Too Much Chapter 5: Tutoring

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Too Much

Beginning: Chapter 1

Previous: Chapter 4

Word Count: 3133

Warning: May contain mild language.

Rose’s POV

Somehow, four hours went by quickly. Nina left to go shopping an hour previous. There were a couple short breaks, but that was more for my sanity than for them. Not that they were slow, they were just easily distracted. Namjoon mostly worked with Jungkook and Taehyung since they were goofing around the most. I kept moving between the rest of the guys. Jin and Hoseok were paying attention but Yoongi looked like he would rather be anywhere but here and kept giving longing glances to the couch. Everyone was sitting on the floor around the large coffee table. I waved my hands in front of Yoongi’s face.

“Suga-sshi. Are you still paying attention or just daydreaming about sleeping?” He shot me a look that was somewhere between annoyed and bored. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m tired too. Don’t you think I would rather be doing something other than this on one of my few days off? I have a lot of my own work to get done. But I want you guys to do well, so here I am. Sucking it up.” He just huffed and laid back on his arms.

“Look,” I clapped to get everyone’s attention. “Let’s take a break. We can order lunch and when we’re done, we can continue. If you’ve decided that you’re done, go to the couch or go home, I don’t care. I don’t need to waste my time when other people want to get this done.”

“Noona, thank you for doing this for us. We’re all happy about it, even if some of us suck at showing it.” Jin nodded his head toward Yoongi.

I sighed deeply and collected myself. “Sorry. I didn’t mean be so short with you guys, I just get a little snappy when I get less than a couple hours of sleep. Pick a place and we’ll get some food in our stomachs. That should help.”

“Noona, why don’t you rest while we wait? We heard you earlier too when you said you only got a little sleep.” Hoseok suggested. I realized that this was the second time they called me noona. I hadn’t corrected it the first time. {But maybe that’s ok. They’ve seen me bare-faced and have been in my house for the past few hours. I suppose that’s enough for them to get comfortable with me. Plus, they’re just so personable. It’s way too hard to not feel comfortable around them}.

“That’s ok. I don’t really sleep much anyway. You guys figure out what to eat.”

“You should sleep more, it’s not good to lose sleep. Just look at Yoongi-hyung.” Yoongi threw a couch pillow at Jimin. That was enough to break the mood and we all started laughing. Jimin leaned towards me. “See, noona? I told you. You look more beautiful when you smile.” I laughed again and pushed Jimin away from me.

“And did you notice? She didn’t correct us when we called her noona. So we can call you noona now?” Taehyung piped up. I smiled at him.

“I noticed it.” The boys looked at me. “You’ve now seen my bare, still-asleep face, you’ve been sitting in my living room for the past few hours, we’ve been laughing comfortably, and we’re about to share a meal together. I suppose that’s enough for us to be at least that comfortable.” The boys high-fived and even Yoongi smiled. I barely noticed that my smile got brighter at that. I was looking at him when he turned to look at me. I froze for a second before I abruptly turned away. My heart was beating like crazy. {Stop it, Rose. You’re supposed to be getting over him. It was starting to look easy when he wouldn’t even look at you and was being a bit of a jerk. It was a coincidence anyway, him looking at me right then. But why is my heart pounding like this?} I cleared my throat.

“Ok boys. Pick your lunch.”

Narrator POV

Thirty minutes later, everyone had quieted down as they started to scarf down their lunch.

“You guys act like you haven’t eaten in days,” Rose finally broke the silence.

“Actually, hyung doesn’t let us eat food like this very often. We have to follow a diet,” Hoseok offered, still stuffing his face. Rose stopped eating.

“Don’t tell me you guys are gonna get me in trouble for letting you eat this!”

“Maybe we are trying to get you in trouble. That’d make you a bad girl. I like that,” Jimin answered as sexily as he could. I laughed at him.

“That might be more effective if you didn’t have sauce on your nose. That’s cute.” Jimin frowned, immediately wiping his nose.

“Back off my noona,” Hoseok, who was sitting next to Rose, grabbed her shoulder and pulled her in his direction.

Taehyung grabbed her other shoulder and started pulling her towards him. “She’s not your noona.”

“She’s our noona. And you shouldn’t pull her like that.” Jungkook cut in. Rose looked at Jungkook and smiled.

“Thanks for looking out for me, Jungkook-ah. I only wish the rest of them were like you.”

“HEY!” the other boys exclaimed. “How come you call him comfortably? Do you like guys his age?” She laughed.

“He’s like a little brother is all! He’s the same age as my little brother. Just more well-behaved. I wish my brother was as sweet as him.” Jungkook blushed and the boys started messing with him. She looked around the table and caught Namjoon looking at her. She smiled broadly and Namjoon had to fight hard to not blush. Yoongi was watching everyone and saw the exchange between Namjoon and Rose. For some reason, it made him angry.

Rose continued to survey the boys before she locked gazes with Yoongi again. Her eyes widened. He didn’t realize it, but he was glaring at her. She immediately turned away, a confused expression on her face. {What the hell is his problem? Is he bipolar? One second he’s laughing, Next second he’s glaring at me like I’ve done something wrong. I wasn’t even doing anything. Is he mad that I’m actually having fun right now? Whatever. I don’t need him to ruin my mood again}. She turned back to the other boys and forced a smile back on her face.

They finished eating and started cleaning up. Namjoon offered to help Rose gather the garbage and started heading to the kitchen. As they walked away, the boys leaned together and started talking quietly amongst themselves.

Hoseok—“You don’t think they like each other, do you?”

Jimin—“Maybe. Namjoon did say she was his ideal girl.”

Hoseok—“Yeah, a year ago.”

Jungkook—“I think they look cute together.” A burst of laughter comes from the kitchen. The boys gave each other knowing looks.

Hoseok—“I guess I have to give her up, huh?”

Taehyung—“Stop trying to sound so noble, hyung. Besides, we all could tell you were just messing around.” They started laughing. “You just like the attention.”

Jimin—“She really does act like our noona. But Namjoon and her would probably get along very well, if you know what I mean.”

Yoongi—“Can we talk about something else? This is getting boring.”


Yoongi—“Yeah right. She’s definitely not my type. I’m sure she’s nice to hang with, but I wouldn’t date her type.” The other boys’ eyes got really wide as their attention focused on the pair who just walked in the room. Yoongi mentally face-palmed, refusing to look at Rose. {Please tell me she didn’t hear that}. The pair sat down. Rose looked at Yoongi and patted his knee.

“Don’t get so embarrassed, Suga-sshi. While that’s probably not the nicest way to say that about a girl, I’m not offended. I never thought I would be your type. But don’t worry, you’re not really my type either.” She laughed, encouraging the others to join. {Maybe it’s just me, but she does seem a little hurt}, Yoongi thought. He ran his fingers through his hair and awkwardly joined the laughter. {Wait. The way she said ‘I never thought I would be’ makes it sound like she thought about it before. That’s gotta just be me, right?} He looked at Rose. She looked at him, closed her eyes, and smiled. He felt his heart skip a beat. {What the hell? She’s definitely not my type. I just like how she didn’t make a big deal of what I said. Yeah, that’s it}. Thankfully, the exchange went by unnoticed by everyone. Everyone but Namjoon, who eyed them suspiciously.

As they started to get back to work, Jimin piped up. “Noona, I forgot to ask earlier. Where are your glasses? You looked really cute in them.”

“Don’t start again, Jimin-ah. I know that you’re just trying to avoid going back to work.” Jimin rubbed his head sheepishly. “But to answer your question, I’m wearing my contacts now. I was only wearing my glasses because I knew I was going to be up all night and my contacts tend to start bothering me after about 3am.”

Namjoon put on a sexy look and moved his face in front of Rose’s. “But noona, they do look cute. And if you wear them, we can match.” He started playing with his glasses.

“Not you too, Namjoon. Jimin-ah, is your cheesiness that contagious?” They started laughing again.

“You should try them on.” Rose started to protest, but Namjoon insisted on putting them on her. The boys started getting rowdy. “Wah—cute!” “Now I definitely have to have her!” and so on. Rose just laughed it off and placed it back on Namjoon’s face.

“Oooo, noona, hyung. You look like a real couple.” Taehyung teased.

“Knock it off Taehyung-ah.”

“But it’s true! Noona, can we see you in your glasses?” Rose stopped for a second. She knew that they were just trying to put off going back to work. She sighed and made a show about getting up.

“Fine. But after this, we are getting back to work, understood?” They all agreed. As soon as she left, they started up again.

“Hyung, you gonna ask her out or just keep flirting?” Jungkook teased Namjoon.

“Jungkook-ah, you’re getting a little brave, aren’t you?” Namjoon shot back. They started laughing again.

“If you don’t ask her, I will.” Jin said, trying to get a reaction out of Namjoon. Namjoon whipped his head toward the older boy.

“Hyung! Don’t be like that!” The other boys started teasing Namjoon again. “I mean, do what you want.”

Yoongi just laid back against the couch. “None of you are gonna go out with her, so stop messing around. She might take it the wrong way.”

“Hyung, at least try to be nice. She’s gonna think you really dislike her. And anyway, who said that she’d be taking it the wrong way?” Namjoon chastised. The boys were about to start teasing him again when they saw Rose walking out of the hallway. They nudged each other and immediately started talking about random things. Rose joined them again and opened the glasses case in her hand.

“Put it on, noona.” Taehyung said playfully.

“I’m wearing my contacts now. If I put them on, they’ll hurt my eyes.”

“Please, noona. Just for a minute,” Hoseok whined.

“Fine, fine.” She reluctantly put them on. The boys immediately started up again. “Those are sexier than wearing Namjoon’s.” “You should wear them more.” “It makes you look more mature, they’re sexy.” She took them off.

“There, happy?”

“Yes, now let us see them.”

“You shouldn’t wear them, they’re really strong. It’s bad for your eyes.” Taehyung was the first one to put them on and immediately pulled them off.

“Noona, are you blind?!” he exclaimed. Jin smacked his knee.

“Yah! That’s rude.” Jin berated. The other boys started fighting for them.

“It’s fine. I really do have poor vision. I actually have trouble putting makeup on without my contacts because I can’t see my face in the mirror very clearly.” The boys took turns with the glasses and were saying similar things like Taehyung. Yoongi waved away the glasses at his turn.

“I’ll take your word for it.”

“Aww, Yoongi-hyung, why are you in such a bad mood today?” Taehyung nudged Yoongi who glared back.

“I’m not in a bad mood, I’m just tired. We’ve been going at this a while.”

“Suga-sshi is right, it’s been a long day already. Let’s finish this last part and then you guys can do whatever it is you do in your free time.” {At least someone is understanding}, Yoongi thought. {But I think I’ve really offended her, I’m the only one she’s still formal with. I should try to fix that since we’ll be working together for a while}. They went back to work and finished an hour later. As the boys started moving towards the kitchen to put their cups in the sink laughing and pushing each other, Yoongi pulled Rose off to the side.

“Ummm...” Yoongi started, rubbing the back of his head.

“Don’t worry, Suga-sshi. I know you’re tired. I also get short with people when I’m tired. Don’t worry about it, I get it. It doesn’t bother me.” Yoongi smiled, his face still lowered from embarrassment at his behavior all day. She lowered herself to where her face was in Yoongi’s view and smiled. “That face. Smiling is a good look for you. All the fans would agree.”

Yoongi cleared his throat. “Thanks...noona.” Rose’s eyes widened with surprise. He had been formal with her all day, like he didn’t want her to be too comfortable with him. “I’m sorry for being so formal. I guess I’m just not used to being so comfortable with someone so quickly. What you said the other day, about us not really knowing each other but being so comfortable...I noticed it too. So I was, I guess, trying to keep that barrier. But I know why the other guys are so comfortable with you. You do give off a.... an air of comfort, I guess you could call it.”

He stopped rubbing his neck and brought up his gaze level with her. Her breath caught in her throat. He smiled widely. “I guess what I’m trying to say is… Hi, my name is Yoongi. I would like to be friends.” He stuck out his hand. She didn’t move at first. A shy smile started on her face and she shook his hand. {Please don’t let him feel me shaking. Don’t let him feel how fast my heart is beating right now}. The boys walked back from the kitchen and saw the two shaking hands.

“See, hyung? It’s not that hard to be friendly.” Yoongi let go of Rose’s hand and used that hand to smack Taehyung on the back of the head.

“Don’t get smart.” They all started laughing again. Rose felt so happy to see all of them laughing together. She looked at Yoongi’s smile and smiled even wider. At the same time, Namjoon turned to look at Rose and saw what happened. His smile faded a little. {That’s who the girls were talking about her liking? She likes Yoongi-hyung? That’s fine, she already knows that he doesn’t like her. It won’t be hard to make her look at me like that instead. There’s still a chance. As long as his feelings don’t change. But what he said is right. She’s not his type, not by a long shot. But I didn’t think that her type was my type either until I saw her in that interview. She was just a pretty face before, but after the interview, she was very attractive. Please don’t let the same happen with him}. He quickly caught himself and joined back in on the fun.

Then it was time to leave. The boys were taking turns hugging her as they headed towards the door, complaining that each one was getting to hug her longer than the others. They pulled up their facemasks and sunglasses and stepped outside.

“Noona! We’ll see you on Monday, right?” Hoseok asked from the doorstep.

“Yep, Monday.”

“And every day after, right?” Taehyung chimed in.

“That, we’ll have to see about. Your manager and Julie need to figure out the schedule. We’ll just see where it goes from there.”

“We’ll just tell him to make it every day.” Jimin joined.

“Well, we’ll have to see about that.” The boys started walking towards the van. “Yoongi-ah.”

“Hmm?” Yoongi stopped walking and turned towards her.

“Nothing. I just wanted to try it.” Rose smiled and could tell from the movement of the face mask that Yoongi was smiling too. “And thanks. For deciding to be my friend after all.”


“Noona, we’re all your friends, right?” Jungkook cut Yoongi off.

“Of course! I’ll be your friend and your noona.”

“Yessss!” Taehyung exclaimed. The started laughing as they got into the van. Rose watched the boys get in when she met Namjoon’s gaze. She smiled and waved. Yoongi, who was watching Rose from inside the van, turned to follow who she was waving to. He saw Namjoon in the front passenger’s seat waving back, a goofy smile on his face.

{Ah. So she likes him. I guess that makes sense. He’s taller and better looking. Foreign girls tend to like his looks. And they’re both smart. They’re probably closer to each other’s level. And he speaks her native language. Wait, why do I feel so disappointed? I don’t like her like that. She’s not even my type. She’s exactly the opposite, actually. She’s my height, tomboyish, judging by her music playing earlier, we probably don’t have the same tastes, and we have nothing in common as far as I can tell. Except work. It’s nice to see a girl who works so hard at what she enjoys. That’s probably what caught my attention. She just knows what it’s like to work hard. It’s admiration. That’s all. And she said I’m not her type anyway. Girls like guys who are bigger than them, who can protect them, spend time with them, right? Why am I even thinking about that?! Just knock it off. It’s professional admiration that’s all}.

Yoongi’s thoughts rattled in his head while the boys finished getting in the car and started to head back to the dorm.

“Yoongi-ah, you ok? You look a little out of it?” Jin was being the mom again.

Yoongi snapped out of his thoughts. “Yeah, hyung, I’m just tired. I was zoning out. I just wanna lay down.” Jin laughed and put his arm around the younger’s shoulder.

“Yep, you’re definitely Yoongi.” The car made its way back to the dorm as Yoongi tried to avoid his previous line of thoughts.


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