Eternity (Vixx FanFic Book 2)

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Chapter 7 ************* ~Person's P.O.V~ I sat there in my chair, tapping the fingers from my left hand on the arm rest, as my right hand rubbed my chin. The words played in my head like a song that is on repeat. How could I get Areum back to me when Prince Leo is the strongest opponent. Actually the brother's were all strong opponents that couldn't be taken down. I heard rumors of Prince N killing that girl Alana. "Sir" a voice interrupted my thoughts. I looked up to see my butler Lee. "They are here." He said giving me a bow and going to the thick double doors and opened both of them. Two adults in their forties stepped in the room. "Welcome, you must be Areum parents?" I said standing up from the chair. I walked down the platform where my chair sat. It was like what a king would have in the throne room. I walked up to them and offered my hand. They bowed and shook my hand. I led them to a sitting area that was off to the side of the room. "Areum? Is she okay? Did something happen to her?" "I'll answer all of your questions but first lets have a glass of wine. I poor each of them a glass of wine and me one too. Sitting back, I observed the two adults. I studied each and every detail of them. Smirking, I took a sip of my wine. "Areum was tooken from me by dangerous  people. And I need your help to bring her back to me. Because I am her mate." I told them, knowing that they would believe in anything to get their daughter back to them. "Will do anything just please let us retrieve our daughter back." The lady pleaded. It was sad to know that in the end her and her husband were going to die by my hands. I took a piece of paper out of my jacket from the inside. I leaned forward and slapped it on the table. "This is the current adress she is living at. You bring her to me and I'll rewarded you with a reward." The man looked at the paper " And if you don't then you'll have to suffer with the consequences" They nod and left the room. I smirk as I picked up my wine glass. I twirled the wine around in the glass before sipping it. "We will see who wins at the end" ~Areum P.O.V~ I was in the washing room, folding some of the Masters clothes. Master Leo asked me to do his laundry at breakfast this morning and of course the other piped in and asked me to do theirs too. Master Leo didn't like it at first but I couldn't refuse my other Master's. I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear as I bent down and picked up the last clothing item from the dryer. I fold it and put it in the basket full of clothes that were piled in. I lifted the basket and walked to Master Leo room since I did his last. After putting his clothes away and the basket. I made my way down the hall when I heard a soft piano playing in a room. I was curious to who was playing, so I followed the sound. The sounds led me to a middle size ball room where would practice ball room dancing with a grand piano. In front of me was a blonde hair guy with broad shoulders. It was Master Leo play his fingers across the key board. I creeped in the room more and watched him. I  knew he was feeling the music as his fingers danced with the notes. The song I recognized, it was Please by Lee Sora. I couldn't stop watching him as he made me fall even more for him. I slowly sat down on the bench next to him and watched. When the music stopped, he looked towards me and caressed my cheek. We didn't say anything as we looked into each other's eyes. The door ranged, interrupting our silence. I got up and rushed to the front where I opened the door. What I didn't expect was my past to haunt me after thirteen years. "Areum who's at the do---" Master Leo was going to ask but stopped when he saw the older couple standing there. "Areum is that you?" The lady who was my mother asked. They aged so much since I ran away when I was ten. "I'm sorry there's no Areum who live here" I said as I was closing the door. Master Leo stopped the door from shutting and looked down at me before looking at the couple. "Please come in. I'm Master Leo" He gestured them to come in. I gave him a look as asking him what he was doing. "Areum go get drinks. This way ma'am and sir" he led them to the living room and left me with a confusion feeling. I quickly went to the kitchen and pour water in the cups. I brought them to the living room where they were sitting in an uncomfortable silence. I set the glasses down on the table. I was about to leave again but Master Leo spoke up. "Areum?" I clenched my teeth together and balled my fist before turning to Master Leo. "Yes Master Leo?" He shifted his eyes to the seat next to him. I couldn't disobey his order or I would be in trouble. I bite my tongue as I took the seat next to him. "Areum your father and I are sorry, please come home with us. We missed thirteen years of your life and we want to make it up." My mother started as my father just stared at me as he wanted to kill me. "What makes you think that I want to go with you. You gave me years of abuse. I ran away to get away from it but it only got worse from there. I was sexual harassed by an old man was working as a stripper, then got kidnapped and lived half of my thirteen years under abuse of my past Master's. There's no way in hell, I'm leaving this place to be abuse again by you or anybody else. I hate you and I want---" "AREUM!!!" His voice yelled my name. It sent shivering chills down my spine. I have never seen him like this. "That is no way to speak to our guest!! Show them respect infront of me" he growled between his teeth. His eyes pierced into me. I couldn't argue with him. "Master L-L-Leo" my stuttering started as I was shaking furiously. "Areum? Your mate wants you back" my mother said. "Mate? Who the hell are you talking about?" I asked her forgetting Master Leo on the urge to kill me, well not really. "Master Dongchul your mate he wants you back home." Master Leo and I were shocked at what she said. I finally understood is to why they were here. They were going to bring me back to Master Dongchul. "Get out!!!" I screamed at them as I picked up the nearest vase next to me and threw it at them. The more objects I found the more O threw it at them as they were running away from me. When the front door shut closed, I had tears running down my cheeks. I stood there frozen. I knew my behaviour was going to get me in trouble. Glass crunched behind me and I slowly turned to face Master Leo, who was now fumming. His jaw was clenched and his red eyes spoke for me to run. "Come" he said. The shivering chills came again as I took baby steps towards him. He seemed more irritated by my actions. He moved fast as he laced his fingers in my hair and yanked me off my feet. He was pulling my hair as he was dragging me on the floor with shattered glass everywhere. Being dragged down the staircase hurt really bad. I had more tears running down my face as I looked around to see where we were going. It was a dungeon. It was filled with musty air. There was an iron gate. Leo unlocked it and pushed me in there. I stumbled onto the floor making a screaming noise. I groaned and slowly tried to pick myself up. Master Leo beat me to it as he clipped rust hand cuffs around my wrist and had them hanging above my head. "I gave you my warning. You were disrespectful and caused a mess."  He growled between his teeth. He walked to the other side of the dungeon and got out a item before walking back to me. He walked behind me and let the object snake around my neck and tighten. He was choking me. I was losing oxygen. I rattled my handles to bring them to my neck but I couldn't. When the tighten losen, I was able to breathe again. "I won't hold back even if your mate or not" he said in my ear as he ripped off my shirt and bra. I was sitting there topless as I felt leather glided across my skin. I gasped as the goosebumps chilled over my body. He whipped my back. I could feel the sting that it left on me. Three more came and I was already biting my lip from keeping my moans or screams at bay. I didn't want to admit it but I was already turned on. I heard the whip drop to the ground as Master Leo wrapped his arms around me and his hands roamed the top of my body as I can feel his fleshed throbbing member pressed into my back. I couldn't help it but letting out a moan. I could hear a smirk playing on his lips as he nipped my ear. "My baby is turned on" I tilt my head back as he played with my harden nipples. "Moan for me, baby" he whispered and stuck his tongue in my ear. Doing what he asked me to. I moaned, his hands travel down to my pants and started taking them off along with my panties. He came around in front of me and laid on his back as his hands lifted me up so his face was barried underneath my vagina. I felt his lips, teeth and tongue work pleasures to my clit while I rolled my body. I rattled the chains as I was trying to set free my hands but I knew it was no use. "Daddy stop teasing." I plead. He stopped with one lick of my clit and looked into my eyes after pulling himself up. "Daddy like teasing you, baby" he said as he guided me onto my ass with my legs spread apart and knees bent up. He bent his knees and slide his member into me. When he made sure I was comfortable before he started thrusting in me. We were both panting hard as we were reaching our cilmax. With one last thrust, we both cummed.  He unlocked the cuffs. My hands fell on to his shoulders. He pulled me tight to him as he got up. Collecting our clothes on the way out, he used his super speed to get to his room. Laying us both down. I knocked out when my head hit the pillow.

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