This Is The LEGO Figure Of Your Nightmares.

San Diego's annual Comic-Con brings about a whole lot of cosplay, but could this be this year's creepiest one?

Special effects artist Frank Ippolito creates a new crazy cosplay for the event every single year, but this time, he brought to life the iconic LEGO MiniFig - and it's more than a little weird.

Reimagined with real eyebrows, lifelike skin, and two big fingers to mimic his curved LEGO hands, the character was appropriately nicknamed 'CreepyFig' and stalked his way through Comic-Con in a hilarious video for Adam Savage's 'Tested' series.

You can watch Frank put the finishing touches on his mask - plus make CreepyFig's official Comic-Con debut - in the video embedded above.


So what do you guys think? Is Frank's CreepyFig all sorts of NOPE or is he actually kind of awesome?

Let me know in the comments below!

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