leave. But I’ll be back.” My father walks away. My mother ends the call.

“Oh thank god, I thought I really had to call the police.” She said to me as she leans her head on my arm. I feel her body is shaking.

“Let’s get in the house okay.” I said as I walk her into the house, and lock the doors behind me. My mother walks up to her room. I look after her.

I walk up to my room, look into the darkness of Shin’s room out the window.


“What do you think? Aren’t I cute?” Shin asks and does a cute pose with a wink blowing up his cheeks. Takuya couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yes, very cute.” Takuya said.

Oh Shin, if you only knew how much I loved your smile and how comforting it is to me every day. I can’t be without your smile.

*End flashback*

Loneliness overcomes me. I feel empty, that’s when my phone rings. I answer without looking at the ID.

“Hey there sexy, what are you doing?” Shin said immediately. I smile hearing his voice.

“Hey baby, I’m actually lying in bed wishing I could be holding you right now.” I tell him. He moans in a cute way, making me chuckle. We talk for a while, he said the doctor should let him out in a few days.

“I’m bored to death Takuya, please come see me tomorrow after school. I’ll die of boredom.” Shin says in his cute aegyo.

“Yes of course I’ll come see you after school like you had to ask.” I say in a playful tone. I hear him giggle.

“Okay I need to sleep or rather the pain meds are kicking in and my eyes are getting heavy.” Shin said. “I love you jagiya.” He finished, not giving me time to respond before the call ends.

“I love you too Shin.” I said to dead air. I plop myself on my bed placing my phone on the table next to it, placing it on the charger.

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