Our Innocence: Part 3 [Part 1]

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I find it hard to believe if what he said were really from his own heart. If he didn't want to be with me why didn't he just stop the kiss and left? and if he did... why didn't he say so?. I'm very confused and angry. I am angry because my feelings were typically played with and I am confused because he didn't exactly give me a relevant answer. Then again, I should've let him talk and not interrupt him while walking away. Ugh, can life get anymore complicated than this?. If I am correct, one of his friends Junior once said that Jackson wasn't an easy person to tell his feelings to anyone even if it's the person he has a crush on. Junior knows a lot of things about him. Things that not even the closest human being to Jackson would know no matter how hard they tried to get it out of him. But of course Junior is his best man, his wingman, his partner-in-crime, his brother and whatever other names Jackson has for him. I've heard that Junior also gets into lots of fights with random people. Those people are surely too stupid to realize that they're messing with someone who can kill them without hesitation. And if looks could kill... their funerals would've been held a long time ago. There is another rumor speaking about a girl who was lucky enough to date the fuckboy Jackson. She said that they were together for 2 years and then broke up because of his own aspiration. But she refused to break up with him because she didn't have a say in the break up. She didn't give him any consent on breaking up with her because apparently he didn't give her a reason. Typical. But soon after they ended up breaking up anyways because he was being distant and not paying attention to her. I mean, if he wanted to break up and she said no while he still wanted to then of course he's gonna ignore her until she comes back to reality that he no longer wanted to be with her. There are countless stories about Jackson spread around the whole school and some are way too personal. It's questions like: did get a girl pregnant?, is he really gay?, Did that nerd Mark and him hit it off?. I don't even want my name to be mentioned in any of their questions. I want nothing to do with or his life. He played with me and expects for me to forgive him. Fuck him. There are those times where I really wish that he wouldn't be the way he is but I guess there will never be a way of that happening because he loves being who is. I really do like him but after that day i'm pretty sure I won't even remember what his face looks like anymore.

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