Hard enough to stay

"How did you lose him?" she asked looking at me with a soft smile. "I just wasn't what he wanted anymore, you see I was a girl who dreamed of a guy like him I wanted nothing but a guy like him. Then when I finally had him when I finally had him in my arms. I flipped, I lost my mind. He was all I could think of he was all I ever texted or called or made plans with. I guess he got frustrated or annoyed or he felt as if he was being choked. So he stopped calling back or texting back, he never showed up to the plans and he never thought about me. I would get upset because he wouldn't call me or text to check in tell me he's okay. It made me worry, to the point where I would cry because I thought he died or found someone better. He left me with a hole in my heart and yet my heart still yearns for him. I cry every night begging for him back. Because I, I love him more than he ever loved me. So it's not how did I lose him, it's how he lost me. Someone who loved him very much, me. He lost a girl who would die for him, I didn't lose crap he lost something incredible. And when he figures out that he fucked up I won't be running back in his arms. I will be letting him go telling him this exact story I am telling you. Just because I love him that much to let him go." I smiled as big as the moon smiles at night. She then looks at me, takes a small sip of her drink and swallows hard. She places her drink down and says "You are now my new best friend"

I love to write...
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