Mr.Sandman Ch.8


Who:Reader x Huang Zitao What:Little bit of everything/ Fashion industry AU. Chapter 8 Story: You weren't his and he sure as hell wasn't yours. You were just looking for comfort, a simple friend but it became far more than that when you discover the son of your boss is the mystery man you've been pouring your heart out to: Mr.Sandman.

Y/N POVmaybe we should just end this.Ok's POVOk: Get me her number I'd like to meet this Gi.

Alright guys, so I just wanted to give a quick heads up. Seeing as how Mr.Sandman is coming closer to its ending, I'll be posting one more story before I go on a hiatus. Of course I'll finish up Hunters as well but those will be the last two stories before I take a little break and recharge my creative batteries. I was doing a lot of exo fan fics and I really wanted a story for each of the exo members both current and old so I will try and come back and finish that up but honestly I think I'm running out of ideas for my exo boys. If you have any requests or suggestions you can always private message me though and I can do my best to give you a great story. Thanks for reading I really hope you enjoyed. ~ BabydollBreTag list:

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