Simon's perspective "What the fuck just happened tonight? I mean. Damn it what happened?" I said asking myself. It went from 0 to 100 in 2 seconds. Everything was out of control. My girl Mel got involved which honestly i wish the fuck she wouldn't have. "Babe, are you okay? Let me see your face? You have cuts and bruises all over your face." "Look Mel. I'm not in the mood right now aight" "You know what, fuck you too Simon. See because I'm trying to understand why you even care about that bitch. She can't give you what i can give you! Why you still all over?" "I SAID STOP IT MEL. WHAT DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? YOU MADE THINGS WORSE WHEN YOU TRIED TO HIT HER!" "Oh so now you wanna throw that one on me?!? Really? See because last I remembered y'all aren't together anymore but yet you still going around calling her your GIRLFRIEND!!" "I'm sorry Mel. I'm just frustrated. I just need to think" "What you mean you need to think. What you need to do is get over that bitch. That's what you need to do?" Simon takes a deep breath and sighs heavily. Damn, I wonder how Jay is handling this? Jay's perspective I got home and just couldn't believe what the hell went down tonight. I mean seriously. Marricke dancing with Dok2. And that's the homie. "Fuck!!" I said as I punched the wall closest to me. Bree looked at me and said "Jay you good?" "Naw Bree I'm not good. What the fuck kind of question is that?" "Babe, you just punched a wall" "Don't call me babe. We ain't together. Look, you know what, i need some time to myself and right now you ain't helping." She just looks at me and walks out slamming the door. Shit, my jaw is killing me. Dok2 really hit me and over Marricke'. I know we all cool and yea I would expect him to stand up for her. But it seems like more than that. " I can't believe she kept hitting that girl. I had to pull her off. But she didn't even want me touching her!" "I have never seen her so mad. I have never seen her so angry and full of hurt." I really fucked up and now I have to try and fix it. But how?

DOK2 HOUSE Marricke' Perspective After he kisses me he pulls back and looks at me as he shakes his head and says "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that. I know you're still getting over..." But before he finishes talking I plant another kiss on his lips. I don't know why I felt compelled to do it. Is it because Jay hurt me so bad and this is the best revenge? Or have I always had these feelings for Dok2 but never let them out? I pull back and look him straight in the eyes. "I need to confess something to you," Dok2 said. I just nodded, not wanting to interrupt his train of thought or make him nervous. "Marricke'.. I... I have always liked you but because you were with Jay and only saw me as a friend, I didn't push it further and buried my feelings. But now... Now I can't ignore those feelings. This moment is one i have dreamed about plenty of times." After he confesses, I wrap my arms around him and go in for a deeper kiss. He pulls me so close that our chests are touching. He gets down from the counter and starts kissing me even more deeply, holding on to me tight as I softly dig my nails into his back. As we kiss his hands find their way down to my ass and he grabs me by the butt and picks me up as I wrap my legs around his waist.

Meanwhile....  Ashley's Perspective In the bathroom, I lean in and give Flow a kiss, which he looks surprised seeing as how he didn't think I was over Simon or into him like that. Flow returns my kiss and pulls me closer to him to close the gap between us. "I have been wanting to kiss you since the very first time I saw you. That day, in that same room, where you were dancing your broken heart away," Flow confessed. I smiled against his lips and kissed him even more as my hands reached the hem of his shirt and I lift it over his head. As I lift his shirt over his head, he wraps one arm around my waist and lifts me up, while my legs wrap around his waist. Flow holds me up with one hand, and uses the other hand to unzip my back as he moves his kisses from my lips, to my jaw, to my neck and all the way down to my collarbone where my bra strap is. I gasp and let a moan escape from me from all of the excitement. I'm loving the feeling that he is giving me. A feeling I have never had before. Wow! I don't know what to do but I'm going to enjoy this moment.

While in the kitchen Dok2 Perspective I have Marricke' hemmed up against the wall, while my hand glides up her side and under her shirt. I begin to slowly and softly bite her down her neck being careful of not leaving any bite marks. I look at Marricke' and say "Are you sure this is what you want?" No words escaped her mouth, so she used her actions instead and grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head. I wasn't expecting that, but I'm going to enjoy this moment, however long it lasts. After she pulls off my shirt, she starts to kiss down my most sensitive spot. My neck. Debating whether or not to leave her mark she goes for it. Marricke's Perspective I hear a moan escape from Dok2's lips as I slowly and softly kiss his neck making his breathing stammer. "Damn girl, what are you doing to me?!" he says almost sounding out of breath. *Soft chuckle* "Who me?!. Only what I know pleases you" I whisper seductively in his ear. That must have sent his senses into overdrive as he picks me up from the wall and just locks lips with me as he carries me to his bedroom. He kicks the door closed with his foot and walks over to the bed and gently puts me down on the bed not breaking the kiss. He lifts my shirt over my head exposing my purple lace bra. He looks down and a being just spreads across his face. He continues kissing me and as he does I unbuckle his belt and flip him over all in one move. He starts to laugh, "Damn baby girl, where'd you learn that." I just look at him while I bite my lip and say, "I have my ways" while smiling. I lean down and kiss him once again on his lips as I straddled his waist and used both my hands to place his above his head as our fingers interlock. He takes his hand and slides it down my back to my waist to remove my pants showing my purple lace underwear. He flips me so he was on top and begins to kiss my neck. God, how did he know my weak spot. My breathing became a little harsher and a moan escaped my lips, as I arched my back as he trailed kisses down my stomach. Oh damn! This man is hitting every spot and we haven't even gotten down to business yet. It's gonna be a long night

In the bathroom Flow's Perspective I continue to pull down Ashley's jumper from her body exposing her black lace bra. I look at her with raised eyebrows as she says, "WHAT!? It went with my outfit!". I laugh at how innocent she pretends to be and instead of staying in the bathroom,  I decide to take her to the guest bedroom. Dok2 won't mind anyways. I let her down and grab her hand as we walk out of the bathroom and into the guest room. Once in and the door is securely shut, I turn around only to have Ashley push me down on the bed. I was so taken aback I didn't known what to do. But it looks like she did, as she began to do a little strip tease just for me. "Damn baby! What are you doing to me?" She just walks over to me seductively and places her hands on my chest as she lays me back and climbs on top. She smiles. Damn that smile! Smiles so seductively without even trying and its turning me on. She whispers into my ear, "Are you ready?" I couldn't even respond to her and she trailed her finger down my chest as she kissed me and began to unbuckle my belt and pants. I moaned and my breathing got a little faster and all I knew was that, I'm going to enjoy this moment. The Next Morning...

The Next Morning... Dok2 and I laid in bed together with his arms wrapped around with our fingers still interlocked together as we slept peacefully. While Ashley had her head buried in Flow's chest as he keeps his arms wrapped tightly not wanting to let her go. As the sun begins to rise it peaks through the curtains of the house and both girls toss to keep the sunlight out of there eyes. As we begin to stir we notice that the spot next to us is empty but that there is a note left on each pillow with a rose. From Dok2, Hey baby girl when you wake meet me outside on the patio. ❤ Dok2 Letter from Flow Hey beautiful, when you wake meet me outside on the patio. Both girls do as they are told and as they walk out they smell coffee and the most delicious breakfast being made. After a crazy night both girls were starving. Dok2 and Flow turn around to see the girls and give them huge smiles. I walk over to Dok2 and plant a kiss on his cheek as Ashley plants one on Flow. We enjoy a nice breakfast together outside just laughing and talking on the patio. It was so refreshing. We look down at the time and realize that we have to go but Dok2 and Flow also had work. They walked us out and gave us each a kiss and watched us walk away. Dok2 and Flow Perspective "Hey bro. So umm about your guest room. I'll get that taken care of" Flow says. Dok2 just laughs and looks at me "Naw man, haha you don't have to worry about that. I have someone coming in to clean up the house anyways." "But on the real, last night was wild. Just be on your guard. I don't know what's gonna happen but, uh, just keep a lookout," Dok2 said. "Gotcha. Later man. I gotta get ready for my schedule." Flow said as he walked out.

Marricke' and Ashley's Perspective "This is all your fault!" I could hear Ashley say. "What did I do?" "I was not expecting any of that last night with Flow?!" "Oh and I was?! Cause if I'm not mistaken you could have said no" I said with a sly smile on my face. We both begin to laugh hysterically cause we just knew that no matter what, last night was amazing besides all the drama that happened at the party. Speaking of which I just remembered that my phone was dead. Ashley and I plug up our phones and go take a shower. We both get out feeling so refreshed and rested. I go to check my phone and noticed that I had 5 missed calls and over 20 texts. All from the same person. Jay "Hey Ashley, check you phone?" "Why, what's up?" "Look at this. Jay has sent me over 20 texts and I have 5 missed calls from him." "Damn girl. He must be feeling bad about what happened last night." "He should have thought about that before he did what he did." "Marricke' just listen to the voicemails. I got a couple from Simon too!" Okay. I open the first voicemail "Baabby. Look, I.. I. Am soo sorreey for last night" Jay said as he continues to talk. I can tell just by listening that he was drunk. I deleted it since I couldn't understand it. The other three were like that as well and his texts were not better. Finally I go to the last voicemail. "Babe. I'm sorry. I am so so sorry. For everything. It was never my intention to hurt you. I never meant to make you cry or angry. I'll say it. Everything is my fault. I just... Idk... I honestly don't k ow what one as thinking. But seeing you with Dok2 and Flow, laughing, smiling and having a good time. I couldn't handle it. I wanted to be right there with you. I was so insanely jealous that I lost my cool and on top of that you ended up injured because of me. I will never be able to forgive myself for what i have done to you. Please, forgive me." All of that was in the voicemail. It made my heart break so much and I could feel tears well up in the back of my eyes. Don't fall for it, Marricke'. Just don't fall for it. I wonder what Ashley's said.

Ashley's Perspective Before I go check my phone, my heart starts to pound out of my chest. I don't k is why I'm so nervous. I pick up my phone and see that I have 4 missed calls and over 30 texts. None of his texts made sense, so obviously he had been drinking. I'm surprised he wasn't with that bitch from last night having a good time. I go for the voicemails. Instead of listening to all of them, I just listen to the most recent. "Ashley. Baby. My girl. I don't know why you're doing this to me. I get it alright! You're angry. You're mad. But I mean really, you just start dating him after 6 months? I mean you barely even know him..." As I stand there listening to his voicemail I can't help but feel even more angry! How dare he. Who the fuck does he think he is. He did this. Not me!! I continue listening to the message. "You were always the only one for me. But obviously I wasn't the same for you. It really pissed me off to see you dancing with with Flow and kickin it with Dok2. How could you? I'm sorry Marricke' got hit, but you guys really made us mad. I love you with all my heart but now no don't known what to do." He voicemail finished and all I could do was throw my phone. All I could do was yell "THAT MOTHERFUCKER!!!" To Be Continued.......

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