You Will Win

Love life even when it's bitter  Noone knows what will come next.  You may have lost now, but it's not forever.  Life has its turns, to fall and rise again.  In what way will you measure happiness,  when all you feel is joy throughout your life?  In what way will you feel the pleasure of victory  if everybody wins the first prize?  You should not remain weeping  after someone pushes you down.  Stand Up! Don't wait for help.  You must try to do it yourself.  I know no man is an island,  but isn't it islands  stand out from the deep seas?  You could seek help from true friends,  but don't be dependent, it's a different thing.  If someone hinders you to do what's right,  any feeling that tightens your heart.  Remember my friend,  noone can stop you except yourself, and noone else. Be blind if you have to,  or be deaf to the one who hurts you.  Hear them speak but don't listen.  See their doings but never care.  When you are on the right side,  even when you are the one hurt,  you are the winner!  even heroes die in pain for truth.  And when you feel you have no more strength left,  then why choose to suffer more  for things you can't change?  Hate if you have to, but forgive  Forgive but don't be abused.  If you have faith, use it.  It will help you if you know where your faith lies.  If you're not happy, don't wait.  Happiness is a cause for many things not just one.  It's a world out there.  Explore! Free yourself from your own prison.  Be like a child who moves on quickly.  Why stay? what is your reason?  Ask the questions,  Until when do you choose to remain that way?  If you cry more, and stay a bit longer,  would the problem change? or is it lesser?  Sometimes, it helps to ask yourself  with facts you already know.  This reminds you that you've forgotten  what is right because you chose heart over mind.

I'm 27 years old. I'm a single mom. I love to make new friends and I love reading inspirational books. 😊
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