~Afraid Of Me~Jay Park Chapter 5 (Some strong language)

~3 Months Later~ It's been 3 months since that day and everything was going good even when he left back to korea.After a month we haven't really talked and I can't get a hold of him.I knew this would be too good to be true.

I went to go try on a dress and I can hear these two girls talking about some club. "Yeah and guess who's going to be there." "Who?" "Jay Park." "Didn't you two hook up like a few months ago?" "Yeah we did.it was amazing.Maybe we can hook up again Friday." "Girl you bad." Maybe a different Jay.I hope so. "Umm what club are you talking about?"I asked. "Oh um.Tronix." "Oh thanks." "Sure." I walked out without trying on the dress and walked over to Lonnie. "Why aren't you trying on the dress?" "I just heard two girls talk about Jay hooking up with one of them." "Maybe it's not your Jay.Isn't he in Korea.Did they say anything else?" "She hooked up with a few months ago and he going to be at some club this Friday." "Girl.We going to that club." "What if it's true?" "I don't know.Maybe it's someone else.Speaking of Jay.When you going to tell him?"She asked pointing to my stomach. "I don't know.I haven't heard from him." "What a lame.He left happy.Now what he in Korea and can't pick up a phone." "Ugh.I don't even want to talk about it.We still need outfits for that party." "Well they gotta be cute since we are pullin up to the club first." "Fine.I need to hide this belly." "We got this." ~Lonnie's Apartment~ "How do I look?"I asked walking out of Lonnie's room. "Can't even tell you're pregnant."Lonnie said. "Oh snap G.Looking like a milf."Antonio said coming out the bathroom. "Question for you Ton." "What?" "You trying to get girls or choke them with your cologne.How much did to put on?"I asked fanning my arm around. "By the time we leave it will be mellowed down." "We look good now operation Catch Jay Park." "Who's Jay Park?" Rico asked walking over from the kitchen. "The one that got Baby G pregnant."Antonio said. "Oh so he's the one that got my Wifey pregnant."Rico said wrapping his arm around my shoulder. "Yeah and don't say anything if we see him since you do got a big mouth."I said putting my arm around his waist. "I won't."he said kissing my temple. "Good.Now let's go." We headed out getting into Lonnie's car and to the club.

We pulled up and the line is huge! "Rico.Don't you know security?"Lonnie asked. "Yeah." Lonnie parked the car and we walked by as Rico talked to the guy.He let us in and we paid the cover charge. "Where you think he at?"Antonio asked. "V.i.p." "Let's look." Antonio grabbed my hand leading us through the crowd towards VIP and I noticed one of the girls from the mall.If she here then he must be.As we got closer I see surrounded by girls.He can surround himself with Bitches but can't even call or text me once. I let go of Antonio getting close to VIP calling Jay's name.He looked over shocked. "I see you can to Seattle and not once call me!"I yelled over the music. "Look G!" "No.Fuck you and these bitches.Thank you for caring!" I walked away trying not to let the tears fall from my face as Antonio gave me a hug.Rico and Lonnie came over hugging me to.Are they trying to make me cry. "Let's forget about him and go to this party."Rico said. "You right." "Alright but we can't leave until you wipe away those tears and fix your make up."Antonio said wiping some tears for me. "Is it that bad?"I asked. "Yes.They gotta know I roll with baddies." "Girl your make up is fine.Boy you trying to make her feel worse."Lonnie said elbowing Antonio. "Sorry G." "You good.Let's go." "Let's get faded.Well except you G."Rico said leading us out. "Don't get too drunk since I'll be driving us home and I aint carrying nobody. You pass out you sleepin in the car."I said getting into the passenger seat.

I was hanging out and drinking my soda only to have my cup takin from my hand.I see to look and its Jay.What the hell is he doing here. "Gia.Lets go."Jay said grabbing my hand. "No.I'm not going anywhere with you.Shouldn't you be with one of you thots." "What are you talking about?"He asked with a stupid look on his face. "Really,I heard these stupid bitches talking about hooking up with you after we got back from Vegas.Shouldve known since you weren't answering me." "I didn't hook up with anyone." "Then why would they say anything." Before he could say anything people started heading outside.there must be a fight or something. I followed along and noticed it was Antonio's friend Rico arguing with another guy. "Get the hell outta here before I pop the trunk on your bitch ass."Said Rico. "Yo Rico calm down."Antonio said trying to step in between. "Do it!"The other guy yelled. Rico went to reach behind his back and all you heard was POP POP POP!

Everyone began running in different directions and I ended up getting knocked to the ground.I was about to get up until I noticed Antonio lying on the ground.I crawled closer seeing blood coming from his body.No.No.No! "Antonio."I said lifting his head onto my lap."Stay with me.Someone help me!!" "Oh my God.Tonio."Lonnie said running over. I can hear the sirens from a distance as everyone got in their cars and leaving. "Gia.Gia!"I heard Jay call my name,but I couldn't look away from Antonio. "Antonio please don't leave me.You're suppose to be a God Father."I said as tears began to stream down my face like a waterfall. "G..Gi..Gia..I..Love..you..and my God baby."He said with blood coming out of his mouth. Antonio closed his eyes and that's when I got scared. "Antonio!"I yelled hugging onto him. The ambulance showed up but I didn't want them to take him away from me. "Gia.They need to take him."Jay said trying to pull me off. "Let me go!"I said still holding on. "Gia." Jay finally got me away holding onto me as a cried and the paramedics took Antonio into the ambulance.He looked so lifeless. "Jay."I said as i continued to cry. "Shh."He said as He hugged me closer. Lonnie and Rico were getting to leave to follow re ambulance.Jay and I got into his car following behind and I just stayed quiet.

Once we got into the hospital we rushed inside towards the ER asking them about Antonio.They told us he was in surgery so we were stuck in the waiting room waiting for some news.Rico and Jay headed to get us water. "Gia.Lonnie." I looked over seeing Dad walking over."What happened.Why are you covered in blood?" "Appa.Antonio was shot trying to break up a fight." "Are you and Lonnie hurt?" "No,but can you see how he is doing?" "Yes.Hold on." Dad went to see what's going on while Lonnie and I sat praying everything will be fine. Jay POV. "Hey.I heard Gia and Antonio talking about God Father.whats that about?"I asked paying for our drinks. "Oh yeah.We actually found out Gia is pregnant and they've had his plan that they would be each others God parent to their first kid." "I didn't know she was pregnant." "Yeah.Antonio was telling me she's 2 months." "Father?" "Never said.Let's go see if there's any news." I followed Rico back to the waiting room and seen some other people around Lonnie and Gia.Must be his family.I handed Gia her drink and then I see her Dad come out with a doctor. "Antonio Baeza." "Yes."Said the man which probably is his Dad. "He didn't make it." Everyone broke out in tears and I quickly grabbed onto Gia as her legs began to give out.We both sat on the floor with her crying so hard and not letting go of me.She just lost one of the most important people in her life.


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