The Golden Pen

You are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us. It is a great thing to have the pen of a ready writer and to have it consecrated to Christ. There are few ways in which one may do more good in the world than by writing letters to those whom one would help. Paul was a great letter–writer. When he could not visit the churches, he would write to them, giving them advice, comforting, cheering, and instructing them. Paul speaks here of another kind of letters that he wrote – letters written on people’s lives. We may write letters of this kind too. Every time we put anew thought into any other heart, we have written a letter, which will be read wherever the person goes. A new society has been started called “The league of the Golden Pen,” Its motto is, “I write a letter at least once a month, in the spirit of Christ, to stranger, friend, or kin, to give cheer, courage, or counsel.” The thought is a beautiful one, and those who read these words could do nothing better than begin to follow this rule.

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