Idol Worship Part 3


The longer the tour goes on, the more this man begins to annoy you. Not only has he misjudged you but is now was acting like you're an idiot.

“On the right we have the cafeteria, where everyone goes to pick up and eat their food”. Behind his back you raise yours eyebrows and then narrow your eyes. So, you are at the cafeteria, you can always claim you're ravenous and insane from hunger. A mischievous grin replaces your frown as you think of taking many angry bites out of the pious little man that walks too fast and drones on, just to hear himself speak. At the doors to the cafeteria, he turns while holding the door open. You make sure your aegyo face is in place as you thank him for the polite gesture. Your phone beeps with an incoming text as the two of you take your place in the food line. Being in front of Mr Kwon, you take a minute to glance down.

Welcome. Sorry I couldn’t meet you myself. I hope you are being treated

well. I left word that you were important.

You smirk, and glance over your shoulder at the man still droning on behind you. You quickly shoot off a reply.

Oppa you’re forgiven; however, I do need a few things. Leash, gag, and

aegyo lessons. L

You shut your phone and accept the food tray you're handed. You start counting in your head...3, 2,..1... At 1 Mr. Kwon’s phone buzzes. You glance over with raised eyebrows. “Ah, excuse me, this is Mr. Kim.”

“No worries, I can find a table, go right ahead."

You try your hardest to hear his part of the conversation. You would love to have a bug implanted in his phone.

A few moments later Mr Kwon returns;

“Please forgive, Mr. Kim has urgent business he needs me to attend to. He assured me that you would be able to attend to yourself. If you have a problem, call up to the offices”.

He places his business card on the table in front of you, bows, turns and leaves.

You smugly pull the wrapper off your lunch, break your chopsticks in half, and pull out your phone. A quick, “perfect” is all you send to Mr. Kim.

Tong checks his schedule for the coming week, color codes the rare blocks of time that are free. He looks back over at the end of the week; a social excursion has been added for just him and it's with his ex. He rubs his hand down his face, one of the hated parts of dating another idol, social events and programming. He hopes that she is over her yelling fits or Saturday is going to be a very long and interesting night. He uploads his weekly schedule to his digital and starts moving personal items to later times and dates. He spends the next hour completing these tasks while being driven to the studio, picking wardrobe, and getting hair and make-up.

You've wandered around, caught up with the different groups, and by the end of the work day are headed up to Mr. Kim’s office. His secretary hands you the schedule that has been drawn up. It looks like you will be getting to meet and follow around at least three of the company’s biggest groups. There is also a slot for one of the rookie groups. Excellent, her story needs to be from both viewpoints. The secretary also hands you an envelope with your name written across the front, in cursive. You would recognize that script anywhere.


I ask your forgiveness for not being able to meet you at the airport or even at the offices. I know you can manage fine, not much has changed. I have put you on the board for use of the practice rooms, you mentioned wanting somewhere to be able to work out. Group practices start around 6 am unless they are scheduled for an all -nighter or have a shoot that they want to practice before. It will always be posted on the board the day before, so just remember to check it before you retire each night.

I’ve enclosed a key to one of the new smaller dorms. It is available for your use for your entire stay. Please check out of your hotel and enjoy the hospitality offered. It will be easier for you to work with the schedule we have provided if you are staying in the dorms. It will also be easier for the groups that you will be going with.

I am planning to arrive back sometime within the next week. Until then, you have my cell number or can ask my assistant for anything you may need. I have left word that you are to be treated as a red carpet guest during your stay with us. I look forward to seeing you upon my return.

Sincerely, Mr. Kim

You pull out the plastic key card and smile as you tuck the letter into your back pocket. “There isn’t by any chance a map of this place somewhere is there?”

His secretary smiles and flips a paper over to face you,

“You are here,” she replies with an X marks the spot.

A smile lights up your face, “You are a life saver! Thank you so much!”

You stare at it a moment again, then raise your eyebrow. The woman lets out a chuckle. She motions for the paper to be handed back. She draws an arrow out the door and writes right and left in the hallway.

She winks at you, “Better?”

A happy sigh and brilliant smile is her answer as she hands the paper back.

When you reach the door you suddenly remember, “Oh, is close up time still at 9 pm? And does this card key work on the front doors?”

“Yes ‘mam, to both,” she replies and continues cleaning up her desk for the night.

Tong lets himself into the building, heading for the bulletin board and recording studio. He wants to get a few mixes down on tape of his new song. The schedule shows one of the rooms empty; nodding, he looks down at his papers as he heads in that direction.

You are lost. You’d found the dorm room but now cannot find your way out of the maze of hallways and back to the front door. You sit down on the floor in the middle of the hallway, setting your map down and trying to figure out where you ended up. A few people walk past you, giving you a quizzical look but none offer any assistance. Interesting, you think. So much for manners still being taught here. You can hear someone come through a door and feet head in your direction. Maybe if you walk towards the footsteps you can find your way out. If not, maybe it will be someone with enough manners to assist you. You round a corner and find yourself at the recording studios. Now you know where you are! You have no idea why they had to make the expansion wing such a maze. Thankfully, you don’t have to bother anyone for directions anymore. Folding up the map, you head towards your taxi on the other side of the front door.

You'll just check out of the hotel in the morning. It makes no sense to waste the money they would charge you for a late check out. You check the schedule for the next day. It looks like she will be watching dance practices for one of the girl groups; starting at 6:30 am. You will be with them through lunch and then head over to a fan meet and greet for the main group you are here to research. A wake up call for 4:30 am should give you enough time to check out; put your stuff in the dorm, get your work out in, and get cleaned up for the remainder of the day.

As you prepare for bed your mind wanders over the events of the last few days. You arrived in Tokyo; wow, was that only 2 days ago? It felt like a week. The concert was beyond amazing. You didn’t have any doubts that it would be; but it still surpassed your expectations. The ticket price about choked you; however, it was the VIP meet and greet, the light stick, the close row seating. You didn't feel like you need to be backstage before the concert started, where you could have gotten pictures with the group members. Your seat during the concert had been close enough that if you had reached far enough, you could have touched them.

This group really did have it all; amazing songs, well blended voices, dance moves that... Um, yeah, dance smile and let out a sigh. Your thoughts turn to the flight to Korea and the amazing grace the member of the group had shown you during and at the end of the flight. Your head reminds you that you'd actually been that close to someone you'd admired for 5 years. Nothing you read about him prepared you for his mere presence. His command of attention and respect. He exuded grace and elegance, even as exhausted as you knew him to be; he was the utmost in polite manners. You are so thankful that you didn't turn into a simpering little fan girl when you realized who was seating next to you. Your cheeks heat as your thoughts turn to how embarrassing that flight could have been for both of you. Shaking your head, you continue on your journey through the day.

Ugh, Mr. Kwon... no more like Mr. Wrong in so many ways and on so many levels. You can’t believe that Mr. Kim actually has that man as an assistant. Everything you saw of him reeked of bad manners, an over inflated ego, and snob. The corners of your lips turn up as you remember your text back to Mr. Kim.

Leash, gag, and aegyo lessons. You giggle a little and wonder what Mr. Kim came up with to distract the pitiful little man. You would have gladly taken the items you asked for and used them on him with relish. It isn’t only the idols that are required to take the aegyo classes. Apparently, Mr. Kwon was out of town for his.


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