Your First 10 Anime

Hello as I was making a previous card I wondered which anime I saw as a kid and what exactly were the first 10 I watched. This list is in no exact order of what anime I saw first but of the first 10 I can remember.

Number 1: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters The first on this list is Yugioh a series I've grown up with and have watched it grow. I've seen literally every episode of all yes ALL the Yu-Gi-Oh's and love this franchise no matter what iteration. I just want them to make another game that's like tag force for PS4 :(


Number 2: Pokemon Next is Pokemon a series I haven't even given the time of day after Joto region. I loved this as a kid but when I hated the game after Gold I grew to hate the anime as well. Yup I hate Pokemon, and yet there's an episode that will catch me off guard like Haxorus DESTROYING an entire town on it's own and Iris who wants to be a master Dragon trainer ran up to help it out. Or Ash (Satoshi) walking out on Greninja be cause he f*ked all the way up. So since it continues to surprise me I'll keep a look out for interesting episodes.

Number 3: Digimon Digital Monsters I don't think you can know Pokemon without have even hearing about Digimon. I love Digimon having watched the series from Tai to Takato there was far to much for me to enjoy here to not love it and luckily I got to experience it early. I have seen Frontier and Fusion as well I skipped Data Squad because mother f*kin no to all that but the Royal Knights.

Number 4: Beyblade If your a fan of Yugioh chances are you've seen Beyblade and the much improved V-Force where characters put down the cheeseburgers and picked up the Pokemon go app (walking joke). Luckily Beyblade is awesome as a hole I thoroughly enjoyed this as a kid and am bummed I couldn't see Tyson vs Brooklyn my brother tells me it was awesome sauce

Number 5: Yu-Yu Hakusho Weirdly enough I haven't finished this I LOVED everything my television was feeding my eyes but since I didn't have cable I couldn't watch it. But when I could I loved it, I saw it from the first episode up to the point where Kuwabara could use the sword without a stick...I think it's a stick. I do know thanks to my friend it is awesome and thanks to the manga I know how its supposed to end.


Number 6: Hamtaro Again a series I didn't watch fully through but damn is that hamster cute. I loved this show and even got a kids meal toy version that walks on it's own after winding it up :3 My brothers favorite character was Bijou and mine is Hamtaro

Number 7: Medabots One of the first anime's I've seen with a unique concept fighting with robots (I didn't watch Gundam still haven't please don't hate me) that required a medal to operate and medals varied from weak to overpowered, however it's not just the medal it's also the robot's parts and mechanics that factored into victory. I don't remember the point or end game to the show but I love this series but it's games seriously unbalanced mess those are.

Number 8: Ultimate Muscle HOLY SHIT THIS SHOW. I still remember waking up wating for Ultraman to go off so I could sing that theme song! Loved this show as a kid great action HILARIOUS comedy and overall a great time had by me.

Number 9: Megaman Nt Warrior Oh dang roller coaster of emotions with this one. I love this one by far even today my favorite moment in the series was when Chaud's Protoman got DEMOLISHED by Bass it humbled the character and made him appreciate Protoman more while also taking a whole new perspective on friendship. Oh and cross fusion was awesome just saying

Number 10: Dragonball Z This holds a special place in my heart because I didn't have cable, I didn't have a computer, and no DVD's so this made EVERY singe episode mean that much more to me that I could watch it. The first episode I ever w saw was Trunks running in to save Vegeta from 18 and I've been in love since.

I wasn't privileged to watch every anime that came out and those that did that I've seen that stick out bit I can't really place in my view time I'll do an Honorable mentions for 'em so Duel Masters Love the theme "Who's the kid with the spikey hair" Fighting Food Ons also love the theme here but also the concept "bad food sucks at combat and taste" puts Shinji's new ability? xD Zatch Bell also loved the concept kinda like Pokemon but with dynamic characters instead of cute monsters Kirby Right back atcha! Loved the show and the games and in is kinda dumb tough One Piece I loved the Pirate Rap it always got me pumped for the show I also loved the voice actors don't care if I get hated for it Shaman King HoroHoro for the win :D my first episode was about Lyserg

Also just want to give a big middle finger to the Sonic X series which apparently is an anime, this whole thing can fuck off somewhere. It was cool the first time lost interest the 105th time SERIOUSLY does 4Kids think we have the memory span of a goldfish?

So how about you what were your first 10 anime?

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