NCT Boys spam !!!

I just felt like doing a small NCT boys Spam as I have n't seen much or anything about them at all in Vingle.

I won't be doing all of the members at once just only a few

So First is TAEYONG (The Leader of Both of subunits NCT U and NCT 127)

He is really Handsome and incredible Dancer and just a precious Sweetheart and I just love him.


Next is my Ultimate Bias Jaehyun <3 <3

He is my ultimate bias in all NCT boys hahas

he is just soo charming and the cutest

He is the cutie that lived in the United States for 4 years hahasss!!

Next is Yuta

he is Japanese and just sooo handsome isn't he and I fall hard Japanese hotties hehessss please don't tell me I am not the only one. And this boy is the cutest seeing how he tries his best to interact with all the members despite the language Barrier.


Baby Mark !!!

He is the cuttest and such a sweet precious Baby Angel in the whole group.

And the youngest fierce rapper my babyy

I absolutely love love him and his english is fluent and perfect because he was born In Canada his hometown is Vancouver Canada!!

I will be doing more members too as I love all SM rookies and NCT Boys !!

Just some Fun Facts

All of them are suppose to debut by the end of this year.

And their are approximately 15 of them.

All credit to its actual owner for everything!! :)

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Love Love LOVE

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